Pregnancy Dreams and What Do they Mean?


Dreaming during pregnancy is not an uncommon phenomenon. Pregnancy is just a normal body process, and it won’t alter your daily body processes. So it is okay to dream, especially about sex. Your dreams and daydreams may be so richly detailed and vivid that you may wake from them wondering, was that really a dream? Such dreams might put you under the impression that you are having mental health issues; these dreams are healthy and normal. In this article, we will have a detailed discussion about pregnancy dreams and pregnancy sex dreams. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this.

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When Do Pregnancy Dreams Start?
What Causes Pregnancy Dreams?
What Do Pregnancy Dreams Mean?
What Do Sex Dreams During Pregnancy Mean?
Why am i Having More Sex Dreams During Pregnancy?
What Kind of Sex Dreams are Common During Pregnancy?
What can i Do about Pregnancy Dreams?

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All You Need to Know about Pregnancy Dreams

When Do Pregnancy Dreams Start?

It is okay to have pregnancy dreams at any point during pregnancy and plenty of women go through this. That being said, many pregnant women find pregnancy dreams at its peak during the third trimester. During this phase, sleep is more disrupted and they increasingly find themselves imagining life after giving birth.

What Causes Pregnancy Dreams?

Hormones are said to be the major culprit. But there are other theories, too. Firstly, you’ve got a lot on your mind these days. Dreams are a way for your subconscious to work through it and come to terms with the changes in your life. Of course, there’s another reason why you’re dreaming more than before: You’re waking up more often than you used to during the night, either to use the bathroom or anything else. Since each time you wake up might be right in the middle of a dream cycle, you can recall in great detail and color just what was going on.

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What Do Pregnancy Dreams Mean?

We’ve complied some of the most common pregnancy dreams that pregnant women come across:

Dreams About Forgetting Important Things

A lot of women dream of forgetting to feed the baby, lock the front door or turn off the stove. This may be linked to a very common fear that you’re not ready to be a mother, or that you are nervous.

Dreaming of Being Attacked

Dreaming of being attacked by animals or intruders, or suddenly taking a fall might be a feeling of vulnerability.

Dreaming of Needing Help

Dreaming of being unable to escape a small space might represent a fear of being tied down or losing your freedom as a new mother.

Dreaming of Gaining Weight

Dreams about overeating, eating the wrong things or not gaining enough weight may occur if you’re trying to stick to a diet or lose that baby weight.

Dreaming of Losing your Partner

Your partner leaving you to be with someone else or not being attracted to you anymore might reveal a fear of how pregnancy might change your looks or appeal for your partner.

Memory Dreams

If you dream of lost parents or grandparents, then this might be your mind’s way of linking old to new generations.

Life with Baby Dreams

Dreaming of cuddling, kissing and caring for your baby might be a way to practice parenting and bonding with your baby before you deliver.

Imagining Baby Dreams

Dreams of what your baby will look like might reveal a lot of feelings. Dreams about the baby getting sick or having a deformity indicate anxieties that every parent has deep inside. Fantasies about your baby having unusual skills indicate concern about baby’s intelligence or ambitions for the future. Dreams that your baby’s a boy or a girl might mean your heart’s set on one or the other or that you’re just wondering what you’ll be having if you haven’t found out the sex.

Labor Dreams

Labor pain may reveal anxieties about giving birth, which is completely normal.

What Do Sex Dreams During Pregnancy Mean?

Dreams about sex during pregnancy may express everything from lust you’ve been repressing and fantasies you’ve been closeting to guilt and the ambivalence you’ve been feeling about sex.

Why am i Having More Sex Dreams During Pregnancy?

It’s those hormones talking. They can trigger sexual arousal or thoughts about sex while you sleep or even daydream.

What Kind of Sex Dreams are Common During Pregnancy?

Sex dreams can have a varied nature. You might fantasize about sex with your partner, an old boyfriend or your star crush. As long as your doctor has given you permission, sex during pregnancy is safe and actually good for you.

What can i Do about Pregnancy Dreams?

Your dreams and fantasies are completely normal and extremely common. Even nightmares can be a positive sign that your subconscious is trying to regain some control during a time of big change.

Dreams are also completely normal among your partners. It is supposed to be their way of working out their own set of subconscious worries, even though there are no pregnancy hormones working here. So, to conclude, stop worrying about these dreams and focus on your health.


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