What is Orgasmic Birth? Is it Real?


Labor is usually thought of as painful, excruciating and agony. It is supposed to hurt. But what about experiencing this as ecstatic, pleasurable and blissful? How about an organsmic birth? The number of women experiencing orgasmic birth is increasing, describing labour as sensual and pleasurable. This has many benefits for mother and baby.

orgasmic birth

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What is Orgasmic Birth?
Is it Really Possible to Have Orgasm During Birth?
Why Does it Happen?
How Does it Work?
What Does it Feel Like?
Is the Baby Affected in any Way?
Can Anyone Tell it’s Happening?
How can an Orgasm be Encouraged to Happen During Birth?

Does Orgasmic Birth Actually Happen?

What is Orgasmic Birth?

Orgasmic birth is a phenomeon of labor and delivery being pleasurable, also called as ecstatic bith. According to one study estimates about 0.3 percent of women experience one. It varies in women as some women may orgasm spontaneously during the process while others may opt to masturbate or even have intercourse during labor. Masturbating or having sex is obviously difficult for women birthing in a hospital setting where there is little privacy and laboring women may be hooked up to Ivs and fetal monitors.

Orgasmic birth: the best kept secret is a documentary film that examines the intimate nature of birth directed by Debra Pascali Bonaro in 2008.

Is it Really Possible to Have Orgasm During Birth?

Yes, it is possible to have orgasm during birth. It is real.

Why Does it Happen?

During the last moments of birth, a massive surge of oxytocin is released into the body. This surge is necessary to ensure the placenta is delivered with minimal blood loss. Oxytocin is known as the love hormone. Increased levels of oxytocin is seen during breastfeeding, orgasm and birth. These activities require higher levels of oxytocin and often require certain conditions to occur as well.

During the last stages of birth, the baby’s head is descending into the birth canal, nerve receptors are stimulated. This triggers the surge of oxytocin that stimulates the fetal ejection reflex the spontaneous, involuntary pushing contractions that quickly and effectively push the baby out.

During this final stage, women can experience a heightened ecstatic emotional state. In this ecstatic stage, it’s possible for women to feel the same sensations as during sexual orgasm, created by exactly the same hormone and stimulated by the physical sensation of the baby moving down the vagina. Clitoral tissue extends up into the vaginal wall, so any pressure in this area can stimulate orgasm.

How Does it Work?

The idea of orgasms and birth occurring at the same time takes some getting used to. Yet orgasm and birth happen under exactly the same conditions, because they are both driven by the same hormone that is oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a shy hormone, the body stops producing it when it is observed or self conscious. The levels are increased by –

  • Privacy
  • Darkness or dim lights
  • Warmth
  • Safety and support
  • Quiet

The most important aspect of achieving an organsmic birth is to labor without being disturbed.

What Does it Feel Like?

Women describe it as the most intense, incredible orgasm of their lives. When a woman feels the contractions of an orgasm and extreme moments of pleasure right at the moment of delivering the baby. There is feel tremendous pressure and sensation in the vagina as the baby’s birth approaches, then a powerful, pleasurable release that’s both physical and emotional.

Is the Baby Affected in any Way?

Orgasm during labor or while delivering the baby, the mother won’t be harmed in any way. There’s little reason to think the mother would even feel contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, especially with powerful uterine contractions happening pretty much simultaneously.

Can Anyone Tell it’s Happening?

There’s no need to wonder or worry if those waves of pleasure are showing up on the face and those who are around noticing. If there is lovely sensation experienced in the midst of labor the hard work, chances are good that everyone around will chalk up any sounds or facial expressions to the rigors of delivering a baby, not to ecstasy.

How can an Orgasm be Encouraged to Happen During Birth?

For more pleasure into the birth experience low lighting, relaxing scents, comfy linens and a soft touch will help to relax more and counteract fears and anxiety about the pain to come. The following are used which include –

  • Tub or shower
  • Dimmed lights
  • Music
  • Aromatherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Birthing ball

Deep kissing, stroking and nipple stimulation may feel comforting and pleasurable done by the partner.


Orgasm during birth gives pleasure to the woman. It is real which can be performed to overcome pain of labor. It makes the mother feel good and is healthy for mother and the baby. It can also be encouraged easily.




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