101 Tough and Powerful Baby Girl Names


A name lasts an entire lifetime for the baby. Several factors are taken into consideration while choosing a name for your baby. It’s not an easy task, because parents always want a charming and unique name for their baby. Every parent wishes that their little girl would grow up very bold and strong. To make this possible, choosing a powerful name is certainly one of the best things to do so.

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Here are 101 best tough and powerful baby girl names that you can choose for your little angel.

Top 101 Tough and Powerful Baby Girl Names

Names Meaning
Adele Noble
Adira Strong
Aeon Vital force, life
Aila From a strong place
Aimilios Strength
Alexa To defend
Althia With healing power
Amelia Striving or industrious
Andrea Brave
Aretha Excellent
Arya Lioness, noble goddess
Audelia Noble strength
Aza Powerful
Bali Strength
Barbara Traveler from a foreign land
Bast Heat, fire
Beatrix Traveler or voyager
Bernadette Brave like a bear
Billie Strength or determination
Braelynn Strong, honorable, virtuous
Bree Strength, vigour, power, virtue
Bridget Exalted one or strength
Cassandra Unheeded prophetess
Diana Divine, heavenly
Dree Strong and manly
Earhart Bravery and honour
Ebba Strong
Edrei A woman of great strength
Eirene Peace
Etana Strength and dedication
Esther Star
Gesa Strength of spear
Inanna Lady of the heavens
Kaimana The power of the ocean
Karleen Womanly strength
Keren Ray of light, fund, and horn
Lara Laurel leaf
Lenna Lion strength
Leona Lion
Louisa Renowned warrior
Luana Graceful warrior
Lucy Of light
Mae Goddess of motherhood and growth
Matilda Powerful in battle
Maya Larger or great
Melisende Strong in work
Michelle Who is like God
Milicent  Strong in work
Minerva Intellect
Minka Strong-willed warrior
Nike Victory
Nina Fire
Phoenix Dark red
Rainey Queen
Ruth Vision of beauty, friend, companion
Sandra Defender of men
Serena Clear, tranquil or serene
Storm Storm or violent weather
Tetsu Iron or strong as iron
Thora Feminine version of Thor, the thunder god
Trace Brave
Trudy Universal strength
Valencia Healthy or strong
Valerie Strong
Xena Guest
Zora Dawn
Audrey Noble strength
Isa Strong willed
Gabriella God is my strength
Brighid Strength
Jaiyana Strength
Wyetta War strength
Nakti Strong
Maajida Powerful
Vanshni Strong
Maliha Beauty and strength
Carla One who possesses strength
Pilar For whom the bell tolls
Sandra Defending men
Hereswith Strength of the army
Fernanda Bold voyager
Larkin Rough, fierce
Leopldine Brave people
Mahogany Rich, strong
Philomena Lover of strength
Riella God is my strength
Shakti Power
Walburga Strong protection
Ezri help