What is Permissive Parenting? Pros and Cons


Also known as indulgent parenting, parents exhibiting this style have very low expectations for self-control and maturity. There are a number of parenting styles but there is no particular parenting style that can be said to work for every child and parent. In this article, we will be discussing all about permissive parenting, its benefits, drawbacks, characteristics and all you need to know about it. Read below to find more:

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permissive parenting

Pros and Cons of Permissive Parenting

Characteristics of Permissive Parenting Style

  • Seem more like a friend than a parent.
  • Set few rules or standards of behaviour.
  • Rules, if any, are often very inconsistent.
  • Ask for their children’s opinions on major decisions.
  • Provide little in the way of a schedule or structure.
  • Toys, food and gift may be used as bribery to get their child to behave.
  • Usually very loving towards their child.

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The Effects of Permissive Parenting

According to the research, an overly relaxed approach to parenting can lead to a number of negative outcomes. It has been found that children who are raised by permissive parents possess poor social skills, lack self-discipline and may be insecure, demanding and self-involved. In addition to this, it has also been found that kids raised by permissive parents are likely to:

Make poor decisions

Since children raised by permissive parents are not enforced any type of rules or guidelines, they may struggle in decision-making skills and good problem solving.


Unable to manage their time or habits

As there is a lack of structure and rules in the home, these children may never learn limits. For instance, eating too much, watching too much television which can further lead to obesity and unhealthy habits.

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May be more prone to delinquency and substance use

According to the studies, children raised under permissive parents may be more prone to indulging in alcohol or other substance use.

Display low achievement in many areas

As per the studies, permissive parenting is linked to lower academic achievement. This is mainly because their parents have very little to no expectations from them due to which they really do not have anything to strive towards.

Display more aggression

These children may struggle to face stressful or emotionally difficult times. This is because they do not learn how to deal with their emotions effectively. For instance, in situations where they do not get what they want.

Benefits of Permissive Parenting

Minimal conflict

Permissive parents often do not want to upset their child due to which they often end up giving in to their child’s demands. Thus, the relationship is peaceful with almost equal to zero conflicts.


The creative side of the child is tapped

As the parents force no limitations on their children and are allowed complete freedom, they can explore everything and unleash their creativity.

Nurturing and loving

Permissive parents will do anything to make their child happy as for them, their child is the first priority. This may be the result of their own unhappy parent-child relationship, which they do not want their child to go through.

Drawbacks of Permissive Parenting

The child may not be used to hearing ‘no’

This can sometimes make them lash out when they hear a ‘no’ from some authority or outside of their home.

No real sense of boundaries

This is mainly because the parents react only when they do something rather than imposing any sanctions in advance.

Can cause the kids to internalize their feelings

Rather than letting their feelings out, it would rather make the kids to internalize the same. As per a study, children as young as four age can be affected by this.

They don’t always understand the concept of respect

This can make it a little difficult for the child in school or at their workplace.


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What can be done about Permissive Parenting?

I can understand it’s hard for some parents to set rules and become stricter at the same time. So, given below are a few strategies that you might want to consider if you are looking forward to the same:

You must ensure that your kids know the penalty of breaking rules

What’s the point of setting guidelines or rules unless there is some sort of consequence for breaking them. Losing privileges can be one of the consequences of breaking household rules.

Reward good behaviour

When you find your child being good, you should allow them some privileges.


It is important for you to be firm and consistent and at the same time, loving. It is your job to make your child understand the importance of setting such rules and also, the consequences of breaking them.

Develop a list of basic house rules

You should clearly specify your expectations to your child because only then, they will be able to know how they are supposed to behave.



If you are a permissive parent and want to make your child understand your expectations and guidelines, it is firstly your job to be consistent in what you plan to do because only then, your child will begin to take things seriously.




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