11 Ways How You Can Manipulate Your Kids into Doing What You Want


If you are worried your child is not listening to you but you do not want to be way too strict, you can still manipulate your child into doing what you want him to. Here are 11 tips that are sure to help.

Parents are always patient and love to nurture their kids. Kids too on the other hand love to be cooperative and reap the benefits of the smart choices they make. This is what happens in the ideal world but are we really living in one? Not really. This is one of the main reasons as to why parents need to implement a few strategies that help preserve the sanity and when the patience levels are a little low.

No one would recommend using manipulative methods for parenting as they might leave a permanent scar on the kids forever. But here, when we speak about manipulation, we talk about some simple methods or shortcuts that will help us get past that “why’s” and “but’s” with ease. While direct parenting approaches are much better, some simple tactics can be used in emergency situations or when the kids get too adamant.

11 Ways to Manipulate Your Kids

ways to manipulate kids


So, let us have a look at few such techniques that can easily take your kids out of that complaining stage and get them do what you really want.

Try offering a bad choice

Well, if you wish your kids to do some chores, try offering them a choice. Do you want your kids to clean up their rooms before that party stars? Then ask them if they wish to do the dishes or just clean up their own rooms. This way, they would certainly choose the option to clean their room and that is what you really wanted. But make sure to place your options smartly before them. Kids often try and outsmart you.

Outsmart a picky eater

Kids are often too choosy when it comes to their breakfast or lunch. Things often get challenging when you need to give them something healthy. Parents can smuggle the healthy ingredients into the kid’s favourite food like sweets or cookies. Do you wish to feed them spinach? Bake it into a cookie instead of a soup. Parents can get really creative at this and try out some new recipes to get the kids eat some healthy stuff.

The technology hostage

Kids never get happy with the screen time they get. Parents can easily control the technology privilege they get every day. Well, let them finish their chores before they get their Wi-Fi password for the day. Simple, your task is done.


Praise them and let them win

Praising kids is not a tactic but it helps motivate the kid to do much better. Let your kid get dressed early and ask him/her to make a pick of the breakfast for the day. This will certainly make the kids feel special and parents can certainly use this to their own advantage.

Know their fears and weaknesses

Parents often know the fears and weaknesses of their kids but try and use them only for the benefit of your own child. If your kid loves a show, you can ask him/her to get dressed early so that the show can be watched on time. Likewise, you can ask the kids to finish their homework and chores before they could go out and hang out with their friends in the evening. This way, you and your kid are equally benefited.

Give them a prize

Well, parents really have to be careful when following this technique as the winning prize should not be taken as a bribe by the kid. Let your kid accomplish a task and give them a prize that is constructive at the same time. For example, you can ask the kids to clean their room, and maintain it clean and tidy and in return offer them an extra screen time. But make sure it does not get into a habit.

Developing a routine

It is indeed hard to get your kids follow a routine. You cannot be strict in this as we parents were kids too. But, parents can sit and talk and explain them about the benefits of following a good food and bedtime routine. You really need not be manipulative here, instead talk to them with love and care.


Being in some creativity

Kids often behave out of the box and this is why it makes it important for parents to do the same. Add in some little creativity and imagination to your parenting and you can certainly see some magic happen.

The patterns

If your kid follows a certain pattern of behaviour, it is time you try and break the same. Remember that parenting is not all about being convenient, it is about commitment and how well we shape the development of our kids. You can try understanding the pattern of your kid, and slowly manipulate them by giving them better options. If your kid is addicted to watching or playing a game before going to sleep, change their routine slowly by reading them a bedtime story etc.

Writing a letter

If you really wish to know why your kid is acting bothersome these days, ask them to write down a letter. This can be a letter he/she writes to a friend or Santa for example. Ask them to write down about the things that are bothering them and tell them you are going to mail it. Well, though it is manipulative, you will get to know what your kids are thinking.

Accept the change

Prepare your kids to accept the changes that come into their life as they grow up. You along with your kid need to alter some behavioural patterns and actions. Know what they like and spend some quality time with them.


Follow the above-mentioned tips and you will certainly see a positive change in your kid in no time.