11 Miraculous Benefits of Pearl Powder: Benefits and Uses


Pearl powder promotes skin health, bone health, boosts up the immune system, helpful for people with sleep disorders and application in toothpaste.

The beautiful looking natural pearls are a major attraction for all of us. But Pearl isn’t just meant for ornamental purposes but is full of healthy components that may have gone unnoticed by you. Ayurvedic skincare was the first to have popularized the utility of pearl powder in the field of cosmetics and beauty. But with the passage of time, we have been able to discover a lot of other benefits offered by pearl powder.

Pearl powder is obtained by sterilizing the pearls and then grinding them. Pearl is immensely rich in calcium, antioxidants, amino acids, and many more. Here is a combination of all that you need to know about pearl powder if you want to buy it. The 11 benefits are a must-know for all the fitness and beauty freaks out there!

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11 Amazing Health Benefits of Pearl Powder
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11 Amazing Health Benefits of Pearl Powder

Healing Properties and Aging

Wound healing is a special quality of pearl powder. The nacre rich pearl powder helps in quick healing of wounds if any. This component of the pearl powder is also known to decelerate the process of aging. Amino acids present in pearl powder imparts this regenerative capacity to pearl powder.

pearl powder benefits

Pearl Powder for Glowing Skin

Pearl powder is known to affect melanin production of the skin, which causes the skin to look dull. By using pearl powder, one can achieve the desired healthy-looking, glowing skin. The credit goes to amino acids in pearl powder. This is further facilitated by the presence of magnesium and potassium in pearl powder.

Bone Health

Pearl contains calcium. Thus, the calcium content in pearl ensures healthy bones and also prevents osteoporosis. The calcium in pearl powder also has skin regenerative powers, which seems like an add- on to the calcium benefits.

Boosts Up the Immune System

Since pearl powders are full of antioxidants, the metabolism of an individual becomes even more efficient in consuming pearl powder orally. A healthy metabolism is what reflects a healthy body by fighting diseases on their way, which we commonly call “immunity”.

Helpful for People with Sleep Disorders

If sleep doesn’t occur to you easily, be it due to stress, or depression, or even workload, the magnesium and adaptogens in pearl are really effective. Since pearl is known to have a soothing effect, why not try this natural remedy this time!


Application in Toothpaste

Pearl powder is a great dosage for the teeth, for it not just contains calcium that strengthens the teeth, but the minerals present in pearl powder can remove any germs. Pearl powder, when added to toothpaste also leaves the teeth with a bright, shiny texture, which is extensively desired.

Application in Cosmetics

Each of us desires a glowing finish to our everyday makeup, isn’t it? The minerals in pearl powder will ensure you exactly the same. Finishing up for makeup with the easily available pearl powder can leave a glowing impression on your skin at the same time that it heals your skin.

Skin Masks

We already know how rich in minerals and other health benefits the pearl powder is. So, it is quite obvious that using pearl powder as an ingredient in skin masks can prove to be a potential skincare formula! Be it the masks you purchase this time, or the masks you prepare at home, make sure you have added this component to get even better results. You can add pearl powder to your homemade mask by simply adding the fillings of a capsule to the paste.

For a Healthy Liver

Pearl, as we all know, is cold in nature. It is therefore, very useful in clearing the liver of any toxic heat that might be present.

Pearl Powder for Skin Rashes

Are you allergic to heat, or do you frequently suffer from skin allergies? In either case, pearl powder will really help you combat your skin problems, be it any. Pearl powder reduces any skin redness or irritation. Especially if you are allergic to heat, pearl powder is a must-have on your dressing table.

For Your Eyes

Nowadays, we are all indulged in our smartphones or computers all day long. This may often result in myopia during an early age or even cloudiness of the eyes. Pearl powder is known to have soothing and calming properties, which will help your eyes get rid of any itchiness or cloudiness.


The cosmetic industry is largely benefited by the use of pearl powder, essentially because of the tag attached to the product. The age-old remedy to skin issues is now being formulated into cosmetic products like finishing powders, and also in skincare products like skin lotions, face masks, etc…

Pearl Powder Danger and Side Effects

Although pearl is mostly safe, some may develop allergies from the intake of pearl powder. This is mainly due to the calcium present in pearls.

There are many cosmetic and skincare companies that offer pearl powder in their products, but the chemicals added to these cosmetics may affect sensitive skin. It’s always safe to do a patch test before you apply it to your skin.

Can it be Taken During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a couple’s life. If the mother intakes pearl frequently, it can help boost intelligence, bone development and also immunity of the baby. But one thing to totally avoid is the consumption of pearl powder during the first trimester.


Can we Give it to Kids?

Since pearl powder helps boost immunity and intelligence, it’s usually safe to give to your kids. So, in spite of giving your kid powerful medicines the next time he/she catches a cold, why not try some pearl powder!

Simple Recipes

Add some pearl powder to your skin creams and lotions. If you have an oily to normal skin type, pearl powder will control oil secretion without clogging your skin pores, which helps your skin breathe.

Another method is to simply add pearl powder to your homemade mask.

You won’t be surprised if I tell you that you can take it orally, would you? Yes, pearl powder can be added to bars or drinks as well!



Pearl powder’s health benefits may not have been widely acknowledged, but the skincare industry’s emphasis on it will definitely acquaint people with the advantages that pearl powder has to offer.