21 Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day During Lockdown


We find ourselves in unprecedented situations now, with all the usual ways of enjoying ourselves being closed. COVID-19 is the word all over the news cycles; our daily routines have been disrupted, schools, colleges, offices are closed. Malls, eating out, movie theatres, all of it is out of question. At this point, even a simple flower delivery or cake delivery is out of question for some of us. We have limited resources and space. In these times, the celebration of mother’s day might seem impossible, but here are a few fun ideas for you.

Mothers deserve to be celebrated today and every day for all that they do, and they would love your time and company.

Top 21 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day During Lockdown

  • Tea party. Set aside your electronic gadgets, make your mother her favourite tea (or coffee, if that is what she likes). Choose a nice corner of your home that is airy and full of sunlight. Make yourselves cozy with cushions and enjoy a nice, warm conversation.
  • Make a mug cake. Cake is a must for any celebration, but with limited resources, mug cake is the best way to go. Google any mug cake recipe. You need little ingredients, like flour, an egg, sugar, cocoa powder, milk and some chocolate. It hardly takes 2 minutes and is delicious to eat. Enjoy it together.

gift ideas for your mom on mother day

  • Plant a tree together. Do it using any of the leftover seeds from fruits and vegetables you have. Plant it in your garden or a small tub. Nurture it together, and may it grow like your relationship.
  • Go through old photo albums together. In these difficult times, there is nothing better than taking a walk down the memory lane and reliving days of your youth, old family vacations and birthday parties.
  • Ask her to pass down a famous family recipe to you. Cooking is a part of any family’s heritage, and it would be an amazing opportunity to know how to cook delicious meals like your mother. Surprise her by cooking it up any day after!
  • Give her an oil massage. Chances are she would love a nice hair treatment. You can use any DIY hair masks and complete the treatment with shampoo and serum.
  • Paint her nails! If you are into it, you both can paint each other’s nails. It would be wonderful to unleash your creative side together. Go wild with colours you never tried before as now you won’t have to go outside.
  • Bring back the good old handmade greeting card. Mothers are the sentimental nostalgic kind and they would love it if you made a card for them. Attach a simple message. Don’t think too much about being a great artist, it is the effort that matters.
  • Make her bed. Now that domestic help is not an option, your mother must be tired of all the housework. Make her bed for her and watch her face light up with a smile.
  • Draw together! Or pick up an embroidery skill from her. Remember the arts and crafts projects in which we would certainly fail if it were not for the help of our mothers! Pick up her artistic skills, now that you have the time.
  • Recreate an old photograph that you both love. Choose a family portrait and try to find clothes that are similar to that you were wearing in the old photo. Pose in the same way and take advantage of your phone’s camera timer. Make a collage of the two to showcase how much your family has grown!
  • Watch your mother’s favourite movie with her, and make her some movie time snacks if you are up to it. Biscuits coated in chocolate, popcorn or homemade nachos would be perfect. Let her tell you why she loves the movie so much.
  • Karaoke! Sing a song together on any of the apps that support karaoke singing like Smule. Choose her favourite song and sing it with her.
  • Videocall her best friend for her! Tell your mother you are taking care of the housework for a bit and let her have a long chat with her old friend. It will lift her mood and help her reconnect with her old friends.
  • Teach her a technological skill that she struggles with. Maybe you have been too busy to explain to her how Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp works, by now you have all the time in the world. You will be thankful to her for learning this too.
  • Share school life experiences with each other. Chances are, you know very little about your mother’s school life, and these stories would be lost if she did not tell you about them. Try to find similarities and differences among yours and her school life.
  • Surprise her with her favourite meal! For unknown recipes Youtube is your best friend. Do it secretly and serve her most loved food for dinner. If you are a first time cook, go for something easier, like her favourite dessert or favourite snack.
  • Pamper her with a facial. There are DIY facial packs that you can make with fruits, vegetables and yogurt. Prepare a cleansing, toning, moisturizing massage. If you are confused how to go about it, consult the internet!
  • Give your mother a complete day off from all the housework. Reassign all chores your mother does by taking on a little extra and let her have a day to herself to relax.
  • Play a board game together! Or even cards! It will be a fun bonding exercise and time will go buy easily.
  • Choose a Youtube workout and complete it together. It is important to stay healthy, and mothers are very negligent of their health. A workout together would be fun and productive.

Don’t be sad that we can’t go out, but be thankful that you are surrounded by your loved ones.