Can Olive Leaf Extract Help Treat Type 2 Diabetes?


Do you have any idea of how beneficial Olives are? It’s not the fruit itself, but each part of the plant has a lot to offer to us! Be it the fruit itself, or the extract of the leaves. The exclusively found oleuropein molecules in olive leaves can work wonders for health- from curbing type 2 diabetes to preventing cancer, to reducing bad cholesterol and keeping a check on the blood pressure levels, there is not a stone unturned.

Even laymen know how beneficial olive oil is to our health, but ever wondered what purpose olive leaves could serve? The Olea europaea tree, commonly called the Olive tree, produces abundant oleuropein molecules and scientists now have successfully come up with efficient and effective methods of extraction of these molecules, to put them into proper use for humans. Apart from helping treat type 2 diabetes, they are embodiments of certain other health benefits for its antioxidant properties.

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How does it Really Work?
Validation from Researches

How does it Really Work?

A little acquaintance is a must in order to understand how exactly these olive leaf extracts can be beneficial for diabetic patients. When a person has diabetes, the body often undergoes some kind of oxidative stress which leads to increased difficulty in the repair of tissues, when damaged. This is linked to the high blood sugar levels in the body, which has a disastrous effect on bodily functions.


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So the main target of treatment is reducing blood glucose levels to normal and minimizing and compensating for the damage that has already occurred. Olive leave extract serves exactly this purpose! Glucose is the simplest form of sugar, whereas starch is a more complex form, difficult to break down by the body’s catabolic mechanism. We often hear about glycation. What is it?

What is Glycation?

Glycation is a process in which glucose binds with proteins. As a result of this process, there occurs oxidant damage in the body, and it to reduce these harmful effects that the oleuropein molecule proves to be of great help. This experiment, in fact, has been carried out on several animals and there has been a prominent decrease in blood sugar levels, and also cholesterol levels. The olive leaf extracts are known to be even more effective than chemical blood sugar controlling agents. It is also known to be an active metabolic booster that helps the breakdown of complex substances into simpler ones, to ensure better absorption by the body. Most of us might already know the concept of fast and after lunch diabetic tests. When olive leaf extracts are consumed in addition to medicines, they act as supplements that strengthen up the fasting blood sugar levels, a marked difference from what earlier prevailed.

Validation from Researches

According to the University of Auckland research, the olive leaf extracts are capable of boosting up insulin production by the pancreas and thus, are very crucial and helpful in compensating for high blood sugar levels. This is not a myth, but the results of a study made by the institute which carried the study with 46 men. The 12-week long research concluded that insulin resistance in their bodies was drastically reduced ( about 15% reduction) and the beta cells in the pancreas, producing insulin, were elevated by almost 28%.

We often hear about Mediterranean diets, don’t we? Well, it is important we all know that the Mediterranean diet incorporates such naturally healthy ingredients, which has the potential to even act as a counter discursive to metabolism-related health problems. The use of olive leaf extracts is not a recent innovation but is known since time immemorial. It is only medicinal sciences that overshadowed such healthy properties of natural substances, which are not being used as revolutionary agents once again!


What conventional drugs do is that they emphasize producing insulin, but what is unique to olive leaves is that it works on normalizing the production of insulin, at the same time that it works on insulin sensitivity.

This remedial property of olive leaves has further been confirmed to be true by the Israeli medical researchers. The research was carried out for 14 weeks where the patients were given these leaf extracts, and results that followed were really surprising.

The reinvention of the use of the utility of olive leaf extracts is a revolution in the field of medical sciences. Its multiple health benefits can never cease to serve the humankind with the amazingly exclusive properties. From preventing cancer to reducing cholesterol, to the best service in reducing blood sugar levels and increasing the production of insulin by the pancreas.

Scientists and researchers are constantly buckled up to put these medicinal properties of the olive leaf extract to full use. They are trying to blend these extracts with conventional medicines to make the medicines work even better for the patients of diabetes, especially that of Type 2.

However, these leaf extracts can be used even as supplements to the traditional medicines used to cure diabetes, which means, the patients can consume their regular medicines while taking normal and little intakes of the leaf extracts.

This can also act as a home remedy, for it is easily accessible and is also feasible.



Apart from curing diabetes type two, regular intake of olive leaf extracts and consumption of olive oil instead of the refined oils can be of great help in maintaining proper health and keeping away from the falling into the jaws of life-threatening diseases. If not any of these, one can always try their hand at the olive leaf extracts because they are known to boost up the metabolic rate immensely, which indeed is a sign of a healthy body and a fit bodily system, which in turn gives the boon of a long and healthy life.

The effectiveness of the benefits of consuming olive leaf extracts regularly has been proved to be of help by recognized scientists across the globe. So it’s no boast, but the only boosts of the health.


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