The 11 Best Meditation Books of 2020


Stressing over something? Well, we have got a solution to your problems. You can shed away this negativity and boost your spirit with the experience of spiritual enlightenment. Meditation books, indeed, are very helpful when it comes to quenching your thirst for spiritual contentment. When you want to relax your mind and spend some quality time alone, meditation books best cater to this requirement. If you invest your precious time reading a few pages of a meditation book on a daily basis, it can work wonders.

Remember what the popular philosopher Marcus Aurelius said? He said, “The universe changes; our life is what our thoughts make it”. When you that you want to channelize your productivity, what better than meditation books? One should never start with a laid back approach, because reading books on meditation is not just for the sake of reading it, but rather one should aim to imbibe some great knowledge from it.

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Top 11 New Meditation Books to Read in 2020
What other than Books?


Top 11 New Meditation Books to Read in 2020

If you are someone who is naïve when it comes to reading, there certainly are feasible options for you. Here is what you need to know if you are planning to buy a book on meditation.

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1. Change Your Mind

We all know about the popular Buddhist philosophy and meditation techniques, and who wouldn’t love to experience the feeling of enlightenment? The book Change Your Mind is a prolific creation of Paramananda and is possibly the best guide to Buddhist meditation techniques for common people, especially the ones who are recently looking forth to adapting to meditation.

2. Zen Meditation

One of the very well known meditation books for beginners is the Zen Meditation by Tony Brice. If you seek to train your brain in such a way that it grasps things easily, this book will help mold and shape your mind. It is mainly based on the concept of shaping the thought process slowly, rather than rushing into making the mind believe something specific.

3. The Essential Chakra Meditation

The Essential Chakra Meditation by April Pfender is another wonderful work that proves what effects meditation can have on human brain. You may tame your brain as you wish, and the results are definitely going to amaze the readers. Based on the principle of visualization, the book has immense potential in healing and awakening the mind.

4. You Are In A Wonderful World

Another book that people recommend when asked about meditation is You are in a Wonderful World by Aurora Gadhatta. Even if you are the least acquainted with meditation and related books, it is essential. If you want to end your sufferings with an optimistic approach in life, leaving all the stress behind, this book is the best guide you will ever find. This will undoubtedly help you get that over – the – board confidence, which is very necessary if you want to reach heights in life.


5. The Fundamental Guide to Mindfulness

Mental health is something mediation books can help with. The Fundamental Guide to Mindfulness is a book you will absolutely love if you are into meditation, or even if you want to get an insight into what the world of meditation is all about. This book by Thomas S. William is based on the concept of thirty days challenge and offers you a fair opportunity to participate in the game of truth hunting, the ultimate truth of spiritual attainment.

6. When Things Fall Apart

Pema Chodron’s When Things Fall Apart is really acknowledged and appreciated among the practicers of meditation, especially when you are suffering emotionally, there could not have been a better alternative. It is a constant source of hope and motivation.

7. The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire

The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire by Deepak Chopra M.D. is an effective and extremely helpful creation and has been known to influence many since the time it was published. We all know what a drastic difference even a mere coincidence can bring about in our lives. This is a recurrent theme in this book as well.

8. Real Happiness

Sharon Salzberg’s Real Happiness is based on a twenty-eight-day schedule that is known to work wonders if you are just getting in touch with something as pure as meditation.

9. Wherever You Go, There You Are

The book Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat – Zinn is a book that is the best mentor to the self- helpful you. The book has been a bestseller that focuses largely on the idea that the union of the mind, the body and the soul can be attained solely through the method of meditation, based on concentration.

10. The Headspace Guide To Meditation

The Headspace Guide To Meditation by Andy Puddicombe has influenced many. If you are just initiating trying meditation for yourself, this book can prove to be of great help, just as it has been to many. Saying anything about the book would be insufficient to describe the genius efforts that have been put in its making.


11. 10-Minute Mindfulness

Last but not least, S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport’s co-creation 10-Minute Mindfulness. You know what can help deal with stress and tension, it is living in the present. The authors of the book have collectively made an effort to bring to the forefront, exactly the same idea of living in the moment.

What other than Books?

With the advancing technology of the age, there are many meditation guides and applications available on the web that can help you reach the destination to your way, the search for the best meditation guide.

Though handy and easily accessible these days, it is advised not to use gadgets when going for meditation, as they are known to emit certain radiations that are harmful to mental health.

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Just as we all know, it is never too late to start. The moment you feel like trying out meditation, you should not give it a second thought. Meditation has served as an age-old remedy for curing mental ailments and providing peace to the anxiety stricken mind. It can build up a strong and deep connection with the soul, leading to a calm mind and leaving us with a sense of hope and an optimistic attitude towards life. Meditation, to a great extent, can alter the way we interpret things or situations and is, therefore, very helpful if you are stressing over something. It’s time to leave behind all inhibitions and adapt to meditation.