21 Top Masculine Baby Boy Names


Every parent wants their little boy to be strong and masculine. Often times, the name resembles the characteristics of a person. So, while naming your child, you should choose the best name which suits the baby. If you are looking for the best masculine names for your baby boy, here are 25 best masculine names.

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21 Best Masculine Names for Your Baby Boy


Griffin means strong lord. It reminds the mythological half eagle, half-lion creature. Griffin is considered the king of all creatures in mythology.


Talon is a French name, which means Claw. If you want a super rare and uncommon name, Talon is the best name to go for.


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If you have love for one-syllable name, this one is just about as manly as you can get. If we think a future Brock, we can imagine kind, handsome, smart and tons of energy.

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Drew is another form of the name Andrew, which means manly or brave. It sounds manly and sweet as well. It is sweet, simple, short and easy to pronounce.



Ezra is a Hebrew name which means helper. This name grows well with any little boy as he grows into a man.


Gage is a name that is not overused and means pledge. It is a one-syllable name that would be so much character to a future little boy. This rugged and tough name suits any little boy and everyone will fall all over this adorable name.


Justin is always a classic name and means just or righteous. Maybe it’s not the top choice anymore, but it is most likely never go away due to its sweetness. It sounds manly and at the same time gives super sweet vibes.



This name sounds bad to the bone but is definitely super cute as well. Ryker means rich and could be an indication for your little boy’s future.


Over the years nicknames as names become popular and the name Ty is one of those that we are in love with. It is short, one syllable, cute and manly at the same time.


Corbin is a Latin name that means Raven and is a perfect name for any parent-to-be who loves nature or animals. This name is a perfect fit for a lively and energetic little boy who has a lot of confidence in himself.



If you are looking for one syllable, strong, and super adorable name, Zeke is perfect for you. It is the shortened version of the name Ezekiel. Zeke has biblical routs and means God strengthens.


Kane is a tough boy’s name and means warrior or tribute. It’s the name of a rebellious man in the bible. This name is not overly popular, but it might be a perfect choice for a unique name.


Damon sounds bold, strong and also pretty cute. The name Damon means gentle and in Greek legend, Damon was a loyal friend of Pythias.



The name Archer simply means the archer and is the best option for parents who love bows and arrows. The name Archer gives off a modern feel and can have the oh-so-adorable nicknames Arch or Archie to accompany it.


Rowan is an Irish name that means red. It is the perfect mix of sweet and manly. There are several other ways to spell this name such as Rowyn, Rohan, and Rowen.


Austin is an English name that means majestic dignity or venerable. This southern sounding name is incredibly cute but at the same time manly and rugged.



Orion is a name from Greek mythology which means mighty hunter. According to Greek mythology, Orion was turned into a constellation. Orion sounds super cool, sweet and manly.


As the trend of nicknames for names is increasing, this one-syllable name is one of the best options for you. It is a newly invented name in the U.S. and has no meaning.


Cohen is a perfect mix of manly and sweet. This Hebrew name means priest and will fit into any family perfectly. The name Cohen sounds like someone who will take great leaps and bounds to be successful in work and school.



Gunner is a Scandinavian name which means warrior. The name Gunner gives the picture of someone who can lighten up every room when he walks into it and instantly becomes the center of attraction.


The name Owen is cute for a little boy and sounds sturdy for a man. This Celtic name Owen means well-born, noble or young warrior. Owen will be a happy, super energetic and creative child who will grow into a financially stable man.


Phoenix is a masculine, superstar name for the little boy. A Pheonix is a mythical bird that is a fire spirit with a colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet. It is a Greek origin name and means Crimson.



Zander is the diminutive of Alexander and means defending men. This two-syllable name is easy to say and the characteristics of Zander are freedom-loving, adventurous, intellectual, progressive and sensual.


Duke is of Latin origin and means leader. Generally, a duke is a prince who rules an independent duchy or a nobleman with a ranking just below that of a prince.


Rocco is a very masculine name for a baby boy and originates from Italian and German. The name Rocco means to rest.


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