21 Best Easter Gifts for Babies in Times of COVID


Today world is dealing with the deadliest villain, Corona. Yes, Corona is considered pandemic and is causing crisis all over the world. It reminds the conditions faced during the 9/11 and 2008 financial crisis. Affected everything starting from the food we bought to places we traveled. Corona is a novel virus that keeps the people at home not only for days or weeks but maybe for months. This staying costs the population relationship with the government or the outside world.

This may continue for several months with unsettling feelings. Such a crisis scare the people but more important is to look for an opportunity such as more flexible use of technology with less polarisation. No one knows what’s gonna happen next, so it is better to hope for the best. Believe in god and god will help you.

Spiritual Approach has helped man to find his way and with the upcoming Easter we all hope to stand strong and fight against Corona. Easter is the oldest yet important festival of Christians.  This year Easter is on 12th April. The most exciting ones to celebrate it are the children. But how to celebrate it while dealing with Corona. Following are the best 21 Easter Gifts for Babies :

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21 Great Easter Gifts for Your Kids in Times of COVID

The First Easter Basket

Every kid and his parents would be excited about his or her Easter goodies. And gift them all in an Easter Basket would be so fun. Children would love it and play with it all the time also this would work as their decorative container.

Toddlers first easter basket


Good Books to Read

Reading is important for the healthy and proper development and learning of children. They learn to be creative, storytellers and what not. Books make them explore the world through books. Reading books is a good habit. Children show interest if the book contains colorful pictures. Such pictures attract them and they like reading them again and again.

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Cute Bubbly Soft Toys

Children love playing with soft toys. Even parents also as they need not be the concern of their child of getting hurt due to this one. A blossom bashful Bunny would be a perfect gift for children on Easter.

Personalized Easter Bag

Children would look super cute carrying the Easter bag in search of Easter Eggs. The personalized bag would work as a cherry on the cake.

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Cute Bunny Erasers

Kids these days are concern about their belongings. Carrying cute stationery makes them happy. One such cute thing to be added to their stationery is Neon bunny erasers. These are really cute and adorable.


The Flower Growing Kit

Such kind of gifts inspires kids to grow their garden and treat the environment well. Such initiatives result in the making of a good human for nature. He knows they are essential and protect them.

Making them Watch Good Movies

Movies like The Dog Who Saved Easter is best to watch on Easter. Movies are perfect to wind down children finally after a long busy Easter day running.

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Bunny Umbrella

Today exciting umbrellas are available in market one such umbrella is a color changing umbrella. As soon as the rain hits the umbrella, the bunny changes its color. This appears something like magic to kids and they love it.

The Easter Craft Basket

For children it is hard to paint on a real egg. Therefore, it would be easy to do it on plaster egg flatten from one side which enables them to place it on the surface and easily color them.

Rose easter basket


Hatch Your Pet

In the market, artificial eggs that could hatch when soaked in water are available. This is exciting for children.

Coloring Books

For indoor activities, the coloring book is a very good activity. It can keep the child busy for hours and be fun also at the same time.

The Hoop Game

The Hop game is fun. The bunny ears could serve best to hoop on. Children would definitely love this gift.

The Bunny Costume

Kids would look cute, adorable and funny in a bunny jumpsuit. Easter with this would turn out to be merrier for everyone.

The Craft Kit

This is the best gift for creative kids who love crafts and art. Children learn to know about different shapes, colors through it.

Bunny Hairband

Perfect gift for the girl child. They love accessories so much. The bunny hairband with lots of glitters to make it shine will steal their heart.

Paper Plate Easter Bunny Hat
Paper Plate Easter Bunny Hat

Lacing Toy

This kind of gift will help the child to develop fine motor skills along with hand eye coordination.

The Bubble Bottle

Kids will be mesmerized seeing the bubbles and will play all day long with it.

Teether Toy

Best gift for the infants. Since they got their teeth growing, their gums are itching they take in mouth anything. Teether is perfect as it does not harm the soft gums of the baby.

The Board Games

Such games are considered safe as well as less noisy games. These board games are interesting and the children play them while sitting itself.

Finger Puppets

Seeing such cute puppets make the kids laugh hard and they enjoy at most.

Soft Colored Clay

Children are creative and love playing with clay. Such hygienic clay is considered safe to play.



These were the best gifts to be given to children at Easter. These help in building good habits and makes the child is happy. These gifts during the crisis will make them happy and can be easily available. Seeing children happy makes the parents happy.