11 Super Health Benefits of Lily of the Valley


Diuretic properties, digestion enhancer, improved nervous system, skin treatments, heart diseases, lung treatments, chest pain treatment, antipyretic treatments, it treats conjunctivitis, leprosy and paralysis are some of the health benefits of lily of the valley.

Convallaria majalis, also called the Lily of the Valley is a beautiful flowering plant which grows in the cools woodlands of Asia and Europe. In this article, we will learn about this wonderful flower and more specifically we will learn more about its health benefits.

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In essence, the Lily of the Valley is a sweetly scented plant which grows in the Northern Hemisphere in Asia and Europe. It is a plant which is a perennially herbaceous plant that grows by forming extensive colonies just under the surface of the soil. They do so by forming underground stems called rhizomes. Also, the upright stems just above the surface of the soil are called pips which grow upto 30 cm above the soil. These stems are accompanied by a flowering stalk and 2 large leaves on either side. The flowers are whitish in color, with 6 small white tepals (petals on a single flower bud) forming a bell like shape.

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11 Surprising Benefits of Lily of the Valley

lily of valley


Ironically, all the parts of the plant are highly poisonous and if overdosed or consumed by children can cause abdominal pain, vomiting, reduced heart rate, blurred vision, drowsiness, and red skin rashes.

The Lily of the Valley has been found to contain 38 different types of Cardiac Glycosides. These cardenolides can increase the output force of the heart and decrease its rate of contractions by acting on the cellular sodium-potassium ATPase pump which drives our heart. They are not in widespread use because of their relative toxicity for the rest of the body

However, if consumed through a proper dosage mechanism, it offers wonderful health benefits. 

Diuretic Properties

Being able to promote excretion, the consumption of Lily of the Valley will increase the formation of urine. So, it is especially helpful for those illnesses that can be removed by eliminating excess water within the body.

For instance, it will be quite effective in eliminating the Urinary tract infections or UTIs as a result of it helps in flushing out the microbes trapped within the urinary system. Lily of the Valley can also be used for detoxifying the liver, relieving it from the necessity to neutralize toxins within the body.

Lily of the Valley’s diuretic properties can also be used for lowering the blood pressure. However, it shouldn’t be used in conjunction with low pressure medications as a result of which the blood pressure might drop to dangerous levels.


Digestion Enhancer

Traditional healers suggest Lily of the Valley for people that have been affected by constipation.The flower also has excellent properties of easing issues related to constipation, like bloating and gas.

In some cases, Lily of the Valley is also given to induce vomiting. So, the flower could also be used for the removal of toxic substances consumed by an individual. However, not all the time vomiting is usually recommended whenever a poisonous substance is consumed. It’s important to consult a professional person before such a measure is to be taken.

Improved Nervous System

Scientists say that Lily of the Valley can encourage a better functioning of the brain. There are anti-ageing compounds in the Lily of the Valley that can cut down the aging process of the brain cells. Thus, it is also able to alleviate loss of memory. It has been said to enhance memory storage as well as recall of knowledge.

Lily of the Valley is additionally renowned for its ability to produce relief from several instances of depression. Traditional healers also use Lily of the Valley to manage Brain epilepsy. Often, it’s given to produce immediate relief from mild headaches.

Skin Treatments

For many years, the oil of the Lily of the Valley has been applied on scars to heal them. It’s also used for treating gentle burns to help with a quicker healing, and also to stop permanent scarring afterward.

Water in which the Lily of the Valley has been soaked has been also used for bathing so as to lighten one’s skin tone. Similarly, that water — known as “aqua Aurea”, is employed as skin astringent. [3]


Heart Diseases

Lily of the Valley is considered to be an internal organ tonic. This herb is safer for the treatment of heart ailments of senior individuals than digitalis or floxglove. Hawthorne and Motherwort are also combined with the Lily of the Valley to get a powerful concoction for the Hearts.

It also helps to treat valvular heart disease, internal organ debility, dropsy and heart failure. The flavonoids in the herb stimulate the arteries, facilitate in the dilation of blood vessels.

It is also useful to treat arrhythmia because it increases the muscular action of the heart whereas at the same time regulating and controlling the heartbeat rate.

Lung treatments

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) like emphysema and asthma can be treated with the Lily of the Valley. Treatment for pulmonary edema needs Lily of the Valley Extracts, which if not treated leads to congestive heart failure.

Chest Pain Treatment

The wonderful flower is also used to treat Angina Pectoris which is caused due to insufficient oxygen in the arterioles of the heart. It is actually very common since the reasons for the same can be very mundane, from incomplete digestion process to more serious ones like a clogged arteriole due to a blood clot which may need surgery.

Antipyretic Treatments

The flower is used to treat fever and reduce heat production in the body. [4]Fever and Heat Production both happen so that our body can fight infections. However, recurring instances can highlight a serious health malady.


It treats conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is actually a very common infectious disease that affects more than 10 Million people in India. Although it is curable but it can spread rapidly. Therefore, making it paramount to stop it from spreading as soon as possible.

It is used to treat Leprosy

As we know, Leprosy is an infectious disease that causes skin lesions, nerve damage and eventually proves to be fatal for the patient. Lily of the Valley has been used in traditional medicine to cure Leprosy.

It is used to treat paralysis

It is used to treat paralysis, shock, and speech loss. Lily of the Valley has a powerful impact on the brain, thereby being able to lift the brain out of its debility. All of the above medical conditions can cause serious damage to the nervous system, if not treated promptly.


However, there should be caution exercised since its excessive use can cause dehydration, gastrointestinal irritation and abdominal pain. It can also lead to a cardiac failure in extreme cases. 

The Lily of the Valley is a cultural symbol too and is called, “Our Lady’s tears” and/or“Mary’s tears”. It has been carried as a bouquet by Royal Princesses on their weddings. Hence, we should try to incorporate the usage of this wonderful flower in our lifestyle.




Health and Beauty Benefits of Lily of the Valley

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