Leaking Breast During The Third Trimester: Is this Normal?


It is said that breastfeeding is a gift from mother to child. It is a boon for new born. Breast milk is the purest form of food, free from contamination and provides required nutrition to the child.  Pregnancy is nature’s way of preparing a woman’s body to make her fit for the birth of a new life. It is a wonderful phase when every day you witness new changes in your body, enlarged breast filled with milk is one of them.

Every change that is occurring will bring number of questions with itself. A frequently asked question by pregnant women is: when do your breasts start leaking during pregnancy? Only few women notice this change. The milk that leaks out is known as colostrums. This is the baby’s first food before the milk comes out.  The milk produced during this leaking phase has no connection with the milk women will produce when she starts feeding her new born. If you are wondering when your breasts start leaking and what you should do when it happens, let me explain you about the same.

Guide for Leaking Breast During The Third Trimester

leaking breasts during pregnancy

When Do Your Breasts Start Leaking During Pregnancy?

This is the only food your baby feeds on, colostrum being the initial to start feeding. Some women experience leaking from their breasts during the first three to four weeks of pregnancy. However, this is not that common. Mostly leaking occurs during third trimester. In Most women leaking occurs during the end of second trimester, this is more common.

As you reach the delivery date, leaking is more common. Those who have been leaking during pregnancy will probably experience greater amounts of leaking as their due date approaches.  If you are not leaking during pregnancy, then it’s not a topic of concern. Don’t worry if breast leaking does not occur, because it will not affect your milk production after you deliver your new born. If you are still concerned, you may consult your doctor. And let me make it clear, that leaking breast does not indicate preterm labor. So, relax ladies, it’s not a symptom of a disease it is just a sign indicating that you are ready to feed your baby. Your doctor will guide you about breastfeeding if you think you cannot produce enough milk to feed your baby.

What causes leaky breasts during pregnancy?

Our system is designed in such a way, that our body adapts to every change that is going to occur. Development of milk production system is one such change. The first milk, colostrums, your baby will get in early feeding has more proteins, less fat and sugar compared to the milk they will get later, as after few days milk becomes white in color and thickness of milk is also reduced. It contains antibodies which help the little ones to fight against the diseases. Colostrums will provide immunity to your new born.


Why does a breast leak During Pregnancy?

Leaking of a breast, is a result of hormonal changes that are occurring while pregnancy. It is also considered as a sign that your body is preparing for breastfeeding.

How to Prevent Breast Leakage?

There is no such specific way to stop the leaking of milk from breast during pregnancy.It is also not suggested to look for ways to prevent it. At the most, you can think of ways to overcome the embarrassment or uneasiness caused due to it. Here are some of them:

  • Wear loose clothes so that it does not stick to your body.
  • Wear a nursing bra that will absorb the liquid and make you comfortable
  • Use disposable breast pads or reusable cloth pads
  • While wearing nursing pads, you should change them frequently to avoid the smell of milk and also to get relief from the wet feeling.

Even though we discussed that it is normal if there is leakage from the breast, you should be conscious enough to check if the liquid discharge is not having any traces of blood. In such cases it is required to consult your doctor. Although this is also not a worrisome state and it clears up after delivery. Your doctor will guide you accordingly.

Leaking breast is not a problem but consult your doctor if you find it difficult to deal with. If you don’t experience any leakage, you will still likely start producing milk when your baby is born. Proper checkup and correct knowledge will help you pass this phase easily. Be healthy and enjoy your pregnancy.

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