21 Fun Kindergarten Writing Prompts For Kids


Kids in Kindergarten are in their learning stage, as they grow their imagination grows with them. They learn reading, writing, drawing and other basic prompts in kindergarten. Often little kids find it hard to express what they feel and this is where writing might help them loosen up a bit and understand themselves better. 

writing prompts for kids

Writing about their experiences and feelings makes kids more comfortable expressing their feelings as they learn more about their thoughts. Children can read, write and reflect on their thoughts by writing each day and become aware of their thoughts and feelings. Writing also helps in developing the skills of articulation and expression.

What Is A Writing Prompt?

Writing prompt is a story line provided to the writer which provokes the creative and thoughtful side of the person writing it. When it comes to kids, they often need guidance and direction while performing any task. This is where writing prompts prove useful. Especially for kindergarten kids, writing prompts can be a fun and entertaining way to develop writing skills and learn story building. 

With the help of a writing prompt, kids are introduced to certain topics. Kids learn how to focus around that particular topic while writing their story. A writing prompt could be anything from something fictional to any family vacation they’ve had recently. Anything and everything has a story, but it is important to choose a good and interesting topic because nothing is more flickering than the attention of a kindergarten kid.

How Writing Prompts Help In Overall Development Of Children?

Firstly, writing prompts are proven helpful for kindergarteners as they assist them into getting in habit of writing. Children can use their imagination to write with the help of fun and creative writing prompts. Young kids can also get inspired and writing prompts may prove useful in giving them a starting point to write. 


Kindergarteners have an active imagination full of colorful creative ideas. Though they may not be able to express these ideas with highly developed writing skills, they can express them in their little way. Through writing, kids can assess and explore their interest, lessons, emotions and other things they learn in school. Writing lessons are usually boring for kindergarten kids and this is where interesting writing prompts can help them make fun and easy to write.

What Is Considered As Good Writing Prompt?

A creative writing prompt is an amazing way to encourage kindergarten kids to practice writing. These prompts can act as an instructional guide for them to write a story. In this way they can capture their imagination in their own words and delve deeper into their creativity. 

Fun writing prompts can help them enhance writing skills while learning something new. It could be anything as simple as which bird would you like to be and why to something a bit more thought provoking like what would you change about your school if given the chance? You can also provide kids with options to change or modify their writing prompts once they get familiar with the writing process.

Below are some of the ideas for fun writing prompts for kindergarten kids:-

21 Fun Writing Prompts for Kindergarten Kids 

  1. Write about your favorite movie and tell us what you like about it?
  2. Which colour do you like the most and write about four things in that colour.
  3. Who is your best friend, write about them and why is this person your best friend?
  4. What is your favourite meal of all the time?
  5. Write about the most recent dream you had.
  6. Write about the animal you like the most and would you like to pet it?
  7. What do you love to do with your family the most? Who is your favourite family member?
  8. Write about what you like about your father and three things he has taught you.
  9. What is your favorite fairy-tale? Would you like to be a hero in that fairy-tale?
  10. What dishes would you make for dinner if asked to make dinner for your parents?
  11. What would you like to become when you finish school…?
  12. If you could get a chance to be any animal, which animal would you be? Why?
  13. Which superhero would you be and what superpowers would you possess?  
  14. What flower would you like to be and why?
  15. What wishes would you ask if a genie were to grant you three wishes?
  16. What do you like to do as a hobby? Write about your hobbies.
  17. Write three things you love about your school.
  18. If you could have the power to change one thing about your school, what would you change?
  19. If you could go to moon for one day, whom would you take with you?
  20. Write about your most memorable picnic or vacation.
  21. Write about your favourite cartoon character and why you like it?


If you are a teacher in a school and teach kindergarten kids, then making them write once a week with these writing prompts can work as an excellent exercise for their brains. You can divide kids into pairs and assign them with the same topics or you could ask them to provide writing prompts to each other. If you are a parent, then a fun writing prompt game might be a lovely idea for the next weekend. In this way, you may get to know about your child’s skills better. These writing prompts can kick start their imagination and help them develop writing skills.