51 Japanese Baby Girl Names You Will Love


Well as one gets the news of pregnancy the emotions are bound to be all over the place. The soon to be parents have a load of responsibilities in their bag, from shopping, nursery preparation to selection of the most unique and suitable name for the little one.  A long with the other responsibilities one also has to understand that the parents have to think of the most suitable names for their baby boy or girl. Some parents wish to keep the sex of their child a last moment surprise but certain parents have a small gender reveal fun to spice up the preparations and not be stuck with unisex names. . This article is a list of all the beautiful and meaningful names that young parents can consider for their kids. Each name has its own qualities and reflects certain traits that speak about the child’s personality therefore much thought is previously invested to make sure that parents give the best of what they have for their children.

Japanese Names : 51 Unique Baby Girls Names 

Japanese Baby Girl Names You Will Love

51 names of japanese for girls

          Name  Meaning
Aiko The name means the beloved child or little love. This name is chiefly used in Japanese and Dutch.
Akhana The name symbolises a red rose and is a unique name for a baby girl.
Aki The name denotes a child born in autumn.
Akiha The name means autumn leaf, generally suited for a child with a calm personality.
Akira The name has multiple symbolisms, it means bright and clear generally a child who bears the rays of the morning sun with a similarly bright future and smart-outgoing personality type.
Amami Amami denotes the beauty of the night sky. Just like the night sky compels our wonder same would be the personality of this child who will have depth and the curiosity to learn new things.
Cheiko A child born with thousand blessings of gods and all the elders who will definitely have a bright future and will follow the right path due to the divinely guidance bestowed on them.
Chiemi The name is of a child who has wisdom and beauty.
Chikae It denotes a child who has a blossoming personality and someone who is like the blossoming personality.
Emiko The name is generally given to blessed and beautiful soul.
Etsuyo It means a child carrying generations of happiness and support to the family.
Fuji A child who has wealthy intentions and a kind heart. The name bearer will have a soft personality and a cheerful nature.
Fukoko A unique name it means a lucky child someone who has a strong destiny.
Fumiyo The Japanese origin name means a child of much wealth.
Hachi It means a wise leaf. The child has a strong influence on his personality of his name. Thus a child with the name Hachi will be intellectual and wise.
Hamako The name means the child of the beach.
Hana The Japanese name is also used in English and Arabic it means a blossoming flower and also symbolises fun and enjoyment.
Haru The name denotes sunshine. The baby girl will bring with her new beginning like the Sun.
Hoshiyo It means a star and someone who guides the path.
Hotaru The name means firefly. It is a commonly used baby name in Japanese.
Ichiko It means the first child of the family.
Ima The name means universal and whole. A child who will bring completeness to the family filling any missing void.
Ina The name means queen. For every father their daughters are no less than their princess.
Irie It denotes to be on the positive side. A child who will bring positivity to the family and have an optimistic attitude to any problematic situation.
Ishiko A child who has a stone like solid foundation and will remain firm on her decisions.
Jun The name is given to a child to be truthful and honest.
Junko A sincere child is named as Junko who will be career and family oriented in her lifestyle.
Kairi It means the ocean village.
Katsu The name means victorious. Each parent wants that their child should be victorious in whatever endeavour they undertake. Thus it is a common and well liked name.
Kaya The name suggests some one little but extremely wise.
Kayoko Child of a good and strong heritage being born into a well acknowledged family.
Moriko A child of the forest.
Motoyo It means the beginning of a new generation.
Namiko It is given to the child of the sea.
Naomi A sweet and pleasant child. The name is generally German in origin.
Nori A child who will introduce new perspectives into the world.
Reina The name denotes a queen.
Rina It means counsel and advice.
Ritsuko It means a child who will forever abide by the law.
Sachi A blissful and fortunate child.
Saeko A child with a serene nature.
Shiho A child with a strong will power.
Takara It means treasure, just like every child and daughter is the most valuable treasure of the family.
Tamika A child who is good in interaction and is pleasant to talk to.
Uta A child laden with wealth and fortune.
Wakako A child of a harmonious and content family.
Yoshiko A child who will be well respected.
Yoshimo Japanese derived name it means a child is good in reasoning, i.e. who has strong mental abilities of intellect with a knack of solving problems easily.
Yuriko It means a child born amidst the beauty of the nature. It specifically means a lily flower someone born in the village.
Yuzuki It denotes a tender child with the beauty of the moon.
Yoshiko A child who will be well respected