11 Must Know Tips for Getting Pregnant with PCOS


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, also known as PCOS is an extremely common problem seen in women. Women with PCOS suffer from anovulation, which means that they do not ovulate. In PCOS, there are many small cysts in the ovaries. As a result, the eggs don’t mature properly and are not released. Hence, such women don’t have regular menstruation and ovulation. There is no fixed time to understand whether women with PCOS are ovulating and hence conceiving is a major issue with such women. Moreover, lack of regular menstrual cycle hampers the endometrium in the uterus. Even if a woman ovulates successfully, the endometrium might not provide adequate support for implantation.

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If you are upset as you suffer from PCOS, but still want to conceive, here are 11 tips, which can be really helpful for you:

11 Tips for Getting Pregnant with PCOS

1.Include a multivitamin

Taking a prenatal vitamin or any other kind of supplement rich in B-vitamin complex (B3, B6, B9 and B12) and iron is recommended for women suffering from PCOS. Chances of getting pregnant are improved along with having a healthy pregnancy with multivitamin supplements.

Pregnant with PCOS

2.Reduce stress levels as much as possible

Stress can prove to be a killing factor for pregnancy. Stress impacts the hormones in the body adversely and reduces fertility in both men and women. Try healthy and natural ways of combating stress and increase your chances to be fertile.


3.Achieve healthy BMI

Women who are well above their ideal BMI can have serious fertility issues. High BMI can be caused due to insulin resistance and hormonal imbalance. Obese and overweight women should start losing weight in the most effective manner to be able to conceive and deal with fertility problems.

4.Start little exercising right away

Symptoms of PCOS include pain in the lower abdomen with immense fatigue. In such conditions, the bed or the couch seems to be the best place. But, doctors recommend doing regular low impact exercises as this is one of the easiest ways of getting pregnant with PCOS. Hormone levels are improved with slight exercising.

5.Go for low glycemic load diet

PCOS symptoms are reduced greatly with low glycemic diet along with increasing chances of conceiving. Insulin levels are lowered and insulin resistance is reduced with this diet. Abolishing refined carbs from the diet helps in getting regular ovulation and menstruation.

6.Fatty acids are essential

Essential fatty acids like omega-3 fatty acids have great effects on hormonal function in the body. These reduce pelvic inflammation, increase ovulation and better healthy hormonal levels. Fatty acids are obtained from cod liver oil, fish oil, flaxseed oil, borage oil etc. Fatty acids supplements also work well.

7.Acupuncture can be of great help

It is extremely interesting to note that acupuncture can help in curing PCOS in women. Acupuncture treatment works exceptionally well when it comes to PCOS as the problem has got good responses from the same. Acupuncture treatments can begin 3-4 months before one tries to conceive for best results.

8.Getting a massage is useful

If you thought massaging only helps in relaxing, you are wrong. There are certain kinds of massages which boost fertility. It has been seen that women who suffer from PCOS and get targeted fertility massage are able to conceive in IVF cycles. Massage increases chances of getting pregnant with PCOS.


9.Chromium and magnesium levels should be high in body

Chromium and magnesium are trace elements and are mandatory for fertility. Women with infertility problems often lack one or both of these elements. Eat foods rich in these components or take suitable supplements to combat the deficiency.

10.Increase vitamin D levels

Vitamin D is a pre-hormone along with being an important vitamin. Various kinds of endocrine hormones are formed in the body with vitamin D. women with PCOS have low vitamin D levels. Boosting the same is important for getting pregnant and running a healthy pregnancy.

11.Get the cysts removed

It is possible to surgically remove the poly-cysts from the ovary and better chances of conceiving and getting pregnant. Nowadays various modern medical techniques are used for getting rid of these ovarian cysts without much problem. Women looking to conceive have greatly benefited from this particular step.