11 Must Know Quick Tips to Make Potty Training Boys Mess Free


Some of the best potty training boys tricks are magic trick, candy bribe, little white lies, target practice, sitting backwards, following examples, appreciation, consistency, big boy under wears, facing reality and the final countdown.

Training children and making them adopt your ways of life may prove to be a humongous task when you least expect it to be. The hyper active and inquisitive nature of your baby may make the learning and teaching process a huge challenge. Parents must remember that patience is the key to healthy and happy parenting therefore innovative and out of the box thinking may at times help you avoid a tussle in the house. Potty training without making a mess is one of the prime virtues that every parent tries to imbibe in the child.

Tips and Tricks to Make Potty Training Your Boy Mess Free

potty training boys

Magic trick

With the advancement in technology, many small tricks have been invented to help you out in your parenting journey. At times young boys tend to create a huge mess out of their daily toilet training practice and are not able to understand the need to be clean. A dirty toilet can be highly unhygienic and troublesome to clean. Therefore stick small stickers at the end of the child’s potty seat that change colours or forms images when peed on. This will motivate the child to pee in the potty and not create a mess behind.

Candy bribe

What harm can a little bribing do? We all know the old policy of work and reward. Adopt it while teaching your child new things. If your boy is being stubborn and not willing to adhere to your advice give him an incentive. Often, a candy bribe that may persuade them to listen to you and not create a mess in the washroom.

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Sit backward

An out of the box and creative thinking is always the best answer for multiple issues that may come your way while potty training your little one. Their aversion to sitting on the pots and sticking to the diapers or peeing outside the pot may be because of the fear of falling in the pot. Try to make them sit backward which will assure them that they will not fall.

Set examples

Children often tend to follow the lead of their elder siblings or at times their friends at day cares and schools. Talk to your day care teacher about the commencement of your child’s potty training and the need for examples and support at school. Seeing their friends using the bathroom without creating any mess and getting an appreciation for it may motivate your child to follow the same path.

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Load of appreciations

Which child does not like to be appreciated for his efforts and the little things he learns? That’s the trick you need to adopt in your child’s training. For every correct activity in the bathroom like washing hands, pulling the pants appreciate them and make them know how proud you are of their achievements. This will encourage them to do it correctly.

Target practice

Small boys are more liable to creating a mess during their potty training time. They lack target and may pee all over the place leaving behind a mess difficult to be cleaned. This may make using the public toilets a difficult task for your baby. Teach them how and make them practice before taking them out in public as the child may feel conscious and hesitant towards the same.

Be patient and consistent

Patience is the biggest virtue that all parents must have in abundance before stepping foot on the journey of teaching and learning. You must understand that many of your efforts are bound to go down the drain as the child learns slowly and gradually how to evolve from diaper to a potty seat without creating a mess. Ensure that you are consistent with your child and do not give up even after repetitive failures. Slowly the child is sure to catch up on what you are trying to inculcate making learning more effective.


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Make it real

Children at times do not realize the mess they tend to create while using the bathroom. As a parent, if you face no positive results even after one month of the training, then it is time to make it real for the child and for him to understand the trouble of cleaning up the mess. Show your child what an ideal potty time is through cartoon videos or by using their favourite toys and then make them realize how messy they make the toilet after using it. Realization of the mistake may make the child change his habits and learn to make potty time mess free.

Little white lies

This is the best and the oldest technique in the book till date. Children at times act stubborn refusing to pay attention to the demands of their parents and poop all over the bathroom. Tell them a small lie about how they deprive the sea of manure and the fishes from green plants if they do not poop in the pot and flush it adequately. This may motivate the child to listen to you and stop creating a mess out of daily activities.

Big boy underwears

Children, especially boys tend to copy their fathers and you can use that factor to make them learn several skills as they keep on growing up. Make the boy sit with his dad in his potty and see how his father never creates a mess while pooping. Then promise them to buy them big boy underwears just like their fathers to encourage them to make potty training mess free.

End diaper countdown

At times children do not want to stop wearing diapers and may throw tantrums on being asked to wear underwears. As a result, there are several accidents that happen at home and also in public that can cause some problems and difficulties for the child. Thus you can have a final diaper countdown with your child and then finally make him agree on wearing pants without any future soiling of the pants.

Thus, these were some of the best tricks that would ensure a mess-free potty training time for your baby boy.

Hope this article was of help to all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!