Iced Tea During Pregnancy- Is it Safe?


If you are an ice tea lover, then it becomes important for you take note of the fact whether it is safe for you during pregnancy. No doubt, that a glass of iced tea on a hot can be really refreshing, but it becomes extremely important to monitor everything that you eat or drink. Everything taken in a limited amount is considerably safe, but this may not be the same for all the items. Owing to the side effects a particular food item can cause to your baby, it’s better to avoid it.

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Iced tea contains sugar and caffeine. Packaged ice tea contains a lot of sugar so it is specifically prohibited during pregnancy. But in the case of homemade iced tea, you can enjoy your favourite drink sometimes as the caffeine present in it can be reasonably harmful. Although The amount of caffeine in iced tea varies for different brands, on an average 12-18 mg of caffeine is present in one serving of iced tea. Well, more than 200mg of caffeine during pregnancy can be harmful, so you must keep a check. In case, you also love coffee than you may have to choose between the two.

Now, let us look into the benefits and side effects of iced tea to verify whether it is safe for you during pregnancy or not.

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What are the Benefits of Iced Tea During Pregnancy?
What are the Side Effects of Drinking Iced Tea During Pregnancy?
So it it Safe?


Guide to Drinking Iced Tea During Pregnancy

What are the Benefits of Iced Tea During Pregnancy?

Iced tea contains a considerable amount of caffeine and sugar, but it also has some amazing benefits, here they are:


If the summer temperature is making your feel uneasy, iced tea is the best way to seek refreshment. It is also a way to get rid of morning sickness. The caffeine present in iced tea gives instant energy.

Anti-Oxidising Properties

Tea in any form contains a lot of antioxidants which is helpful in avoiding DNA damage. Moreover, the hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy increases the number of free radicals which can cause damage to protein in the cell and the cell membrane. The antioxidants present in iced tea help in avoiding any damage due to free radicals.

Active Brain

During pregnancy, you are likely to become forgetful. Drinking iced tea keeps your brain alert and thus helps you keep things in mind.

Controls Gestational Diabetes

Packaged ice tea contains a lot of sugar, so you must stick to homemade less sweet iced tea, which helps to avoid any chances of gestational diabetes.


Helps to Prevent Cavities

Pregnancy can cause oral problems, but drinking iced tea reduces the chances of oval cavities. So, along with brushing your teeth twice a day, try iced tea also to avoid cavities during pregnancy.

What are the Side Effects of Drinking Iced Tea During Pregnancy?

These were some common benefits of iced tea. But during pregnancy, if you drink a lot of this refreshment, it may pose a threat to the baby and the mother. Here is a list of some side effects of drinking iced tea during pregnancy:

Risk of Miscarriage

Taking excessive amount of caffeine can cause miscarriage. So, you must avoid drinking a lot of tea, coffee or iced tea.


Iced tea acts as a diuretic which can lead to frequent urination. Urinating frequently can cause loss of essential salts and minerals from the body. So, to avoid dehydration you must check on the intake of iced tea.


Sleeplessness or insomnia is caused by increased level of caffeine in the body. While you are pregnant sleeping well will help you keep fresh and healthy, so you must not consume iced tea regularly in order to control the side effects of it.


Risk of Neural Tube Defects

Neural tube defects such as spina bifida and anencephaly are extremely deadly and can even risk the life of your baby. In order to save your baby from neural tube defects, you must avoid consuming a lot of iced tea as it contains caffeine which is considered as one of the main reasons for neural tube defects.

Low Birth Weight

Caffeine is known to cause low birth weight of the baby. So, doctors advice to take limited amount of caffeine on a daily basis, which implies drink less iced tea.


The ability to inhibit iron in ice tea, can make your body lose iron. But, iron is a very essential mineral during pregnancy, so the lack of iron in the body can cause anaemia. In order to avoid this you can increase the content of iron rich food in your diet.


Stillbirth is one of the most fatal side effects of iced tea. The caffeine present in it can cause stillbirth. So, even if you have the urge to drink iced tea, you must stick to your diet plan and make sure you do not exceed the limit of caffeine.

So, is it Safe?

Homemade ice tea is the safest during pregnancy. You can simply reduce the amount of sugar to be added or use honey instead of sugar. Flavours don’t make much difference in the impact it has on our body, so you shouldn’t be confused that a particular flavor can be less harmful. Lemon iced tea is said to boost antioxidants, but the amount of sugar can still be harmful, so it is suggested to prepare decaffeinated tea at home and add lemon to it.


The side effects of iced tea can be deadly, so it is slightly unsafe. You must remain careful and stick to the rules of your diet as suggested by your doctor.  So, it is safe or not is for you to decide.


As I have already stated that anything consumed beyond a limit can be harmful. I’m sure this article must have made you aware that iced tea can be very harmful for you and your baby if excessively consumed. So, I would suggest to suppress your urge to drink ice tea during pregnancy for the betterment of your baby. Happy Parenting!