11 Home Remedies for Treating Toddler Constipation


Is your baby constipated? Constipation is an irritating and painful condition, not only for adults but for babies as well. It is very difficult to see your little one suffer and cry from this disease.Introduction of solid foods into baby’s diet, intolerance to milk proteins or allergy, consumption of dairy products and dehydration are some of the main reasons that lead to constipation. Here are some tips that can help you relieve it. Note, however, that constipation is less common than people think. We often think wrongly that our little one has a problem if he does not have a bowel movement every one or two days. However, its pace will gradually evolve as it grows and only medical advice will allow you to be really focused on what it needs.

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11 Best Home Remedies for Treating Toddler Constipation

1. The belly massage:

Make your babylie on the back, gently massage the belly at the navel and fold the legs to the abdomen gently, one leg while the other remains extended and vice versa. The massage will only last a few minutes and your hands will go clockwise.

Some tips for the massage session:

  • Ensure that the massage room is warm enough (21 ° C ideally, 23 ° if your baby is chilly),
  • Put a relaxing music,
  • Remove rings and bracelets,
  • Warm your hands,
  • Undress your little one,
  • Pour in your hands a special baby massage oil or a few drops of sweet almond oil mixed with a cream or vegetable oil to prevent any epidermal reaction.

Toddler Constipation

2. Act on hydration

It is very important to keep the baby well hydrated, especially if he is constipated. Leave him a bottle at hand while making sure he does not drink too much in one take.Changing the type of water it consumes can help, you can opt for magnesium-rich water which will promote intestinal transit.

In case of lazy bowels, you can give him a bottle of water with a little prune juice or orange. If you do not have one, just soak a prune overnight in a glass of water. This drink should stimulate the gallbladder and cause contraction of the intestines.


3. Solid food

An adapted diet can often make constipation like green vegetables such as green beans, spinach, etc. in soup, puree or small pot. It is better to adapt according to the age and the mode of feeding of the child of course. If the baby is at the breast, it’s up to Mom to change her diet by adopting high-fiber diets like prunes, vegetables, fruits.

Another effective tip, give him a teaspoon of olive oil in the morning on an empty stomach, it will soften and lubricate the stool. If he does not want it, it is possible to integrate it into your preparations.

4. Hot bath

Use hot water for your baby’s bath. While drying him, give a gentle massage. Hot water relaxes the muscles of the stomach and relieves constipation.

 5. Anal lubrication

Apply a water-based lubricant to your baby’s anus. Doing this can lessen the discomfort and will lubricate the excretory passage.

Otherwise, when changing your toddler’s diaper, scrub around the anus, wiping gently.

 6. Castor oil

Castor is the most commonly used remedy for relieving constipation in children. Take a betel leaf and dip its stem in castor oil. Introduce into the baby’s rectum. If your child is over 2 years old, give a mixture of castor oil (1 teaspoon) in a glass of milk. Adjust the dose according to the age of the child.


7. Herbal tea

Take 2 cups each of fresh mint leaves and anise leaves. Boil 2 liters of water. Pour over the herbs. Infuse until the water becomes cool. Fill the tea in a bottle and give it to the baby, four ounces at a time.

8. Milk

In a glass of milk, add 2-3 teaspoons of honey or sugar. Stir the mixture thoroughly and give on an empty stomach in the morning. It helps the child to pass the stool easily.

 9. Herbal Decoction

Boil a pint of water and add equal parts of licorice root and fennel seeds to it. Simmer for 18-20 minutes. Then, let it cool. Give 1 teaspoon after half an hour.

10. Grapes

Soak 5-6 raisins in water and keep them soaked overnight. Crush them well the next day. Drain. Give the grape liquid to regulate the movement of the child’s bowel.

11. Brown Sugar

Take 1 oz of boiled water. Add half a teaspoon of brown sugar to it. Cool and give this solution to your baby three times a day just before feeding the milk powder, until his stool softens.

Note- White sugar can also be used instead of brown sugar.


Things you should not do

  • Do not feed cow’s milk to your baby because it is difficult for some children to digest. Instead, feed soy milk that is nutritious and easy to digest.
  • Do not switch to a low-iron formula because it will not affect constipation, rather it will hinder the development of the child.
  • Except for yogurt. avoid rice cereals, carrots, bananas, white bread, potatoes or pasta. In addition, refrain from feeding refined or processed foods.

A balanced and high fiber diet not only helps to improve bowel movement but also to prevent constipation. Do not forget to accompany him with a lot of water.

Remember, You cannot use the same remedies for adults and children to cure constipation, as some remedies that are used for adults can have adverse effects on the health of your toddler. Before opting for home treatment, it is crucial to consider the age of the child.