11 Home Remedies to Treat Pinworm in Kids


Pinworms are not dangerous. But they are definitely irritating. They will tend to give your child many sleepless nights. Medications are definitely there. However, there are home remedies as well, to treat pin worms.

Pinworms mostly affect your child’s intestine. They are not harmful. But nonetheless prolonged infestation can cause certain risk. Pinworm infections are most common among children within the age of 5 and 10 years.

The problem is that pinworms are highly contagious can spread very easily. Pinworms can enter your child’s body with food he/she eats or the air he/she breathes. The microscopic eggs are impossible to be detected, with naked eyes and it enters and spreads in your child’s body.

Prevention of pinworms is mostly impossible, especially if your child is going to a school or staying at a day care. However, there are easy and effective home remedies which you can apply in order provide relief to your child from the irritation of pinworms.

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Home Remedies to Treat Pinworm

Starting from vegetables to fruits, there are many ways you can provide relief to your little one from the irritation and pain of pinworms.



Garlic has the potential of killing pinworms in your child’s system. This powerful herb has a very strong taste and being rich in Vitamins like A, D and B6, this food supplement can definitely help your little one get help from the troubles of pinworm.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit seed extracts can tend to clean your child’s digestive system and aids in proper bowel movement. In that way it helps your child to flush out all the irritating pinworms from his/her intestine.


This is another very powerful herb which can help your child get relief from any sort of problems caused by pinworms. If your child can digest leafy greens then this herb can be directly given to him/her. Otherwise wormwood oil is also equally effective. This herb will not only help your child to get rid of all the pinworms but also at the same time it will help your little one to have a clean digestive tract.

pinworms treatment

Coconut Oil

Coconut is one of the well known remedy for pinworms. This is mostly due to its antibacterial and antivirus properties. The consumption of coconut oil or coconut milk will certainly help your child get rid of pinworms.

Instead of having expensive antibiotics, with lots of side effects, coconut oil or coconut meat can be very good alternatives in order to kill the bacteria inside your child’s system.



Fresh carrots are very good for your child’s overall health. If he/she is suffering from pinworms, it is all the more effective. Carrots contain beta carotene. That is why they fight against free radicals and viruses. Having carrot mash or carrot salads will help your child to get rid of pinworms. It is one of the most effective home remedies because carrots do not have any known side effects on the children.

White Willow Barks

This is another super-food as far as treating pinworms are concerned. Willow barks contain aspirin and salicylic acid. These elements help in the treatment of pinworms in children. Many commercially available medicines, for pinworms, contain salicylic acid. Willow bark and garlic tea can be given in order to treat the pinworms.

However, if your child is allergic to aspirin then you should avoid giving willow barks to your child. This might negatively impact your child’s health.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are well anthelmintic. It is a substance which can help in the process of flushing any kind of intestinal parasites. Pinworms mostly dwell in the intestine of their victim. Pumpkin seeds have elements and compounds which can keep your child’s intestinal wall clean and healthy.

You can blend pumpkin seeds with yogurt and give to your child as a healthy snack option. That will be a good boost to his/her digestion and also at the same time will help him/her get rid of the pinworms from the intestine.

Pumpkin seed porridges are also very healthy breakfast option for your child. This will give them a good and early start to their day.


Clove & Flaxseeds

Mix the grinded flaxseed with clove in a 1:10 ratio. Then add that powder in salads and roasts and sandwiches. Make your child have dishes, with added clove and flaxseed powder for 3 consecutive days.

This will help him/her to clear off the remaining pinworms and pinworm eggs for the digestive system. This is a very effective home remedy for pinworms, which can be also used for adults. However, do not prolong the use of the powder, beyond 3 days. The spice tends to increase the overall body temperature of your child.

Whole Wheat Bread

High fiber whole wheat breads are also good for flushing the pinworms from your child’s digestive system. It aids in bowel movement and makes sure that any sort of eggs, which remain inside the intestine, are flushed off on a regular basis.

High fiber foods like bran and brown breads are encouraged as proper home remedies to treat pinworms.


Raisins are sweet but they contain essential chemicals which drive the pinworms away. In fact they are one of the few sweet substances which you can allow your child to have whilst he/she is suffering from pinworms.

Raisins are also high in fiber and will help your child to clean his/her digestive system. In this way, the bowels will remain softer, and the pinworms will have less chance to cling into the internal system of your child.



Yogurt is the perfect home remedy for not only pinworms but for other digestive problems as well. It aids in digestion and keeps the system clean. Yogurts have probiotics which fills your child’s system with essential digestive enzymes and bacteria.

This helps them to maintain a healthy digestion and also enables your child to clean off the system from any kind of parasites like the pinworms.


Besides the home remedies, you should also make your child undergo proper deworming medications. Home remedies should remain as additional support and should not be the main treatment.

Also, before undergoing the home remedies, check whether your child is allergic to certain things like whole wheat, yeast or willow barks.