11 Home Remedies for Bad Baby Breath


Drinking plenty of water, cleaning tongue thoroughly, using green leaf extract,lime juice, apple cider vinegar, ginger, guava and cardamom are best home remedies for bad baby breath.

Basic hygiene problems are not restricted to only adults. Bad breath is one such condition! Baby bad breath is an alarming nightmare for parents. Oral hygiene condition can easily be judged through your baby’s breath. In general, baby’s breath becomes bad due to the following reasons:

  • Frequent food intake, at an interval of 2-3 hours.
  • Difficulty in cleaning the oral cavity after every meal.

The above reasons contribute mostly to the bad baby’s breath. However, at times you tend to ignore the condition, thinking it’s just the baby. But, there can be long term damages that might occur. The bad breath is mainly due to the microbial activity that takes place inside the mouth. The mouth is always exposed to the air and thus from the environment comes the microbes. They feed upon the minute food remains and carry out fermentation. The fermenting odor is a major contributor for the bad baby’s breath. This is a common situation and is not something grave! There are several home remedies which can control bad baby breath. Since, the solution is homemade, there are minimal chances of any side effects.

11 Home Remedies for Bad Baby Breath

1. Drink Plenty

Drinking less water before or after the food will let your oral cavity go dry faster. This can become a potential ground for the microbes to act upon the leftover food particles. Encourage your little one to drink more water. This way the trapped food particles can be either brought out or taken in leaving the mouth empty.

2. Thorough Tongue Cleaning

Tongue structure consist of many hair like structures that are responsible for taste sense in the body. These structures are taste receptors and directly connects to the brain interpret the taste of the food. These taste sensors are highly active in babies as they are newly exposed to foods. The taste receptors can also trap the food on the tongue for longer periods. This becomes a breeding ground for many such bacteria causing bad breath. A thorough tongue cleaning is recommended after every meal to control the development of bad breath.

Bad Baby Breath


3. Avoid specific odorous foods

There are foods like onion & garlic which are strong contributors to baby’s bad breath. Not consuming the same will be the best thing to do. However, they might also have certain benefits that babies would need. So, changing the time of intake or the form of intake can reduce the chances of bad breath.

4. Green leaf extract

The extract will contain chlorophyll, which is a powerful antidote for bad breath. Herbs like mint and parsley contain chlorophyll and essential oils with a fresh smell. Extract of the same can majorly counter bad breath.

5. Lime juice

Extracted lime juice is a great bad mouth odor cutter. Lime juice is nothing but mild citric acid which can prevent the growth of bacteria inside the mouth. One spoonful of the same if consumed after every meal can considerably counteract the bad baby’s breath.

6. Bump up the green veggies

Increasing intake of green vegetables can also counter bad baby’s breath. Green vegetables are again rich in chlorophyll and high in fiber content. These micro fibers act as mini toothbrush that can easily eliminate the already formed bacterial plaques. High fiber content also reduces waste during the digestion process. Gas formation is reduced in the digestion process and hence no more chances of bad breath.

7. Apple cider vinegar

This wonder liquid can eliminate baby’s bad breath completely. Known for its high anti-bacterial property, apple cider vinegar will restore the pH to avoid growth of bacteria. Since, acidic in nature, the same can be consumed using honey. Taking a spoonful of the same after every meal will yield the best results.

8. Edible Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also known for its high anti-microbial property. Rinsing your baby’s mouth with edible coconut oil after every meal will reduce the chances of bad breath. Since, the coconut oil is edible, there is no harm if your baby swallows a part of it. However, you should always give a warm water rinse after the above treatment.


9. Ginger Juice

Ginger juice coupled with honey is another fantastic home remedy for bad breath in babies. It is known for its anti-bacterial properties. Strong taste might upset the little one, so, use as little as possible with more amount of honey. Ginger juice itself has a characteristic odor which is in turn pleasing.

10. Guava

Guava is a fruit that is flooded with oxalic, tannic and malic acid. The same is also coupled with high amounts of vitamin C. All the above constituents in synergy work towards eliminating the bad breath. A weekly intake of 2-3 times can effectively counter the development of bad breath.

11. Cardamom

Cardamom has a mouth freshener effect naturally. Chewing a little amount of the same will give immense benefits against bad breath. However, for the little one chewing is not the right option. Extracting the juice with water is the alternative. This remedy can give quick and effective results.

Bad breath in babies are a common sight and there is no way that you can run from it. This is a part of growth cycle. Following the above remedies will help to eliminate bad breath completely. However, an overall good oral hygiene practice is mandatory to control baby’s bad breath.