5 Dangers of using Baltic Amber Teething Necklace


Baltic amber teething necklace can cause choking, shattering, and strangulation. It can also cause skin irritation and spread infectious diseases. Teething can be a very difficult phase for both babies and parents. However, like all baby phases, this too doesn’t last forever. To soothe your baby, you may offer various types of teethers that soothe sore gums and aching teeth. One such type of teether is the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace. Considered to be a natural alternative to teethers, amber teething necklaces have now become very popular among families. But are they really safe for your little one? Read on to know more.

What is Amber Teething Necklace?

It is important to know that amber is not really a true gem stone. It is a kind of fossilized tree resin.  These necklaces are made with heat treated amber beads which are knotted and strung together to form a necklace. It is believed that these Baltic amber teething necklaces have soothing properties and provide relief from teething pain and sore gums. It is believed so because, amber beads contain succinic acid that is known to act as a pain killer when it gets absorbed into the body.

Theory Behind the Action of Amber Teething Necklaces

Amber teething necklaces are considered soothing for teething pain due to the presence of succinic acid. Succinic acid contains analgesic properties that provide relief to your baby and encourage teething. The body temperature of baby triggers the absorption of succinic acid through the skin and allows it to act as a pain killer to relieve sore gums and teething pain.

Do Amber Teething Necklaces Really Work?

Amber teething beads have become very popular, and many families are resorting to an easy way of relieving their babies from teething pain. Although there is lot of scientific evidence behind the effectiveness of amber teething necklaces, it is more of a hype than fact.

Baltic amber teething necklaces are meant to be worn around the baby’s neck. The succinic acid present in amber teething beads must be absorbed through the skin. Amber beads are not designed for babies to bite on. Biting on these beads are not just ineffective but can also be potentially dangerous for your baby.

Additionally, there is little evidence that the baby’s body temperature causes the succinic acid to be absorbed by the skin. Even if it does, enough succinic acid is not produced to heal any kind of pain.


Dangers of Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

There have been several reported unfortunate incidents related to amber teething necklaces. These necklaces have done more harm than good to little babies. Listed below are some dangers of Baltic amber teething necklaces on your little one.

1} Choking

Amber beads are individually knotted and strung into a necklace. If your baby pulls apart the chain, there is a high chance that he can put one bead into his mouth and choke on it. Hence, wearing these necklaces can be a potential danger.

2} Shattering

Amber is actually soft and brittle as it is made of fossil. Hence, these teething necklaces aren’t very strong. If these beads crack or splinter, there is high chance of your baby ingesting amber. It can cause a lot of harm if your baby swallows amber accidentally.

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

3} Strangulation

It is generally advised not to put any heave necklaces on young babies as they strangle on them. Amber teething necklaces are huge and difficult for the baby to wear. Your baby pay try twisting or pulling the necklace during play. This activity can strangle him without his knowledge.

4} Skin irritant

Amber beads contain succinic acid that is known to be a natural analgesic. But there is evidence that it is also a skin irritant. Since your baby’s skin is sensitive and delicate, making your little one wear these amber bead teething necklaces can further irritate his skin.


5} Infectious diseases

Very few people know that amber beads get easily colonized and infected with hazardous bacteria Staphylococci. These bacteria when they get suitable conditions to thrive, can become pathogenic. Hence, it is important to be alert that your baby can pick up bacterial infections by wearing these amber necklaces.

Bottom line

Although many parents seem convinced by amber teething necklaces, the potential risks apart from efficacy should also be considered. The risks outweigh the benefits, and it’s important to be precautious when it comes to your baby. There are several other natural alternatives to amber beads which are more beneficial and effective.

If you have been using amber teething necklaces on your baby, then you may want to reconsider. Shift to safer alternatives for your baby’s comfort and safety.