11 Health Benefits of Marula Oil


You might have often come across people calling Marula oil as the “Elixer of Youth”. Yes, Marula oil has several health benefits that no one can doubt on. Marula oil is extracted from a herb called Marula that originates from Madagascar and South Africa. It has been used from centuries in Africa and has now spread worldwide to other countries.

Marula oil is extracted and obtained from the seeds and outer husk of the Marula fruit. The method generally used is the cold press technique which helps extract the oil in a clean and quick manner. The Marula trees live for more than hundred years and generally bear fruits between January to March every year.

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Health Benefits of Marula Oil

The health benefits of Marula oil are plenty and you simply cannot ignore them. Marula oil is beneficial for your skin, hair, and overall health. It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, phenolic compounds, flavonoids, and tocotrienol. Listed below are some benefits of Marula Oil

1} Prevents aging

If you are looking for anti-aging solutions, your search ends here. Marula oil is a wonderful herb that possesses anti-aging properties. It helps prevent free radical damage, remove wrinkles, reduce fine lines and restores the natural glow of the skin. Marula oil is rich in Vitamin E and oleic acid which stimulates the production of collagen in turn firming the skin tone and restoring its vitality.

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2} Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

Marula oil can be also effectively used as cooking oil and there are plenty of benefits of it.  Marula oil is rich in unsaturated fats that remove the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol in the body. Regular consumption of Marula oil helps prevent cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, atherosclerosis, and strokes.

Marula Oil

3} Prevents stretch marks

For all the pregnant women, here is some good news. With stretch marks being a normal part of pregnancy, pregnant women are on a constant lookout for stretch marks solutions. Marula oil is rich in beneficial nutrients that restores the skin’s elasticity and brings back the suppleness. It reduces the appearance of stretch marks and also prevents hyper pigmentation that many women develop during pregnancy.

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4} Prevents acne

While marula oil is extremely beneficial on the skin, it acts as a wonderful remedy for acne too. Acne is a common skin condition that is caused due to the overactive sebum glands. Marula oil is rich in linoleic acid that helps in cleansing of the pores and reducing the inflammation of the skin caused by acne.

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5} Treats hormonal balances

Most medical problems in the body are caused due to hormonal imbalances and fluctuations. The natural ingredients present in Marula oil help counteract hormonal imbalances and bring the body to control and make it function smoothly.

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6} Keeps scalp and hair healthy

Since marula is packed with all the essential nutrients and anti-oxidants, it is a great food for your hair too. The anti-oxidants, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins reverses Uv and environmental damage thereby restoring the vitality of your hair. It also contains anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties and plays a role in cellular regeneration from the hair root tip. With regular usage of marula oil, you can achieve hair that is both beautiful and strong.

7} Treats chapped lips

Dry lips is a condition that affects many both during summers and winters. Marula oil has great moisturising properties that penetrates deep into the skin and retains the moisture from within.  This removes dryness and also treats chapped lips. All you need to do is apply it on your lips like a lip balm at least twice a day.

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8} Heals brittle nails

Those having weak and brittle nails should use this oil. Marula oil is rich in beneficial nutrients that help nails regrow and prevent them from breaking again. Regular usage of this oil also keeps the nails nourished from within.


9} Restores hydration

Just a few hours outdoors and all the moisture is sucked out of your skin! Marula oil owing to its beneficial nutrients help restore hydration and moisturises the skin from deep within. It also closes the pores and prevents the moisture from escaping out. Additionally, marula oil possesses anti-bacterial properties that keep the skin clean and prevent it from any skin infections from the environment.

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10} Reduces inflammation

Marula oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe and calm inflamed joints and tissues. If you have inflamed tissues or joints. Applying marula oil on the affected area shows great relief. Those suffering from arthritis and other kinds of joint disorders greatly benefit from marula oil.

11} Removes dandruff

Dandruff can be very annoying. It is frustrating to see no results despite trying to get rid of it so often. If you are suffering from annoying dandruff, it is time to switch over to marula oil. Marula oil nourishes and moisturizes the scalp from within before it can turn dry and cause dandruff flakes.

These are some of the proven health benefits of Marula oil. The oil is gentle and safe to use. Marula oil has an overall benefit to skin, hair, and nails. Today, it is easily available in almost all commercial stores. So now that you know the goodness of this wonderful oil, do not delay to bring this oil home and experience its powerful benefits.