Health Benefits of Blue Corn for Children


Rich in protein (more compared to yellow corns) blue corns offer various health benefits to your child. Some of the health benefits of blue corn include enhancement of glucose metabolism, reducing glucose absorption, prevention of any sort of terminal disease like cancer, works as a fantastic anti-inflammatory food alternative, inhibit the chances of any sort of DNA damage in your child, reduces the overall fragility of your child’s body, boosts the amount of nitric oxide and boosts overall metabolism of your child.

With a lower glycemic index (GI) which ensures that the blood sugar glucose level do not spike up to that extent after consuming a blue corn. That means that your child will be exposed to low level of sugar intake if he/she is fed with blue corn on a regular basis.

Can I Give Blue Corn to My Child?

Native to south-western United States, blue corn is a staple food at New Mexico. Now if you are planning on offering blue corn to your child then you must know that, since its growth is not regulated, blue corn contains 30 percent more protein than a hybrid corn which is more abundantly found. You can feed your toddler with a blue corn bread or a blue corn tortilla soup to provide him with a healthy alternative to regular corn or wheat. The most amazing fact about blue corn is that the level of anthocyanins present in the food is even higher than that found in blueberry, thereby making it a true super-food for your child.

Health Benefits of Blue Corn for Children

Rich in protein and anthocyanins, blue corn offers a lot of health benefit to your little one.


Enhances Glucose Metabolism: Worried about your child’s sugar addiction? Is it difficult to put him/her off some sweets? Now worry no more as the regular intake of blue corn bread will ensure that your child’s glucose metabolism is at the right place. Blue corn contains anthocyanins (the same found in blue-berries) which promotes a healthy glucose intake in your child’s blood streams making sure that he/she never experiences the harmful sugar rushes which creates sever digestive problems.

Prevention of Terminal Diseases:Blue corn is known for its anti-cancer effects by hindering the proliferation of the tumour cells in a human body. So if your child’s body is hiding place of any tumour causing cell, the consumption of blue corn will make sure that those cells are destroyed at the roots. Also due to the benefit of better glucose absorption, blue corn is prone to cause less chances of diabetic later on in your child’s life. The excess glucose in blood, over a certain number of years, tends your child to become diabetic. However, since blue corn ensures a better glucose metabolism the chances of diabetes fade away.

Blue corn super food

Ensures Better Healing: The anti-inflammatory property of blue corn makes sure that your child’s wounds and swellings will be cured at a much faster rate. The nutrients found in blue corn will contribute by quickening the healing process of any swelling or injury your child might be suffering from. Sometimes wounds take longer to heal and it might make your child a bit irritable. However, the regular consumption of blue corn will in fact trigger the healing process.


Inhibits Chances of DNA damage: Harmful chemicals found in a lot of commercially available processed foods tend to damage your child’s DNAs. This might lead to further complications including cancer, once he/she grows up a bit. The consumption of blue corn makes sure that the DNAs are protected from any sort of adverse effect as it inhibits the growth of any cancerous cells.

Stimulates Muscle Growth:Importantly blue corns are also rich in protein and research suggests that they contain double the protein when compared to the regular corns available in the market. The presence of amino acids stimulates muscle growth in your child.

Things to remember while feeding blue corn to your child:

There is no denying the fact that blue corns are super-healthy alternatives to regular corns or even wheat. Feeding your child with blue corn bread will make sure that he/she is consuming more protein and less sugary elements. However, eating too much of blue coloured food alternatives like blue corn might tend to create spikes in blood sugar and corrupt insulin function. But that happens if there is a prolonged exposure to only similar food alternatives like blue corn or blueberry. Also another downside of regular consumption of blue corn bread is that it is a source of omega-6 fatty acid. One should do well to know that omega-6 fatty acid is better than saturated fat but at the same time the excess consumption of omega-6 might negate the benefits of having omega-3. Thus once you are planning to introduce blue corn bread to your toddler make sure that it balanced and spaced out well so that the consumption is occasional and not a regular one.