11 Health Benefits of Heart of Palm for Children


Are on the lookout for new vegetables to spice up your meals? Then heart of palm falls into the top tier in terms of choices. It is incorporated from the interiors of palm trees and is commonly truced from the cabbage plant. A crisp texture with a flavor of artichoke esque are the main features of it. It does go on to possess numerous health benefits as well.

The most common source of heart of palm are salads. In hindsight it contributes to a rich source of delicious appetizer. Being versatile it ensures that there are various means by which you can cook it. One of the ways to enjoy it would be to consume it with cherry tomatoes along with a tinge of olive oil. It is a specific type of vegetable that is incorporated from number species of palm trees. It is available in most of the supermarkets that presents a simple way to add nutrition along with flavor to your meals.

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Health Benefits of Heart of Palm for Kids

The country of Cost Rica is the main supplier of heart of palm leaves. They are considered to be soft; a mild sweetness is attached to it though when you hold it gives a firm feeling. Normally you find them fresh, but the canned and packed one in jar are available as well. You can slice them in salads or it can be an important ingredient in soups as well.

Hereby are some of the benefits of heart of palm for children

1} Important source of calories

A single ounce of palm of heart is going to provide you around 32 grams of calories. If a salad with the main ingredient of palm hearts is prepared, then be aware that most of the salads contain calorie rich oils. A topping of palm seeds is going to be regarded as a rich calorie source. It is also fat free and a single gram of protein is part of it.


2} Rich source of potassium

It is tropical vegetable that has traces of potassium in high quantities. One single ounce of it is going to supply around 10 % of your recommended daily intake. It does ensure optimal function of all cells of your body. With reduce heartbeat your blood pressure levels are lowered whereby a balance is achieved.

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3} Rich source of Zinc

Since they supply your body with zinc it speeds up the time for the wounds to heal. With scrapes or cut are prone to heal faster, there are less chances of infections developing. In addition the presence of zinc helps the body to digest proteins faster.

4} Improves vision

Being incorporated with beta carotene that helps to improve vision. It is embedded with numerous antioxidants that act as a defence mechanism for the body. Free radicals segregate the cells and paves way for damage particularly your vision.

Heart of Palm

5} Eradicates cancer

Tocopherols are a particular type of vitamin A termed as natural oxidants. They are strong defence mechanisms that keep the free radicals at bay responsible for formation of cancer cells. The free radicals are known to covert health cells into cancerous ones. For this reason tocopherols or heart of palm should be part of the diet of your kids at an early age.


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6} Energy levels are improved

Being formulated with beta carotene that is self-explanatory for immense benefits of heart of palm. The hormonal balance along with energy levels in your body is improved.

7} A steady healthy growth of hair is assured

Your child can have a healthy spurt of hair by increasing the intake of fluid or by a nutritious diet.  Heart of palm is rich in Vitamin K and A which is required for healthy scalp and hair. It also acts as a good hair conditioner.

8} Important source of vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is known to perform numerous roles. It is known to regulate the sleep cycle and helps the body in the production of haemoglobin. It also contributes to the metabolism of simple along with complex carbohydrates along with fats.

9} Important source of dietary fiber

Around 14 % of your daily requirement is achieved from a single serving of this salad. It ensures that you have a better digestive health. This is  because of the presence of riboflavin, that helps in production of calcium, Red blood cells or phosphorous. Your musculoskeletal system along with bone health is assured on consumption of the salads. For neural health phosphorous is an important ingredient.

10} Rich source of carbohydrates

The calorie content in heart of palm most comes from carbohydrates. A single ounce of serving is going to provide you with around 7 grams of carbohydrates with natural sugars and complex crabs. All of them ensure that a steady flow of energy is assured. The fiber content is negligible around 0.4 grams. It can be best considered to be roughage which keeps things regular but fiber is essential to reduce spikes in blood sugar levels.


11} Highly nutritious

Heart of palm is packed with numerous nutrients along with fat soluble vitamins. All of them contribute to good health. It ensures a proper cardiovascular system in the long run.

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Selection along with storage of the heart of palms

It is better to choose moist, hearts of palm which are not unblemished. Make it a point that you avoid the bruised ones. After purchase, it has to be refrigerated immediately. If it is tightly sealed it can be kept close to 2 weeks. The stored jars should be kept away from sunlight. Once you open it, use them within a week.

To conclude, try to keep the consumption of heart of palm as healthy as possible. Enjoy the consumption on its own or toss it with a green salad. You can layer a heart of palm with a chicken sandwich or a lean turkey. It is a viable alternative to the regular lettuce that is part of your favourite burger.

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