11 Health Benefits for Cacao in Kids


There are hardly any kids who do not love chocolates. There is no denying the fact that chocolates are world’s most popular and favorite ‘guilty’ treats and are delightful. Though there was a time when chocolates were considered harmful for their sugar and fat content; today chocolates are considered healthy for the antioxidant benefits attached to the same. This is because of cacao, which is the raw form of cocoa and extensively used in dark chocolates. Cacao abounds in powerful antioxidants, polyphenols and flavanols – components which play a pivotal role in maintaining good health.

Mentioned below are 11 excellent health benefits of cacao in children:

11 Health Benefits For Cacao in Kids

1. Helps in fighting tooth decay

While most parents fear that chocolate causes tooth decay and cavities, cacao ensures that tooth decay is combated successfully. Teeth enamel can be hardened with this ingredient. Research has shown that cacao is more effective than fluoride for cavity prevention.

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2. Aids in better digestion

Raw cacao is a rich source of fiber. For a healthy digestive system, the body needs good amounts of fiber. It helps in keeping the system clean and free from toxins in the best possible manner. Digestive enzymes in the body are also stimulated with the help of cacao.

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Cacao benefits

3. Source of healthy fats

Fats in the right amounts are needed by the body for proper functioning. They are needed for metabolic functioning, immune functions and other important chemical reactions taking place. Cacao can be the source of healthy fats in the body without any side effects.

4. Betters cognitive functions

Cacao has active ingredients present in it, which help in bettering brain functions and cognitive abilities in kids. Children who drink two cups of cacao mixed with milk have better problem solving abilities and analytical skills. They can learn things better and in a fast manner.

5. Helps in preventing sunburns

It is obvious that children will play outside and will be exposed to sunrays and other natural elements. Cacao helps in preventing sunburns to a great extent. Studies have shown that children who took cacao on a regular basis could combat sunburns for longer periods.

6. Helps in maintaining internal balance

If you thought kids are not stressed, you are mistaken. Cacao helps in keeping cortisol, which is the stress hormone, under control with the help of antioxidants that are present in the ingredient. Stress comes with dangerous health consequences and should be combated as early as possible.

7. Combats fatigue

You might notice that your child is lethargic and suffers from fatigue. The cause of the problem might not always be easy to locate. Consuming cacao in recommended dosages can help in overcoming fatigue successfully. Your child will be able to enjoy daily normal activities in the most active manner.


8. Helps in preventing cardiovascular disorders

Cardiovascular diseases can be avoided with cacao as the ingredient abounds in flavanols, which is a heart protective and anti-inflammatory antioxidant. With the help of this antioxidant, risks of stroke and cardiovascular ailments can be reduced significantly. Blood circulation in the body is also improved with the same.

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9. Acts as mood enhancers

There are many kids who get upset and depressed often. For them cacao proves to be really useful and effective. Cacao contains anadamide, which is a mood improver. Moreover, cacao also contains phenethylamine, which helps in releasing endorphins and enhances mood successfully.

10. Helps in improving skin texture and betters skin glow

Having good skin texture is something that you would definitely want for your child. Flavonals in cacao help in maintaining better skin texture by improving microcirculation. Along with this, skin hydration and oxygen saturation is also boosted with the help of cacao intake.

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11. Helps in cough and cold

Cough and cold make any kid irritable and uncomfortable. Cacao has a component called theobromine, which helps in reducing cough and cold more effectively when compared to over the counter cough suppressants. Two cups of cacao during this time is more than sufficient for handling the problem of cough and cold without any harmful side effects.


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If you still have doubts whether to give cacao to your kid or not, it is best to consult a medical practitioner and give cacao as recommended. However, do not overdose.