7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage


The hot stone massage is an alternative medicine massage therapy and bodywork that involves placement of heated or cooled stones on the body for therapy, pain relief and relaxation. A hot stone massage consists of flat basalt stones immersed in hot water and then placed on specific parts of the body. In a hot stone massage, the techniques that are applied are similar to that of a normal massage, in hot stone massage, the therapist also works with the hot basalt stones that are stationed in specific parts of the body. Here are some benefits of a hot stone massage:

hot stone massage benefits

7 Must Know Health Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Helps in relieving pain

Hot stone massage helps in relieving pain and has been associated with relief of pain in people with a variety of serious conditions and disorders such as fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorder. The techniques of moderate massage help in lessening the pain and improving the range of motion in people who have fibromyalgia or rheumatoid disorders.

Stress Relief 

Massage helps in loosening the muscles which are stressed and injured. It is an effective method for stress relief. Massage helps in reducing stress, anxiety and also improves cardiovascular health. The pressure applied with the stones is just the right stress needed for the body.

Joint Flexibility

The tension between the muscles can make it tough for joint movement. The hot stone massage helps to relax the muscles, and make the joint easier and comfortable for moving. People with joint disorders benefit a lot from stone massage.

Helps in decreasing muscle spasms

Muscles that are spasm and tense make it tough for the body to move and function in daily life. The hot stone massage can help in reducing the tension and inflammation in the skeletal muscles while easing muscle pains and spasms. A massage and hot stone can promote relaxation of the joints and muscles to ease both pain and spasms.


Improvement in Sleep

Many people have struggled in hitting the bed, busy schedules, stress and insomnia is the reason they get less sleep than 7 to 8 hours. The hot stone massage is effective and helps in promoting sleep and relaxation in people.

Reducing the risk of Autoimmune diseases

Some autoimmune diseases are chronic but they can be dealt with, a perfect hot stone massage. Diseases linked to the muscular and nervous system such as carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis can be easily dealt with with a hot stone massage and one can reduce the risk of these chronic diseases by a massage with hot basalt stone therapy.

Helps in Circulation

The heat from the hot stones causes the blood vessels to dilate and the heart rate to increase which promotes the blood flow. This helps in better oxygenation to the various organs systems and more blood and resources being delivered to those parts of the body that need the resources the most.

Hot Stone Massage Side Effects

When hot stone massages are performed by a trained masseur it usually does not cause any harm, but when it is done by any untrained masseur or if there is any mishandling it can have side effects and risks too. Here are the side effects of hot stone massage:

  • It might burn your skin, when some therapists might not be able to be careful about the temperature it can lead to scalding, burning and tissue damage.
  • People with sensitive skin can have bruises if excess pressure has been applied and sore skin.
  • Can lead to amplified pain threshold, people often complain of stuffiness and discomfort?
  • Circulation is increased that can lead to sensitivity to heat in some people. This can lead to headaches, dizziness and hot flashes. It should be avoided by women in their menopausal stage and those having medications.

Hot stone massage vs. Deep Tissue

The hot stone massage is done for the same reason, for which you would use a heating pad, heat or any form of warmth to treat the tension and soreness in the muscles which can help in relieving the pain making the body feel relaxed. The deep tissue massage is basically done to treat the client’s chronic pain, improved posture, and limited range of motion, movement and balance and can also help in training athletes.

Pros and Cons of Hot Stone Massage

Everything has its two sides of the coin, let’s understand the two sides the pros and cons of hot stone massage therapy:



Hot stone massage can help in reducing stress and anxiety, boost immunity and promotes sleep. It also helps in relieving muscle tension, and pain as heat helps in removing the tension in muscles and rejuvenates you. It’s very beneficial for people with cold and sinus, relaxes the muscles, and provides warmth to the body. It can be a good way of relieving the symptoms of autoimmune diseases and also helps in decreasing the risk of cancer and its symptoms.


There are no specific cons for hot stone massage therapy, but it is quite expensive. A hot stone massage therapy can be time-consuming as well, and can also sometimes make the person awkward physically! People who do not inquire with their physician or doctor, if they can go for the hot stone massage therapy can sometimes experience physical injuries and aftereffects. A hot stone massage therapy is not for you if you are having blood clots, cancerous tumours, Diabetes, Heart conditions, varicose veins, and cellulitis or are pregnant. One should be very careful and understand what they are opting for before going for a hot stone massage therapy.

Hot stone massage therapy can have great benefits, it is a rejuvenating experience. One must understand the pros and cons and consult their doctor before going for a hot stone massage as it might have side effects for people with sensitive skin or body.