12 Hair-Raising Must Watch Halloween Movies for Teens


Now that the Halloween night is on the list, so one of the best things we can do is to get these horror movies on the checklist, call out our friends and grab some popcorn. I know there are a number of horror movies available out there on Netflix and it does create a little confusion as to which horror movie to watch! But don’t you worry teens, because we have got everything sorted for you. We have listed 12 hair-raising must watch Halloween teen movies for all you teens:

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12 Must Watch Hair-Raising Halloween Teen Movies

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Are you a social networking lover? Oh well, your love for social network is likely to fade away after watching this movie. This horror story is primarily conveyed through video chat and IMs and trust me, social networking will seem to be a lot scary to you. Apart from the horror part of the movie, it also succeeds in conveying a message to the viewers which is not to cyberbully their peers.


This is a Spanish horror/zombie film written and directed by filmmakers Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza. There are two firefighters who are followed by two reporters into an apartment on receiving a phone call. And what if I tell you that inside, the apartment is full of humans infected with an evil like disease.

Paranormal activity (2009)

On the surface, the film is about a young couple, Katie and Micah. Katie tells Micah about the presence of a demon that has haunted her since she was young. Micah then wants to know what is wrong and decides to record the couple at night. But the evil spirit gets even worse as the night passes by and they must try to survive at any cost. Does the evil spirit only want to haunt them or want something more from them?


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Battle Royale (2000)

This was first released in japan in 1999 and then in the United States. What if you and your classmates go on a field trip and then are taken on an island where you all have to kill each other and at the end, only one amongst you can survive?

The exorcism of Emily Rose

The name says it enough. The film consists of a girl Emily Rose on whom an exorcism was performed after which followed her death. There are a number of audio tapes and flashbacks and indeed the priest who tries to prove his innocence throughout. Also, did you know that this film is based on a true event?

A quiet place (2020)

This one takes place in the year 2020, a year in which most of the population on Earth has been killed by some mysterious creatures. We have Lee Abott and his wife Evelyn who live in silence so that they can protect their family. Consequently, there are a number of events that follow which leads them to either find a way to survive or be killed by those mysterious creatures.

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Goodnight mommy

The film is about twin boys who seems to be waiting for their mother to return home who has went out to get a cosmetic surgery. Yes, she does come back but the twist is that the boys think she is someone else and not actually their mother! scary enough?


Caroline (2009)

Caroline move from Michigan to Oregon with her parents, who are working and thus leading Caroline to be alone at home most of the time. One of their new neighbours gift a doll to Caroline that enables her to discover the Other world, basically other mom and dad who are comparatively more attentive to her than her real parents. Soon does she realise that the picture is not how it seems and she wills to go back to her real parents.

The village

Covington is a small town that basically consists of just 60 people living there. They then get to know about some terrible creatures who have lurked outside the borders of the village. However, they have got on an agreement to carry with their usual work till the time they do not cross the village’s boundaries. However, Lucius Hunt decides to discover what happens on the outside of the boundaries of Covington. Any thoughts over this?

World war Z

What if all the humans on planet Earth start turning out to be zombies? Will there be no human population existing then? Well, before we reach this situation former U.N. Epidemic Investigator Gerry Lane is to find out the origin of the virus that is responsible for turning the human population into zombies. Will he be able to stop this?


I haven’t yet been able to decide which version of Carrie do I love more! Is it the original 1976 version or the 2013 version? It’s up to you actually because this horror movie is all set to make your Halloween the scariest night of the year. So, you decide and let me know which version have you loved more?

The possession (2012)

The movie is about a young girl who purchases an old box from a garage sale after which some weird things start happening to her. Is there an evil spirit living inside the box?



I am sure you are going to love them all. And if you have got nay more movies that we missed, drop them in the comments section below.