21 Gymnastic Games and Activities for Kids


Some of the best fun gymnastic games are continuity ball, octopus ball, frog kick, coach says, rock and rope climbing, dodgeball, tag, pretend animals, balance beam, how many birdies, sack race, parcel pass, one-legged race, blanket body drag, feather go, obstacle course, run rabbit, hula hoop and blindfolded drag.

Every child needs a little workout and stretching for the flexibility of the body and to increase agility. Gymnastics is always a good option for parents to consider as the child parallel learns the art of exercising as well as teaches the child to be disciplined and sincere towards whatever goals he sets for life. Gymnastic games for children are a good option to strengthen their body and help them understand the importance of setting targets from a young age. Gymnastic games are not only fun but also helps the child meet his daily workout needed. Before starting any gymnastic routine make sure that you take proper safety measures to prevent any mishaps in the institute. Here is a list of some of the best gymnastic games for your child to enjoy,

21 Fun-Filled Gymnastic Games and Activities for Kids

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Continuity ball

In this fun-gymnastic game children are given three beach balls and are instructed to keep them in the air without letting it fall. Slowly the coach adds more balls to make the game more competitive. This fun game ensures an overall workout of the body as well as the alertness of the mind.

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Octopus ball

This game is somewhat similar to playing tag. In this, as soon as the opposite player tags to you stop running and sit down in your place till your team member rescues you. This game is just like practicing squats but in a more fun way.


Frog kick ball

We all have seen a frog jump, well now it’s your turn. Kick the ball in the middle and take it to the goal while doing frog jump to reach the end. This game strengthens the core and the thighs of the child.

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Coach says

This game is a twist to the well-known game Simon says. All you need to do is follow your coach’s order. The coach may ask you to do butterflies and split stretches or he can wish for toe touch and bridges.

Rock climbing

A similar situation to rock climbing can be created in a class wherein the teacher allows the children to compete in teams and reach over the wall. Make sure you take all the safety precautions beforehand.

Rope climbing

Rope climbing strengthens the core. Competing in teams or a one on one match is always fun to play.

Dodge ball

Who does not know the age-old game of dodgeball? Divide the kids in teams and give them a soft cushioned ball to not hurt each other and make the gym session more fun.


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The game of tag is a perfect blend of entertainment and exercise by enhancing the speed of your child and his ability to react.

Pretend animals

Make the children mimic the walk of different animals to make workouts more engaging. Kangaroo jump, frog jump, tiger crouching walk and many other are good substitutes to traditional exercises.

Balance beam

Make two children stand on different beams and try to balance themselves. Whoever stays for long, wins the game.

How many birdies

This game is also all about balance and teamwork as it checks the agility of the players. All you have to do is ensure that all your teammates are balanced on the same beam. The team with the maximum children wins the round.

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Sack race

Divide the children into teams and make them stand inside a sack. They have to jump and reach till the finish line to make the announcement in their favour.

Parcel pass

Divide the children into two groups and hand them one bag each. Each player has to run and deliver the bag to the other player standing ahead. Repeat till all the players have passed the bag and then decide on the winner.

One legged catch

This fun gymnastic game is the first of the many games we play as a child. All you have to do is balance yourself on one leg and try to catch the opposite team players to reduce their participants and win the game.

Blanket body drag

In this game, you will need old blankets and bed sheets. Drag the blanket to the other end of the room with one person lying on your blanket. This game will toughen your hand and calf muscles along will promising a lot of fun.

Blindfolded catch

In this game, the coach will blindfold the child and ask them to catch hold of the other players. Though may seem easy the game improves the other senses of the body such as the ability to hear and chase people.

Feather go

Buy few feathers from the market and divide the children into two teams. Each team has to make sure that they blow and keep the feather in the air.


Run rabbit

Make two teams and name them as rabbit and hunters. Ask the rabbits to run as fast as they can to save their lives while the chasing hunters will try to catch them.

Ping pong toss

In this game, all you have to do is ask the two teams of children to hold the corners of the bed sheet. Toss a ping pong ball in between and let them try and throw the ball of the opponent team. This game ensures toned muscles of the hand and good coordination skills.

Hula hoop competition

Want the children to have some fun in the gymnastics but work out as well. Hula Hoop is the answer to your search. Hula Hoop games are the best workout for the waist and the tummy.

Obstacle course

An obstacle course in the best way to check the stamina of the child as it is a compilation of many small games they have been practicing in the past. The game will be a full body workout and you can note their timings with a promise of a gist to spark the spirit of competitiveness in them.

Thus, these were some of the best fun gymnastic games that a child can play during his classes.

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