7 Precautions for Grocery Shopping During Corona Virus Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has introduced a “new normal” to the world. It has upended many aspects of our daily life. It includes every daily activity of us. The government is extending the stringent lockdown again and again, and social distancing has become the key measure of precautions in order to prevent the deadly virus infection. Covid-19 has become a threat to public health by the time. We should stay informed and take necessary action for combatting and controlling the pandemic. But safety measures should be taken also.

The governments are trying their best to run food and other supply chains smoothly amid the global crisis. But it is our responsibility to follow the guidelines set by health authorities for our own good. Citizens are asked to stay at home during the lockdown. This has changed the way of grocery shopping as well. It is important to follow the guidelines strictly for maintaining hygiene and safety. Many of us are avoiding visits to any grocery store and depend upon the delivery services, while many are visiting the stores by following necessary precautions.

precautions for grocery shopping during coronavirus pandemic

But in both ways, there is a risk of contracting the virus infection. Whether you buy your groceries from online stores or local shops, there are few guidelines and safety measures that you should follow. These precautions will help you to limit the exposure to coronavirus. In this article, we will provide some detailed suggestions that should be followed while shopping for groceries from stores and online sellers.

The following are 7 precautions for grocery shopping from local shops during this coronavirus pandemic. Let’s have a look.

7 Precautions for Grocery Shopping from Local Shops

Wear a mask:


When stepping out for grocery shopping, you should cover your nose and mouth with a clean mask. It will reduce public exposure and exposure to the virus. You never know when an infected person in your surroundings will cough or sneeze. Change your mask after a few days of use. Avoid touching your nose, eyes, and mouth.

Follow social distancing:

Try to maintain your distance from other people at the shop or in the street, it will reduce the risk of spreading the virus. The advice is to maintain at least 3 feet distance from people at the store. For safety measures, you can wear hand gloves while touching groceries at the store.

Carry your bag from home:

You should carry your own bag when you are going for grocery shopping. Don’t rely on them for the same. After using the bags, wash them thoroughly in case they are usable. If they’re not, then throw them away in a specific dustbin.

Try to go alone:


Try to go alone at the store, instead of tagging someone along and following social distancing practice thereafter. When you are standing in a queue, less number of people in the shop will ensure more safety. In addition to this, make a list of items that you need to buy. You can save your time, even money in this way. The list will help you to choose the items faster.

Give importance to hand hygiene:

It is necessary to wash your hands properly for at least 20 seconds by using soap and water. You can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer also for your hand hygiene. Do not touch anything at your home after coming from a store without washing your hands thoroughly.

Opt for contactless shopping:

If possible, opt for contactless shopping. Advanced technological development ensures a contactless payment option. You need not enter pin for paying. But, if you did so, then sanitize or wash your hands after making payment. Carry a hand sanitizer with u always.

Carry napkins and avoid using cellphones:


Use napkins to clean and sanitize the handles of shopping carts. You can wear gloves as well. Try not to use cellphones while shopping. Your mobile phone can transmit the virus as well. But, if there is an emergency to pick up a call or dial someone, then do not forget to sanitize your cellphone after coming back from shopping. You can use a water-based sanitizer for your cellphone, as it will not damage the surface of your mobile screen.

The following are 7 precautions for grocery shopping from online sellers during this coronavirus pandemic.

7 Precautions for Grocery Shopping from Online Sellers

Avoid direct hand contact:

When the delivery boy will come for delivering your grocery items, do not forget to wear hand gloves and masks to avoid direct hand-off. Do not accept deliveries in person whenever possible. Ask them to leave your groceries at your door. Bring the groceries inside only after sanitizing them properly. It is important to follow social distancing while receiving orders.

Clean the area:

Once you pick up your parcel, it is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly. After that, transfer the grocery items to separate containers. It may be a little more work for you, but these are important regarding safety. Clean the area where the grocery items were placed. Throw out the empty parcel in a specific dustbin. Lastly, wash your hands with soap and warm water.


Opt for cashless payment option:

Instead of handing over the payment to the delivery boy, opt for an online payment option. Use the benefits of online delivery fully. If you want to pay any tips for the delivery boy, you can do it online as well.

Check the hygiene rating:

All most all delivery apps have their hygiene rating and safety standards for the stores on their list. Order from the store with requisite hygiene credentials. Make sure that the delivery app is following all the safety measures with their delivery personnel.

Designate a delivery zone:

To avoid bringing the parcel inside in your house, designate a delivery zone at your door. Keep a crate or place a mat there for the delivery workers. It will help them to understand where to keep the delivery package. It is the best way to limit face-to-face contact.


Sanitize the delivery packages:

After receiving the delivery, bring disinfectant wipe or wet clothes with sanitizer to clean the delivered items before bringing them inside. Don’t touch your face while opening the packages until you have washed your hands properly.

Wash your hands:

After sanitizing the parcel, and bringing them inside, it is necessary to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. After washing, you can use any hand sanitizer as well.

The deadly coronavirus is spreading faster across the world. There is no vaccine invented until now, so there is a high chance of getting infected. Prevention seems to be the best way to be safe, one can consider. You can avoid the store during peak times and opt for online delivery. But online deliveries are taking longer times because of the shortage. However, you need to follow some important precautions while shopping for groceries from both the local shops or online sellers.