101 Girl Names that Start with J


101 Unique Girl Names that Start with J with Meanings

girl names that start with j

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Jessica hairy backside Hebrew
Jennifer Fair one Welsh
Jasmine Gift from god Persian
Juliana Youthful English
Joy delight or great happiness English
Jaylah dream American
Jazlyn Modern English
Julie youthful, soft-haired, beautiful Latin
Jimena Listener Hebrew
Julissa God is my oath Latin
Jolie  pretty French
Jenesis Creation or Beginning Hebrew
Jianna God is gracious Italian
Joslyn Medieval male name adopted as a feminine name German
Jazelle Varant of Giselle, loyal to a fault, gracious and giving German
Jamie Supplanter Scottish
Jocelyn Medieval male name adopted as a feminine name English
Janet God is merciful Hebrew
Jean Gift from God Scottish
Josephine May Jehovah add French
Jillian Jove’s child English
Johanna God is gracious German
Jolie pretty English
Judy woman of Judea Hebrew
Jemima Dove Hebrew
Jacque Supplanter Unknown
Jagoda Unknown Polish
Jadyn precious stone Unknown
Jamielee holder of heel Unknown
Janelle God is merciful Hebrew
Janet God is merciful Unknown
Janah god is gracious Unknown
Juan Beautiful Hebrew
Jillian Jove’s child Unknown
Jingjing Perfect Essence Chinese
Judy Praise, Jewish woman Hebrew
Johnathon generosity and unselfishness Hebrew
Jolene God will increase Hebrew
Jolie pretty French
Jaime The sun, She who supplants Spanish
Janan Heart, soul Muslim
Jeana Queen, god is gracious French
Jeena Life, god is gracious French
Jordanna to flow down Hebrew
Jaasritha A name of the goddess lakshmi Indian
Jabarah One who wears a bracelet Muslim
Jabeen A name of the ganga river Indian
Jabirah One who consols others Muslim
Jagriti Awakening Sanskrit
Jahnavi Ganga river in india Sanskrit
Jenny White wave English
Jhara women of heaven Sanskrit
Joana Merciful Greek
Jolee Pretty, cheerful French
Jonet God is gracious biblical
Jacelyn One who will be protected by god English
Jacey A women who is a healer Latin
Jacinda One who is like the hyacinth flower Greek
Jacintha She who smells like a hyacinath flower Greek
Jamini Night Sanskrit
Janani One who gives birth Sanskrit
Judit Praised, jewish Hebrew
Juene Young French
Jaini Gift from god Indian
Jisha The person having the highest feelings for living Indian
Jaina Victory, good character Hebrew
Jia Heart, sweet heart Chinese
Jivi Life, immortal Indian
Jeiya Sweet heart, to live Indian
Jaanvi Ganga, as precious as your life Indian
Jace a healing Greek
Jackeline One whose protector is god Hebrew
Jacoba Supplanter Hebrew
Jacobina A woman who believes in the protection of god Hebrew
Julia Youthful Latin
Julya Possibly youthful Roman
Jaione Reference to the nativity Spanish
Jasone Assumption Spanish
Janyce God is gracious Hebrew
Javier Bold, Courageous Spanish
Jemmie Dove Hebrew
Jeerree spear ruler English
Jeslyn Blessed with wealthy Spanish
Jewell Precious stone English
Jiulia Youthful Italian
Jaelle She is like a mountain goat Hebrew
Jae Woman who is like a jay bird Korean
Jadzia Diminutive of Jadwiga Polish
Jae hwa Respect and beauty Korean
Jadona One who was heard by Jehovah Hebrew
Jadida One who is not used Arabic
Jadesola Come out into wealth French
Jadee A woman who is pure goodness Arabic
Jaisvi Victory Sanskrit
Jilpa Life giving Sanskrit
Jiyana God is gracious, Strength Sanskrit
Jinsha Possessive Sanskrit
Jalpa Discussion Sanskrit
Jigisha Ambitious, Wanting to win Sanskrit
Josya Delightful Sanskrit

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