Fasting During Pregnancy: Is it Risky for the Baby?


Fasting during pregnancy is more dangerous than you think. One should not only focus on food but also on the type and quality of food and how often they should be consumed. It is usual that during the first months of pregnancy you may feel certain nausea and anguish once you have put the first foot on the floor. This period is crucial for the development of the baby and, among all the care needed, the most vital is undoubtedly food.

During pregnancy, it is extremely important to care for food. This should be varied and provide all the nutrients for both the mother and the baby. The best recommendation is to not miss more than 9 hours of fasting and consume foods with high nutritional value. For this you should not skip any of the meals a day and if you are one of those who wake up late, a plate of fruit, nuts or a glass of milk next to your bed to take it at midnight benefits and avoids the inconveniences that may arise with a prolonged fast.

Must Know Risks of Fasting During Pregnancy

fasting during pregnancy

The time we go to sleep at night until the morning is the longest time we are not eating. But this is not the case with the child as they do not distinguish between day and night. A baby needs his doses of energy every now and then in order to develop. That is why it is vital to prepare a good breakfast and have it on time.

Fasting during pregnancy is more dangerous than you think. One should not only focus on food but also on the type and quality of food and how often they should be consumed. Fasting during pregnancy increases the likelihood of premature births, facilitates the development of hypoglycemia and low weight in the baby.

Also, prolonged fasting in pregnant women can facilitate the development of hypoglycemia in the baby, hence it is important to not skip any food, especially breakfast. The longest fasting can be from dinner to breakfast. But during this time also the baby needs the energy to use it for their own development. Therefore, mom should try to reduce this period of fasting, so that the baby should get proper energy most of the time and when needed.


Due to prolonged fasting, many pregnant women see an increase in their appetite, especially when they consume more carbohydrate-rich foods.

A pregnant woman should follow the following recommendations to take care of the health of her baby

  • Take breakfast before 9:00 am and a maximum of two hours after getting up for babies better health.
  • Avoid spending more than five to six hours without any meal.
  • Never skip meals a day, if the mother wakes up late, it is advisable to have at hand a plate of fruit or milk next to the bed to take it at night.

The healthiest breakfast for the pregnant woman is one that contains food of all groups, although some in greater quantity than others. Follow the diet which contains green, red and yellow foods, is a very healthy option. Fruits and vegetables are found in green; in red, those of animal origin, and in yellow bread, pasta and cereals.

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Therefore, it is important to be aware of the importance of eating a healthy diet during pregnancy, and in the case of women with low birth weight in the first trimester of pregnancy, adjustments should be made in the diet to achieve a healthy body weight. that covers the needs of the baby and his mother.

Women whose diet and lifestyle are generally healthy seem to be better able to support a fast. Your baby needs nutrients, and you bring them to him. If your body has stored enough energy, then the impact of fasting can be reduced. However, other factors like the progress of pregnancy, the duration of fasting, and your general state of health before pregnancy also put effects on your pregnancy. And moreover, if you are planning to do fasting in future, you should prepare yourself in advance for this. The major risk that comes at the time of fasting is of dehydration. So one should intake enough water before fasting to avoid such problems later.

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