What causes bleeding after a transvaginal ultrasound?


    Ultrasound does NOT cause bleeding.If you bleed after an ultrasound exam.

    Several possibilities:

    • Minor irritation of the cervix.
    • The beginning of a spontaneous abortion as a coincidence.
    • But if your pregnancy is further along it may be a cervical problem that the doctor definitively needs to know about. The ultrasound itself may be of help.
    • You may have little tears from previous penetration with a penis or toys, You might have warts or polyps, your cervix might be what they call friable, which is easily prone to bleeding when bumped around.
    • The tech may not have used enough lubricant.
    • You might have an infection which makes the tissues more susceptible to irritation. Hormonal imbalance can make the vaginal tissue more tender too.

    Not all cases of TVS develop bleeding. Injuries to cervix, vagina during the procedure may cause minor bleeding.



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