Is ultrasound bad for babies?


    There is no evidence that ultrasounds are harmful, if used as per the guidelines.

    No, having an ultrasound won’t affect your baby. Ultrasound sends sound waves through your womb (uterus), which bounce off your baby’s body.

    The echoes are turned into an image on a screen, so your sonographer can see your baby’s position and movements. The frequency or length of the sound waves depend on how far along your pregnancy is and the type of scan being carried out.

    Studies have found no link between ultrasound and birth weight, childhood cancers, dyslexia, or problems with eyesight or hearing.

    Almost all women want a scan during pregnancy, so it’s hard to find women who haven’t had one to make a comparison. That in itself may reassure you.

    Antenatal scans produce less than one degree C. This means they’re fine for you and your baby. It’s only if the temperature of the scanned body tissue rises by four degrees C that harm may be caused.

    The possibility exists that some ill effects may occur if the ultrasound is used inappropriately.


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