7 Positive Effects of Video Games on Children


When it comes to video games, the things that tend to pop up in our thoughts are the negative impacts of video games. But ever thought that video games could also ease the functioning of the brain?

Let’s now try and defy the myths surroundings video games and try to look at video games afresh, with an entirely different perspective.

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In this article:

7 Amazing Benefits of Playing Video Games
Negative Impacts of Video Games


7 Amazing Benefits of Playing Video Games for Children

Better Problem-Solving

While most parents consider playing video games an absolute waste of time, this can sometimes prove to be a great tool in enabling spontaneous reactions to difficult situations. Instinctive decision making is what is desired when playing video games. Hence, this can improve the ability of children to decide quickly and react spontaneously.

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Critical Thinking

Guiding kids about everything is not always the best option. Rather, they should be given space to think and analyze situations, sometimes even decide for themselves. Curiosity and exploring things is what promotes growth, and developing one’s own perspective is also very crucial to a child’s healthy mental development. With video games, children are offered that space which enhances their critical thinking abilities.

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Decision Making

Shouldn’t children be given the opportunity to choose for themselves, at times? Exactly so. Decision making is an essential part of growing up and learning. Whether it is a right shot or a failure, there is always something to learn from your decisions and experience. Not just is it true for adults, but also for children. So this time your kids ask you to let them play video games, let them!

Coordination of the Perception and Response

The nervous system is a unique system. Video games ask for an immediate response, and this needs the mind to coordinate with the body parts. When a particular situation arises in the game, the player needs to make quick decisions. This is what is eased by practice and hence, a reason to support children playing video games once in a while.


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Improvement in Concentration

When playing games, even adults immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the games. So, why blame kids! In fact, it’s great if your child is able to focus on the game. You know your child can concentrate, provided he/she is given an interesting job. So, instead of refraining your child from playing video games, make the process of studying just as interesting!

Deciding Goals

The idea of enhancing decision-making abilities by playing video games might sound absurd and vague. But could you disagree with the fact that it’s an inevitable part of our life, and in fact, our daily schedule. We have to make decisions at every point and every moment in life, so why not learn it from the very beginning.

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Working in Teams and Socializing

As social animals or part of society, we are all in some way or the other affected by the outlook of people and their idea of who we are as a person. Although we must resist negative impacts that are often a part of society, the need for socializing can not be denied, no matter what. Playing video games with fellow mates improves the socializing ability of children, for they learn how to interact with people.


Negative Impacts of Video Games

Just like there are two sides to a coin, similarly, there are both advantages and disadvantages of video games on children. Having discussed some great benefits of video games for children, let us now look at how video games can cost parents.

Here are a few points-

Extensive Involvement

Video games may sometimes be healthy for promoting spontaneity, socialization, etc… but engaging too much in video games can also turn into an addiction. This is not a healthy condition, because growth in other sectors might seem to slow down.

Radiation can Affect the Brain

It has been scientifically proven that smartphones emit harmful radiation, which can affect the healthy working of the brain. This is no way can be entertained, hence better to refrain from extensive engaging in video games.

It can lead to Isolation

Elders’ claims of the importance of outdoor games are not meaningless in any way. Outdoor games enable a better environment, interaction with nature and socialization. Playing too many video games can lead your child to completely alienate himself/ herself from the outside world and forming a bubble around him/her. This isn’t an ideal way of growing up. Hence, the more things are managed, the better.

Effects of Video Games on the Brain

When engaging yourself in video games, do remember the drawbacks of that come along with it. Video games tend to affect your memory, especially games that involve shooting exercises. Video games are a world of their own, and while we play those games, we ourselves become active participant of the functioning of that world. This might seem like an easy escape from worldly problems to elders, but in the case of children, this can lead to them developing a sense of fulfillment among themselves, oftentimes leading to depression.


Mass Effect Video Game

Here comes to our mind the most popular and engaging video game- the mass effect series. The game, first series of which released in  2007 was a huge success, and the subsequent series too have engaged large audiences, who have their Commander Shepard to save their galaxy from the Reapers. This game is packed with action-based tasks, you being the third-person shooter. Great to enjoy in your leisure time, but make sure your kid doesn’t engage himself/ herself too much in it.


Breaking free of the conventional beliefs regarding video games, this blog tells you in detail about some advantages and disadvantages of offering your kid the opportunity to play video games. Having read the article, you must have already made out that video games aren’t that bad a thing, for they do offer certain benefits when it comes to the overall growth of a child. But too much engagement in video games must be absolutely avoided.