7 Amazing Health Benefits of Dead Sea Salt Scrub


Scrubs are an important part of the beauty and hygiene regime as they help in removing dead skin and exfoliating your skin. A good face and body scrub once a week is a must if you stay outdoors a lot, especially in polluted areas. By scrubbing we not only clean our skin but also smooth it and remove rough patches of skin. Usually, scrubs are of two categories sugar scrub and salt scrub. Sugar scrubs have smaller granules and have soft edges due to which they are more suitable for people with super sensitive skin whereas salt scrubs have a better edge and do a better job at scrubbing, due to which they are more popular than sugar scrubs.

dead sea salt scrub

Salt scrubs have a large variety of their own and one of its great variants is Dead sea salt scrub. Dead sea salt scrub is a scrub that has Dead sea salt in it and it is in use for the same purpose from an ancient time because of its fantastic health and therapeutic properties. And the thing that makes it this special is the presence of 10 times more minerals in it that are associated with cleansing and detoxifying. It has a good amount of Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Zinc, Sulphur and Potassium in it which are really good for restoring the healthy status of health and skin. 

The Dead Sea is linked with Israel and Jordan. Dead sea salt scrub from Israel is considered really good, they contain enriching materials and are associated with honey, clay, coffee for even better results. A lot of brands offer a large variety of body and face scrubs with different ingredients for various body types. Some of the best brands that offer a good range of sea salt scrubs are:

  • Pure Scrubs (with coconut)
  • Asutra (with of cucumber)
  • First Botany (with tea tree oil)
  • Derma Essentials (with citrus oil)
  • Geomar (with eudermic oil)

7 Must Know Health Benefits of Dead Sea Salt Scrub

These are some of the top reviewed and best scrubs other than these many various brands also offer a good variety of Dead sea salt scrub. Here are all the benefits that the use of Dead sea salt scrub can show on your skin:

Exfoliates Your Skin:

Sea salt is a really good natural exfoliator, it helps in removing dead skin from the skin and the presence of calcium in it even helps in adding a freshness and shine to the skin.


Purifies Skin Pores:

This salt has various anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties due to which it helps in cleansing pores by removing dirt, oils, blackheads and other impurities from it.

Reduces Cellulites:

It is considered difficult to remove cellulites completely but by scrubbing dead sea salt scrubs on parts that have cellulitis can reduce them up to some extent. Presence of sulphur and zinc plays a good role in it.

Adds Moisture to Skin:

Use of this scrub can help in adding moisture to skin, presence of minerals like zinc, calcium and potassium can even help in making skin plump, soft and hydrated.

Can Show Anti-Ageing Effects:

Some of the minerals in dead sea salt can show anti-ageing effects on skin and can eliminate lines and wrinkles from skin up to some extent, it has protecting properties that make skin look fresh and young.

Positive Effect on Sore Joints and Muscles:

One of the benefits of sea salt scrub is that it can even help in relaxing sore joints and muscles, it can also show positive effects in fighting against cramps as well.

Can calm Skin Allergies:

Being rich in various minerals, it helps in removing dead skin and cells due to which it helps in cleansing the body more effectively and helps in reducing sin allergies up to a certain level.


Makes Skin Healthy:

Magnesium and calcium are rich in antioxidants and help in promoting cell metabolism. Due to which they help in making skin healthy and promote overall growth of skin.

Due to all these amazing health benefits, use of sea salts and scrubs is very prominent among people and has increased with time. Dead sea salt scrub somehow stands in the top tier of body scrubs and salts. But now the question that arises is how to use dead sea salt scrub in an appropriate way. Mentioned below are the ways by which you can include this scrub in your cleansing routine:

  • It can be used as a bath bomb. And sitting in it for 20 minutes is perfectly fine.
  • You can scrub your face with it, but use gently and can avoid it if you have sensitive skin.
  • You can do the same with our feet to cleanse them properly. 
  • Give your whole body a scrub with it to detoxify and remove dead skin from all the parts.

But while using it one must keep in mind that it can’t show equal results for every skin type. And if you have super sensitive skin or suffer from some specific skin condition or allergy then you should avoid using it. And rather than scrubbing it up and down or back and forth one must scrub it in circular motions for better and effective results. While using it on your face remember to be very gentle and soft on your skin to avoid any kind of redness and negative effects.

Various brands that make Dead sea salt scrub are already mentioned but if you want to make one for yourself at home with all the specifications and customizations then you can try this recipe. It is usually advised to use a wooden bowl and spoon while doing so and simply add some sea salt to it and any essential oil of your preference and gently use it. It is the easiest recipe other than that you can even infuse it with aloe vera gel and coffee as well.