11 Side Effects Of Abortion Pills No One Told You About


Not all pregnancies are welcome or planned. No birth control is 100% safe in this world, so it is quite obvious for unwanted or unplanned pregnancies to occur. There are also extreme cases where pregnancies are a byproduct of violence inflicted upon the women or a result of some other kinds of abuse. In any case, it is entirely on the pregnant person to decide whether they can or want to continue with the pregnancy. There is still a lot of stigmas attached to abortion and more often than not, women’s bodies are socially and politically policed to make this access to abortion more difficult and dangerous.

abortion pills

No religion or cultural values in the world has the right to force someone to carry a baby against their choice. It not only dehumanizes women and other people by reducing them to baby vending machines, but it also brings innocent children into a world where they may not be wanted, resulting in their neglect. Therefore, one can choose to not undergo an abortion, but that never gives them the right to decide what other pregnant people should do. Men should especially stay away from this because as Rachel green from friends said, “no uterus, no opinion.”

In this article, we will discuss the 11 side effects of abortion pills. Read on to be more aware and take the right decision for yourself.

11 Side Effects of Abortion Pills

Intense Pain

You may experience severe abdominal pain as well as pain in the pelvic region after taking abortion pills. This pain is similar to menstrual pain, only more intense. It is to be noted that one should not take abortion pills after the 7th week of the pregnancy. Only do this if the doctor recommends, but please don’t continue on your own.

Excessive or Prolonged Bleeding

If you take an abortion pill, then it stops the production of the progesterone hormone, resulting in the fetus getting detached from the uterus. You will feel contractions as your uterus prepares to expel everything out. The bleeding will be heavier than your normal period bleeding. There may also be lumps and clots while bleeding.



Medication for abortion is understood to disturb bowel movements. You may feel the cramps and a churning sensation in your stomach after taking abortion pills. You may even notice symptoms of diarrhea. Although it may not be a fatal condition, it is important that you take preventive measures and drink ample water to avoid dehydration.

Severe Cramping

You might experience discomfort and cramping after taking abortion pills. Excessive blood loss and other body fluids may cause cramping in other parts of the body too. These are quite common side effects that will usually be experienced after taking such medicines. However, proper fluid intake and a healthy diet can help you deal with cramps in an exceedingly better way.


You may feel nauseous after taking abortion pills. Vomiting and nausea are some of the ill-effects of abortion medicines. However, if you have got puked within an hour after taking the abortion-inducing drug, you’ll need to take it again. In case you vomit the pill, then again you will have to take the pill.


It is quite common to feel dizzy after taking abortion pills. Usually, this sense subsides within an hour approximately, but if you retain feeling dizzy after a couple of hours or feel that you simply are going to faint, you ought to consult your doctor immediately.

Severe Headaches

Although abortion pills will prevent the trauma of undergoing medical or surgery, their side effects can take a significant toll on your health. Apart from the sensation of dizziness, you’ll have a severe headache after popping the pill. The best thing to beat a headache is to require adequate rest and sleep.


Another ill-effect of popping abortion pills is experiencing fever and chills. This is a very common side effect, and the fever may stay below 100 degrees and usually may last for a day or two. However, if the fever is over 100 degrees or lasts for over two to a few days, seek medical attention soon.


Smelly Vaginal Discharge

Some women experience foul-smelling discharge after taking the abortion-inducing drug. This is unusual and maybe a sign of some infection or complication that may have been caused due to the pill. If you experience any such symptom, it’s suggested that you simply seek medical help.

Incomplete Abortion

Sometimes taking pills does not cause the complete abortion, and under such circumstances surgical intervention becomes mandatory. However, this is often not quite common and should occur only in 2 to 10 percent of the cases. In case your bleeding does not stop or you have a fever that lasts longer or you have severe cramps and pain; you should get immediate medical help.

Mental Stress

This is a side effect that no one really considers. Abortion pills, if taken unsupervised, are bound to produce side effects. This takes a huge mental toll on the person, especially if they have no support system available. It is important to acknowledge this and seek help.


Therefore, to conclude, only take abortion pills if recommended by the doctor. Remember that there is no shame in what you are doing and no matter what others say, your body comes first and you should only have kids if you want to.