15 Chinese Fruits And Their Health Benefits


Some Chinese fruits to include in your diet are pomelo, dragon fruit, lychee, buddha’s hand, mangosteen, star fruit, custard apple, jackfruit, rose apple, jujube, Asian pear, bayberry, loquat, kumquat, and Chinese hawberry.

Fruits act as a power booster to many, it is not only healthy but tasty as well. There are people who rely on fruits more than vegetables. Well, every element has its own benefits but when it comes to eating stuff people prefer something tastier and healthier than something regular especially when it comes to vegetables.

And fruits don’t always mean only apple and banana but there are quite a lot of choices for fruits and that too of different places. So there is no need to suffer from any sort of disease as long as one is happy having fruits every day.

There are famous fruits in different places of the world, let us know some of the famous fruits of china.

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15 Chinese Fruits And Their Health Benefits


Pomelo is also known as pummelo, shaddock. It’s a grape-like fruit without any bitterness. There are grapes that taste sour and have seeds in them well that is not the case with pomelo, as it is as sweet as honey and has lots of benefits. If one is facing any sort of chronic disease they must have it as it not only tastes amazing but benefits health in all sense. And also it is rich in vitamin c and good for the skin as well.



Often people misunderstand lychee with cherry, though it looks like it, cherry is smaller in size and does not contain that big of a seed that lychee contains. Lychee is a fruit which one can have in any form, say liquid like juice, as a jelly or jam, and as a solid fruit of course. Lychee has a high concentration of antioxidants. They help in the prevention of cancer, diabetes and thus best suited for old age people to have as well.

Buddha’s hand

Well, the name is quite unusual but has its own meaning. Buddha’s hand in china means happiness and long life. This Chinese fruit can be used as a vegetable, can be eaten raw, can help one decorate a plate, use as a species, and also can be eaten as a dessert.

People with migraine issues can have this fruit and enjoy it for a long span of time, as it reduces migraine issues.


As the name suggests many may be thinking this as of mango but it’s not. It looks like palm fruit but is actually a bit different from it, it has pretty thick layers and contains milky juice inside. It can be used for skincare as it cures issues related to skin infection and is effective against bacteria and fungi.

Star fruit

Star fruit is also known as carambola, the best part about this fruit is the star-like structure which makes it more attractive and one can serve it to their guest as it looks very pretty and tastes good.

If you are dieting and want to reduce your weight within a month or even less then you must have this fruit every day without fail.


Dragon fruit

Also known as pitaya. One of the most inherited fruit all over Asia, but is quite popular in china. This Chinese fruit is best for the skin as it helps one’s skin glowing and also helps in stopping the growth of melanoma cells.

Custard apple

Also known as sugar apple, sweetsop, atis. It has a green pine-like structure with sweet and juicy flesh. It’s also a good source of vitamin c and also potassium. Having this once a day can make a person full and satisfied and there won’t be any need to have any meal.


Jackfruit is considered to be one of the largest tree fruit in the world. It is good for digestion and anticancer, blood pressure regulation. A person with high blood pressure should have this fruit every day.

Rose apple

Also known as Chom Phu, wax apple, Pomerac. It is juicy and can be eaten like jelly as well. It is a good source of vitamins a and c.


Also known as Chinese date. It’s a very old Chinese fruit and has many medicinal benefits. Some researchers are working upon the usage of jujube in curing cervical cancer and breast cancer as well.

Asian pear

Also known as apple pear. It can be eaten as a good snack, as it is crisp like an apple but tastes like a pear. It has vitamins c, k, and potassium.


Chinese hawberry

This Chinese fruit is also known as hawthorn. It has high anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties. And it is best for middle age group people as it helps in controlling cholesterol.


Loquat is also known as Chinese plum. It is orange in color and tastes sweet. This Chinese fruit is high in fibers, vitamin a, Potassium.


Bayberry is also known as yumberry, yangmei in china. It has a slightly acidic flavor and is rich in phytochemicals and has a lot of health benefits like providing vitamin a, c, and e. One can even have it in the form of juice twice a week or if one wishes to have it every day, can do that as well.


Kumquat is a citrus Chinese fruit that looks like an orange and is orange in color as well. It is sweet and helps in providing enough nutrients to the skin and body. It helps prevent stroke and is best during the winter as it helps the body feel warm.


All these fruits are famous in china and are delicious and also very healthy for an individual.