5 Must Have Children Travel Medicines


There are around 2.4 million children who initially travel each and every year and this number is eventually increasing. However, these children eventually face most of the health risks as similar as their parents but the consequences are probably different. There are some of the conditions that can be difficult or tough in order to recognize in children that too in those who haven’t started talking yet. So, if you’re eventually planning in order to travel with your children then you need to be familiar with all of these risks of travel in order to help them staying safe and also healthy.

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5 Travel Medicine for Kids You Should Carry

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Pre-travel care

You should definitely make a visit to your travel medicine provider before your trip as they might eventually help you in order to protect you and your kids on your destination or while travelling. Generally, you can look for the health care provider at least 4 to 6 weeks earlier before going on a trip in order to get vaccines and different medicines at the same time. your nurse or the doctor would initially prescribe you other numerous ways too in order to reduce the risk of the illness or the injury if any during travel


As you might know that children should initially complete their routine childhood vaccinations on the schedule given before travelling anywhere. However, there are some of the vaccinations that can be initially given on the accelerated schedule too that means all the doses are given in short period of time. There are some of the travel vaccines that cannot be initially given to all the young kinds but it is important in order to check with the doctor for the same and that too as early as possible.

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Diarrhoea is considered to be one of the most common illnesses that are experienced by most of the children who travel.

Preventions: Travel sickness medicine for children & babies is essential as breastfeeding is considered to be the best way in order to prevent Diarrhoea and older kids can visit to basic developing countries and should also follow general food and water precautions.

  • They should eat only fresh fruits and vegetables after it is washed and peeled off
  • They should eat only healthy food that is cooked
  • Should wash their hands and can make use of alcohol based hand sanitizer
  • They should drink only beverages that are sealed or water that have been boiled
  • They should have safe snacks that are home made for the short trips

Treatment: Diarrhoea is considered to be very serious for the babies and small kids because there is the risk of dehydration. One of the best travel sickness medicines for 1 year old children for the diarrhoea is to initially give a plenty of fluids there is basically no need in order to give medicines and you need to keep in mind about:

  • The oral rehydration salts that might prevent dehydration
  • Other common treatments of Diarrhoea and lopermide that is eventually not recommended for the young kids
  • Oral rehydration salts might be better in order to prevent dehydration
  • Over the counter drugs that usually contain bismuth and should eventually not used by children and also other antibiotics that are usually reserved for all the serious cases

So, eventually if your kid appears to be majorly dehydrated and has a fever and bloody stools you need to get the medical attention immediately.

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Malaria & other diseases

Diseases are usually spread by the mosquitoes like dengue, malaria or yellow fever and more are some of the most common diseases in Asia, South America, Africa and Europe


Prevention of Malaria

  • You can help your children from mosquito bites by initially making use of the insect repellent.
  • Children should initially wear the insect repellent and also long pants or sleeves. Permethrin is a kind of mosquito repellent that can eventually be applied to the clothes for all kinds of extra protection
  • Make sure you don’t make use of insect repellents on the toddlers
  • Instead, protect toddlers from draping mosquito netting over their carrier or the car seat and make sure the netting must have their elastic edge for the tight fit
  • Do not make use of repellents that eventually contain oil of the lemon eucalyptus and para-menthane-diol on the kids below 3 years of age
  • Make sure that all the children at night should sleep in the screened, air conditioned rooms and under the bed net

Malaria is one disease among the other serious and also life threatening infections that can eventually be acquired by the kids abroad and children who initially visit the friends and the relatives in all the developing countries that might be at the higher risk generally because of the malaria is generally found in the kids mostly.

Children who eventually travel to the areas where the malaria is eventually present and should take the desired medicines in order to prevent malaria and just like their parents your health care provider eventually can tell you that what medicine is initially preferred and also is best for your kid. There are many of these drugs that eventually a bitter taste but eventually a pharmacist can crush all of the capsules and also put the powder in the flavourless gelatine capsule and because of the overdose the malaria drugs should eventually be stored inside the childproof containers and should eventually be kept out of the reach of children.

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Rabies is initially spread through the animal bites and scratches. But it is rare; rabies is anyway fatal if it is not treated. It is considered to be one of the most common diseases in the children than in adults because toddlers are likely to play with pet animals. Make sure your children stay away from the animals. Any kind of animal bite is found should be quickly washed with the soap thoroughly and also water and at the same time the kid should get the medical attention. Also, carry toddler travel sickness medicine with you in case you require them while travelling or if there’s an emergency.

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So, above mentioned were some of the medicines that should be taken while travelling with the children.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!