How Old Should My Child Be Before Beginning Scheduled Activities?


Considering the present scenario, all of us tempt for a little break from the rush and humdrum of life and so do our kids! For them, there are plenty of options that they can engage themselves into, for instance soccer, swimming, dancing and so much more. Although, some kids have to be encouraged to do something but then, others would do almost anything you sign them up for. But choosing the right activity for your kid largely depends on his/her personality and temperament.

There is no prescribed number of activities that have to be assigned to your child, but if there is anything that interests him to a great extent, it’s worth going for. Deciding the right age and activity is surely a major task for many parents. However, given below are a few things that may help to clear all your doubts.

Children’s Schedules: Age Appropriate Activities

Children's Age Appropriate Activities

If your child is young, say less than 6 or 7, the goals of his activities should be mainly having fun and being active. Younger children often find it difficult to grasp the rules of the game or focusing on a particular game for too long and also, they don’t possess the required physical strength for some games. Therefore, the game should be fun.

Listed below are a few activities that deeply take every point into consideration so you find it easier to decide which activity best suits your child. Look below:

Swim lessons

Well, we have mixed opinions in this case. According to some experts, it’s best to get your child into water as soon as possible, whereas for others, they recommend it’s better to wait. Most of the children have a hard time in swimming competently until age 6 or 7. But even then, you have to make sure that there is enough supervision, if you decide to let your child in the pool earlier.



Children below the age of 8 do not have attention spans that are developed enough to learn the rigorous choreography. But in case, your child is younger than 8 and want to learn ballet, then the good news is that there are also ‘’pre-ballet’’ classes, that you can get your child into. This will give your child an opportunity to don their dance gear and get on their path to ballet. But remember, pre-ballet is only beneficial if your child is really interested in getting into it. You should not push them way too hard if they do not want to learn it at the moment.

Music classes

According to the experts, getting your child into music classes is never too early. Because the benefits of music classes will prove to be beneficial for your child all the way through school age and even after that, if this is the field and career your child would want to build for himself/herself.


There are a few things that you should consider if you want to get your child out on the field, be it soccer or some other sports. Of course, your kind will enjoy running around in the field with the soccer ball but it is recommended that you wait for the right age to actually get your child in the competitive zone. Remember, competition and safety are the two things that you should consider before you get your child on the field.

What if your child wants to quit?

Imagine, you get your little one all the required things needed for his/her scheduled activity and after a few sessions, you find your child kicking and crying for not wanting to go to the class? What are you supposed to do now?

Not to worry! The first and foremost thing that you should do is, find out if there is any specific reason that they do not want to attend the session. If that is not the case, it’s better that you make them realise the importance of each and every session and especially, commitment. Tell them that they will have to attend all the sessions that have been paid for and they will have to stick to it, for that particular time period no matter what. And, when the commitment period ends, discuss all the relevant questions you have had, with your child and then, reassess another scheduled activity with their consent.

Considering all the above ideas, you will get a thorough plan on what and how to plan the next scheduled activity for your child. Not only this, but this will also give your child a bit of an idea of what majorly interests him/her. Here’s hoping and wishing you a smooth season of good memories!

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!