CBD Oil for Anxiety: Is it Effective?


Derived from cannabis plant, CBD oil helps in reducing the symptoms of anxiety with absolutely no or few side effects. The oil can be used in cooking and is also taken as a medication by consuming few drops. But it is to be kept in mind that when CBD oil is smoked, it does not serve with any health benefits and can rather lead to health complications. Now as per research, CBD oil is shown to help relieve anxiety levels. In this article, we will consider more about the benefits of CBD oil for anxiety, its side effects and if this treatment option should be considered or not.

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A Guide for CBD Oil for Anxiety

cbd oil for anxiety

How CBD oil can help anxiety?

As per the studies, cannabis can help people deal with anxiety. Whereas, according to others, anxiety is one of the major risk factors for recreational marijuana use. For those looking forward to manage their anxiety levels should research more about cannabidiol. There is not enough research on this subject but ones available are promising.

It is believed that CBD oil works with a brain receptor that is called CB1. These are tiny proteins attached to the cells that receive chemical signals from different stimuli and further help your cells to respond. One of the chemicals that play a part in one’s mental health is serotonin. It is not yet fully understood how CBD affects CB1 but it is thought that the oil helps to alter serotonin signals. Low serotonin levels can lead to anxiety in some people whereas those suffering from depression have low serotonin levels in common.

According to a small 2010 study, cannabidiol was capable of reducing the social anxiety symptoms in people with social anxiety disorder (SAD). Significant changes were conspicuous in the blood flow to the areas of the brain that were linked to the feelings of anxiety.


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Considering its effects on a child with anxiety, a case study was conducted in 2016 to check whether cannabidiol was effective in reducing the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the sleep disorder caused due to anxiety in a child who has had a history of traumatic disorder. Researchers came up with a positive conclusion of cannabidiol in reducing the anxiety levels and sleep disorder in the child.

On the other side, as per a CBD study in psychiatric disorders in 2017 was ended with inconclusive results. Thus, there isn’t enough scientific evidence for CBD oil to be used a treatment option for depression but for anxiety levels, it has shown positive results. Therefore, in order to understand how it works, the dosage, side effects and benefits, there is still a need to conduct more human tests.

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Side effects of CBD oil

Although CBD is considered safe but some people may experience side effects that may include:

  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Mood swings
  • Dry mouth

If you have already been taking some prescribed medications, it is recommended that you continue to take them. Though CBD oil helps with anxiety but one may notice withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking your medications. It is suggested that you consult your doctor. Some of the withdrawal symptoms are as given:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Fogginess

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Use of CBD oil has still not been legalized by many states in the United States and once that have, have legalized it for some specific purposes only. This is also why the dosage of CBD oil that should be used by a person is still not clear. Neither is there any clarity in how frequently a person should make use of it.


Although use of cannabidiol has resulted in absolutely no or few negative side effects, for those who are unable to tolerate the side effects of other medications for anxiety, cannabidiol is a far better option for them. On the same side, if we consider the effects of cannabidiol when smoked, it can have negative health effects and no benefits.

Thus, before you decide to purchase or use cannabidiol for any purpose, including anxiety, you must consult your doctor and more importantly conduct thorough research on its potential risks.


There is still a need for more research in the aspect of CBD oil for the treatment of anxiety disorders. In order to determine the associated risks and health benefits, long term studies need to be conducted. There are a large number of people who have noticed significant changes in their anxiety levels after using CBD oil. The oil can be purchased online but you must check the local laws before you make a purchase.

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