7 Best Alternatives to Plastic Water Bottles for Your Child’s Good Health


Hydro flask, glass bottles, stainless steel reusable bottles, ceramic bottles, boxed/paper bottles, plant-based plastics and plastic reusable bottle are some of the best water bottles for your kids.

From many years we have been using plastic bottles to take water around. It’s light weight, easy to carry and disposable nature makes it best water bottle.

But, did you know that water drunk from plastic bottles is not doing you any good. It might quench your thirst for the time being but the harm that it causes to your health is irrevocable.

Side effects of using plastic bottles

Bottled water enjoys a global reputation of being safer than tap water, hence, more preferred. But, the latest researches have revealed that these supposedly “best water bottle” has a lot of hidden harms and in some cases, it is actually worse off than tap water.

Some of these harms caused by plastic bottles are listed below,

Production of harmful chemicals

Apart from the chemicals that are present in plastic itself, even the water that is stored in it starts to produce harmful chemicals like arsenic, aluminum, fluoride etc. These chemicals are nothing less than poison for our body and consuming water from plastic bottles would mean inviting harm to your body.


Deterioration of immune system

Water drunk from plastic bottles immensely affects our immune system too.  These chemicals from bottles are ingested and disturb the immune system of our body.

Cancer and infertility

Plastic contains a chemical called phthalates and consumption of which can lead to liver cancer and reduced sperm count in men.

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Infusion of vitamin in water bottles

These days even water has become a commodity and manufacturers try to attract buyers for the same. In this race of hoarding more and more customers, manufacturers add vitamins to increase the nutrition content of the water. But, this turns out to be even more harmful as such water contains high fructose corn syrup and food dyes to increase its shelf life.

Hopefully, you must have got an idea of why plastic water bottle is not the best bottled water to drink. But, good news is that there are many healthy alternatives available that you can make an informed choice from.

7 Best Water Bottle Alternatives  to Plastic Water Bottles

best water bottle


What seems looks an innocent plastic bottle may contain harmful substances like phthalates and BPA that may cause serious health problems.

While plastic is recyclable, there have always been concerns about the carbon footprint that it leaves behind at a grander scale. Moreover, the ones that are thrown out unconsciously take hundreds of years to decompose and continue to cause problem till then.

So, let’s not pay such a heavy price for the convenience and switch to the following best bottled water options for our own betterment.

Hydro Flask

For all those who are still wondering, “What is the best bottled water?” Hydro flask is the answer.

It is not only BPA free and made of stainless steel but is the best insulated water bottle too. The vacuum seal and insulation regulates the temperature incredibly. SO, take around hot or cold water for your kids and worry not about any taste or quality change.

Glass bottles

Remember the times when glass used to be the ideal storage unit for milk and other beverages. But, now plastic has replaced it all.


Well, there is always a hidden virtue in going back to the past. Glass is a renewable resource that doesn’t leach chemicals in your food and keeps it fresh for longer. Moreover, it can be reused in various forms. The only downside being its brittle nature but at least it harms itself not you!

So, switch to this uncompromising drinking experience today.

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Stainless steel reusable bottles

Another option is sleek and sophisticated looking steel bottles. Steel is definitely better than glass too as its less fragile and can be used for a long time.

These bottles are available in insulated as well as non-insulated versions depending upon your requirement and budget. Moreover, hot water stored in steel bottles is definitely the best bottled water to drink.

So, by investing in one steel bottle, you can significantly reduce the carbon footprint on our planet plus can protect your health. So, a sure WIN-WIN!


Ceramic bottles

Just like glass, even ceramic bottles are sturdy and keep your water cold for longer. But, just like glass they are also fragile and heavy, but, new technologies have guaranteed that new-age ceramic bottles come with multilayer wraps that reinforce them to prevent them from undue shattering.

These are also considered best bottled water to store large quantities of drinking water at home.

Boxed/paper bottles

This is a new trend where beverages are sold in paper bottles. Though it is a relatively new concept but it will definitely gain a good market and will be used more often than now. Though it doesn’t have the quality of reusability since its paper, but it is 100% recyclable and affordable. SO let your kids enjoy the goodness of sipping water from these paper bottles.

Moreover, what can be more eco-friendly than a paper plus no health hazards is always the bonus.

Plant-based plastics

These bottles look like plastic, act like plastic and can be used like plastic but don’t carry any of the harms that plastic does.

These bottles are eatable and biodegradable. Though one may not want to eat them but the good part is that it guarantees to be completely safe.


In the league of new products, this is another new and effective product that is forecasted to gain popularity soon.

Plastic reusable bottle

Well, it might sound insane to replace plastic with reusable plastic because it won’t make much difference. But, honestly it makes sense as plastic is lightweight and durable, plus reusable plastic bottles can be used multiple times hence creating lesser plastic junk.

Just make sure to buy a hard plastic bottle that can be used multiple times.

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One conscious and responsible step from our side can bring good health to our kids and the coming generation. Moreover, the change we bring today be removing plastic bottles from our daily lifestyle will definitely teach a valuable lesson and reinforce the habit of using healthy and best water bottles,  in our kids.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!