Can Chamomile Tea Harm My Baby?


Some of the ways chamomile tea can help your child includes relief from gas, constipation and bloating, help sleep better, Anti-bacterial property, Cure sinus infections, ease teething pain, treat diarrhoea, strengthen immune system, cure rashes and redness of the skin, etc.

Well, you can find different variants of herbal tea in the market. But not all of them are good and safe for babies.

So which herbal tea is good for babies?

It is generally believed that chamomile tea is good for babies. But is it really so?

Well, the answer is yes. It has unbelievable benefits for your little ones. You just have to be very careful about the dosage of the tea. It contains caffeine. So too much of it might bring complication for your baby.

Why Chamomile Tea is Good for your Baby?

chamomile tea for babies


Chamomile tea is full of different vitamins like Vitamin A, calcium, folate, magnesium and others. These are really good for your baby and for its healthy growth.

It is well known for its anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti- pyretic properties. These properties make it an excellent choice for babies. It can protect them from a number of ailments. It also improves the immune system.

This tea is also good for pregnant mothers. They can replace pills with this tea for their morning sickness, digestive problems, insomnia and other problems. Taking pills for very little thing might give relieve to the mother, but its might not be good for the little one in the womb. Its pleasant aroma and the soothing taste give a relaxing sense to the pregnant mother. It also rejuvenates the body from inside.

Although it gives the pregnant woman with relieving feeling, it should be consumed less. Chamomile tea numbs natural uterine cramps. It is not good as it shadows the early symptoms and signs of your baby’s health. It can also lead to miscarriage and abortion.

So it always better to take it under limit.

How to prepare chamomile tea and how much to give to babies?

The dosage should be minimal as said before it contains caffeine. One or two drops of the tea should be mixed with lukewarm water and not more than 1-2oz should be given to the baby. This dosage should be given in a day time span. But the tea must be prepared and served in such a way that the baby gets the benefit of the tea.


You can increase the dosage when the baby is and over one year old. But before buying this tea check the label. If its caffeine free then it’s perfect and safe for your baby.

Just to keep in mind that don’t overfeed and dilute the tea before giving it to your little one.

It can also be given topically to treat swellings on the skin and swelling gums.

What are the benefits of the chamomile tea for babies?

This herbal tea works wonder for babies and has the properties to cure certain ailments in babies. Let’s discuss some of them:

It soothes upset stomach

It gives relief from gas, constipation and bloating and soothes the tummy of the baby. The tea contains fennel which calms the intestine of the baby.

Babies suffer a lot from gas and constipation. It becomes painful and stressful when they suffer from it. During such condition giving this tea is holistic remedy everywhere in the world.


This allows better and easy passage of stools and gasses. It also gives relief to pains in the abdomen caused due to colic gas and indigestion.

It helps the baby to sleep better      

Chamomile tea is really a relaxing tea and has the potentiality to solve the sleeping problem among babies. It helps the baby to sleep better. This natural tea makes your baby to sleep peacefully. Sleep is required by the baby for its growth.

So if your baby is having any sleeping problem, then give it this magical tea. They will sleep like little sleeping angels. You also can sleep happily without any worries.

Anti-bacterial property

Its anti-bacterial compound cures any sort of bacterial infection and inflammation. It helps the baby’s body fight bacteria’s already present in the body.

It cures infections in the trachea, larynx inflammation, bronchial tubes in the upper respiratory areas and near the throat.

Cures sinus infections among babies

Chamomile tea can be used as decongestant for babies. This will help a baby having sinus infection or bad cold.


It clears the nasal blockage, helping the baby to breathe easily and smoothly.

Eases teething pain

It is really stressful for you and painful for your baby when they start teething. The babies go through a lot of discomfort and pain during this time period. To ease this discomfort the mothers can give their infants this tea.

They can plainly soak a soft cotton cloth in dilute chamomile tea water and give their baby to suck or bite. This is really a cheap and a natural way to lessen your babies teething pain.

You can also keep the tea soaked cloth in the refrigerator and let it freeze. The cooling teether works better to soothe the pain of teething.

Gives baby a strong immune system

Mothers who want their babies to have a strong immune system can give the magical potion of this herbal tea.

Babies who are given this tea on a regular basis is said to have less chances of falling sick too often. The mothers can give this tea to their young ones 3 days in a week.


Treats diarrhea

Chamomile tea cures diarrhea in babies. Actually it helps to cut down the time span of diarrhea. It helps to stop the constant outflow of water, making your baby lose fluids from the body.

So if your baby is suffering from it, then give it some chamomile tea as per the above mentioned dosage.

It cures rashes and redness of the skin

This tea can be given topically on to baby’s skin to treat rashes and infections. It heals them giving a soothing effect.

It also treats the redness of the skin of babies and is 100 percent natural and so there is no side effect.


It might sound awkward to all to give tea to babies. But its benefits over weighs the risks related to it.


This natural tea is far better than medicines for curing ailments among babies. But be careful about the dosage. Otherwise it is not harmful for your baby.