21 Best Board Games for your 3yr Old Preschooler


Hoot owl game, pete cat’s cupcake party, zingo, ruckus, stack up, create and tell me story cards, sequence game, sequence letters, spot it! Junior animals and sneaky snacky squirrel game are some of the best board games for your 3yr old preschooler.

Pre-schoolers are children who are in kindergarten, playschool or in the nursery. These kids are very innocent and not that much smart in reading and writing as they are preschoolers they haven’t started with the primary school yet. Tough games like uno and monopoly are quite challenging for them as they require greater cognitive skills and understanding for playing. Board games are creative and attractive for kids as they find it engaging and it helps them to develop sharper cognitive skills. Here are 21 best board games for your 3 year old preschooler:

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Top 21 Board Games for your 3 year Old Preschooler

Hoot owl game



This game is very good for making your preschooler understand a bit about teamwork and strategy building. In this game, there are about 6 owls who have to reach the nest before the sunset. The kids who play this are required to plan a strategy to help the owls reach the nest. This game has been launched recently and the kids are finding it really interesting.

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Pete cat’s cupcake party



This game requires a lot of imagination and connection to play. In this game, there is a cat whose name is pete and the kids have to put a cupcake on her birthday cake. There are a lot of activities that have to be performed so that one can put the cupcake it can be singing, dancing, acting or naming your favorite food and color.




This is a matching game, in this, the child has to match the pairs and announce it after snugging before anyone else. This game can have about eight players and it is really interesting as it requires attention and strategy. These skills are really important for your child to learn. It is highly competitive and requires to notice a match.

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In this game again the child has to face a lot of competition from the other players. In this game usually one can have up to two to four players. The main idea is that you have to keep an eye on the matches of yours and others and steal them. This game is quite fun and interesting for preschoolers.

Stack up



Stack up is one of the funniest and interesting game. It requires the child to have cooperative skills. This game can have up to two to four players and all of them have to make a tower by stacking all the cubes. This game develops cooperation skills in the preschooler and it is funny at the same time as when the toppled tower falls the kids laugh. Kids can have some quality time with his/her siblings, parents and friends.

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Create and tell me story cards



In this game, the person has to pick up the cards and make a story out of it. It is really good for preschoolers as they like to form a story out of anything they find. This game will help in boosting their imagination skills and it will give the child confidence to speak in front of others.

Sequence game



This game is very good for playing with preschoolers because while they play it they will start to think five six steps ahead. This game builds sequences so it is good for the building up of cognitive abilities in the child.

Sequence letters



This game also works in the same way. It works on the idea of forming sequences but with letters and alphabets which will hone the language skills of the child.

Spot it! Junior animals



This is a matching game it helps the child to understand and learn a lot about animals. Spot it is a game that helps the pre-schoolers to identify animals and this game is easy to understand for the child. It is portable and handy.

Spot it! 123



This is one of the handiest and attractive game. It will help your 3-year-old preschooler to get some knowledge about numbers and gain a sense of identification and good cognitive abilities.




This game is mostly good when you want to enhance your 3 years old’s coloring skills. It is a game that basically focuses on coloring and shapes. This game is something that children will usually find interesting. It is a good option when you want your child to engage in some skill-building games.

Charades for kids



This is a really exciting board game. It involves the cards on which some action is drawn. The child has to choose the card and act that activity which is printed on the card. It is a really good game which can be played with the family and the pre-schoolers would enjoy it a lot.

Spot it alphabet


 source: barnsandnoble.com

Spot it board games consists of a lot of varieties but spot it! The alphabet is really good when you want your 3-year-old preschooler to play and learn at the same time. This game helps the child to gain an insight into the alphabets and english letters.

Floor puzzles



Floor puzzles are something that every child plays in his/her childhood days. Floor puzzles are a really good option and help the child to learn about decision making. This board game helps the child to gain skills like decision making and analytical thinking. The brain of your preschooler will work at a great speed when he/she is working with the setup of the puzzle it requires attention and decision making.




This game has one to four players in it. This game goes like this, there is a fox who has stolen a pot with a pie and there are other foxes along with it who can also steal the pie. Now all the players have to work together to find out who has stolen the pot pie. This game helps in understanding teamwork.

Sneaky snacky squirrel game



In this game the squirrel takes the lead, all the other squirrel companions are hungry and the players have to collect food and give it to other squirrels. This game is a whole bunch of enjoyment and fun.




Orchard is a great game as it involves a lot of cognitive skills and teamwork. In this game, there is a raven around which there are four trees and they all have fruits over them. The jigsaw in the middle has to be solved by all the players before the children take the fruits from the trees. If all the fruits are collected before the raven jigsaw is complete them the players win in the end. If this does not happen and the fruits are left than it leads to loss of all the players.




This is one of the most famous award winning the game. It has a lot of hidden pair of eggs under the penguins. It is a memory game thus it sharpens the cognition and helps the child develop some analytical skills.

Chicken cha cha



This game has chickens in a chicken yard, and there is a competition going on. The chickens have to catch each other’s opponents and then the chicken that catches the most will be the winner and get a feather of the tail. The player who collects most of the tail feathers is the winner in here. This game hones the competitive skills in your preschooler.

Feed the kitty



In this game, the child would learn counting and mathematical skills. The game goes like there is a cat she is hungry and there are mice that the players have to navigate. The players have to the role the mice and stay away from the kitty. The last player left with a mice wins the game.

Gobblet gobblers



This game is all about lining up your pieces together, so when the kid gobbles three pieces together than he/she can win but in this game, the pieces can gobble with other players too. It helps in building good cognition skills and speeds up the thinking process also it is a competitive game.


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