21 Birthday Gift Ideas for Children During COVID Times


Virtual birthdays are the new normal, and even though we adults are trying our best to adjust to the COVID-19 situation, it is more difficult for children to do so. They don’t understand why suddenly everything that they did for fun is not allowed anymore- no schools, no amusement parks, no playgrounds, and perhaps WORST of all- NO BIRTHDAY PARTIES WITH FRIENDS! However, for a child, a birthday is a special occasion and they look forward to it for the entire year. Don’t worry, here are 21 birthday gift ideas for children during COVID times that you can deliver to them easily from shopping websites without having to step out of the safety of your home.

21 Best Birthday Gifts to Buy for Children During COVID Times

Make a birthday cake!

What’s better than a birthday cake? A home-made birthday cake! Involve the birthday boy or girl in the process and let them choose the flavor, color, or decoration. They will surely enjoy that.

 Birthday Gift Ideas for Children During Lockdown

A fun pillowcase

Now that your children will be spending more time at home than ever, a good thematic pillowcase will surely be a great gift. You can give them one with prints of cute animals or their favorite superhero too- depending on what they like!

Clay dough and its tools

Children love making things out of clay- shaping and molding them as they please. With Playdough, they can try to recreate their favorite cartoon character or even themselves or their family members. It will keep them engaged.

DIY cooking set

With fewer people eating out, local cafes have started assembling DIY cookie decoration stations or no-bake mousse materials. Get one such set delivered to your home- they will contain all things necessary to make the dish and instructions. Let your kid feel like a chef on their birthday!


Magic Bath Bombs

These are really fun to make on your own, and you can even buy them from most online shopping sites. Your kids deserve a special shower on birthday- and the fizzle and colors of the magic bomb will certainly make them feel special.

Kid’s cookbook

If you are looking for a gift that will engage them for some time and also take some responsibility off your hands, a kid’s cookbook is a great idea. It is filled with easy recipes that kids can make and enjoy eating.

A piano toy

If your child is musically inclined or just likes singing and producing songs then a toy piano will be the perfect gift to encourage that hobby. You never know- your child could be the next big name in the music industry!

A Kid’s Journal

Childhood is the most important time in a person’s life – it lays the foundation for their character in the future. Kids are curious about the world, and about understanding themselves. A kid’s journal will have fun and engaging exercises, questions, and things-to-do to help them understand themselves.

Make them a time – capsule

It’s hard to really believe it now, but before you know it your kids will be adults out into the world and their childhood will be a distant memory. A time capsule is a great way to freeze some moments in time. Make your child choose a few items they want to preserve and bury them in your backyard, only to be opened around 10-20 years later.

Make a popsicle!

Kids love ice cream, and did you know making ice creams are so easy! Let your kids choose the flavor that they want to have- could be lemon, strawberry…you can even add cereals or choco chips if they wish. A little hard work and some patience and ta-da! Your popsicle will be ready.


A drawing set

This is a good gift to encourage children to nurture their hobby of drawing. There are affordable drawing kits that include oil pastels, color pencils, sketch pens, drawing copy, glitter, and wax crayons. Imagination is the limit!

A Glow-in-the-dark T-shirt

Kids love things that have an added layer of surprise to them- and a glow in the dark t-shirt is perfect. Some places even let you have a customized glow-in-the-dark message on the t-shirt.

An assortment of cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies?! And kids deserve extra cookies on a special day like their birthday. Get them their favorite double chocolate chip, or Nutella, whatever they like. If you can order them in from your local bakery then that would be even better as small businesses need a boost in this COVID-19 wrecked economy.

A movie projector

This one is a gift that will be useful for the entire family. A movie projector lets you set up a theatre in the comfort of your own home, and you will get the feel of the cinema theatre that you miss so much. Play their favorite movie, sit back, and relax!

A night lamp

Thematic night lamps are a big hit. Go for stars, constellations, or moon-shaped night lamps to provide some comfort in the darkness for your kid!

Soft toys

Old, but gold. Who doesn’t like to snuggle up with a soft toy and spend the night? Buy your kid’s favorite animal-puppies to penguins it’s all available online.


A colorful chemistry lab set

Again, for the science lovers, this set has kid-friendly experiments that help your kids learn with fun!

An inflatable tent!

Get the feel of camping outdoors in your own backyard by setting up a tent for the night and roasting mash-mellows over the fire!

Make a birthday-themed treasure hunt

Let your kids go on a journey of discovering their gifts from different corners of their homes!

An inflatable pool

We’re all missing beaches and swimming pools, but this pool can help you have a pool party in your own backyard.

A piggy bank!

It will encourage them to save money, be organized, and be excited about spending the savings on their favorite item!