11 Best Parenting Hacks for Entertaining Kids during Lockdown


Two words have become a part of our daily vocabulary, words that we probably hadn’t even heard of last year – Lockdown and coronavirus. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken over the majority of 2020 and under this new normal we have to adjust to things we never had coped with before. Well, at least most of us have a busy schedule of work-from-home which dominates most of our minds. But what about our children? Online learning is definitely not the same as going to school, greeting your teachers, and playing with your friends in person. If you have noticed that your child is becoming too restless during this time, it is only expected. They have no occasional treats to movie halls or amusement parks, no playdates, and almost no company of their friends for over six months. This is bound to affect their health mentally and physically. However don’t lose all hope, there are still ways to reduce this restlessness and engage your children to have a fun time with family. Here are 11 things you can do to entertain your kid!

reading bedtime stories for children

11 things you can do to entertain your kid

Take virtual tours of museums or aquariums!

One good thing about this pandemic is that there are lots of free resources available to us for exploring. It is a good idea to make your children conscious of history, culture, and the environment. The internet is your best friend here. If you are having a busy day and want to keep your kids entertained- lookup for a suitable museum or aquarium tour that your kid will be interested in and let them enjoy learning from home!

Play board games

Yes, remember the dusty board games rotting away somewhere in the storage room or under the cupboard? The board games we had all almost forgotten about can be a great way to engage with your kids. It could be puzzles, Connect 4, Guess who, Pictionary or battleship. You can even turn this into a weekly ritual!

Set up a treasure hunt

Kids love mystery, adventure, and figuring stuff out on their own. Depending on what items you have around the house and what locations you can use in your home and backyard or garden- a good treasure hunt can keep your kids occupied for hours and they will also have so much fun.

Make cakes together

Cooking with fire might not be a good idea if your kids are very young, but baking is totally safe. Google your favorite no-bake cake recipe and adjust according to whatever items you have available at home. Mango cheesecake, lemon tart, oreo cheesecake, chocolate mousse cake –all these are recipes that require minimal ingredients, no fancy equipment, and are guaranteed to taste delicious. In these tough times, we all deserve cake, so why not?

Stage a performance together

You might not know it but your kid might be feeling lonely and neglected during these times because you and your spouse are busy making the ends meet and working. Hence, as a surprise plan a nice performance for them. It could be a couple of songs, a dance routine, or even a short skit. This is a big hit and will surely keep your kids entertained during the lockdown. Your imagination is the limit. You can even encourage your kids to do the same for you.

Teach them a basic life skill

There are so many little things your kids can learn from you. What are the items needed for a basic grocery shopping list? How do you change a car tire? How do you open a bank account? How do you make your own bed? Depending on how old your kid is and what their interests are- teaching them these simple skills can go a long way.

Create a photo album together

In these uncertain times, we can find hope and comfort by reflecting back on happy memories. Make a photo album together documenting important and ordinary family moments. Let your kids decorate the album as they wish to.

Read a book together

The easiest way to get your kids interested in something is by doing it yourself. Even if your kid is not a big reader, if you tell them you want to read a book together and then discuss it- they will be encouraged. You can even turn it into a competition and have a prize for who completes first!

Facetime or Video call family members and friends

Sometimes the best way to not feel lonely is to just make that call you have been putting off. You can contact your kid’s friend’s parents and set them up with a time for chatting or for a virtual playdate. This will surely entertain your child during the lockdown.

Play cards

Nothing like a good old fashioned game night with cards with family. Teach your kids simple games like Fish, Uno, or more complex ones like 29 and Bray. It will surely keep them entertained for some time and help you guys to bond.

Craft your own home décor together

Since now your kids are spending more time at home than ever before, it is a good idea to engage them in selecting or making some DIY décor. It could be wind chimes, dream catchers, polymer clay figurines, cushion covers out of old fabric, a bird feeder – you name it and it can be made easily at home. All you need is some guidance from the internet and some passion.

This is a difficult time for all of us. Keep track of your mental and physical health and encourage your kids to bond and be open with you.