21 Surprising Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband


Apple watch series 5, funny coffee mug, leather zipper wallet, winter jacket, workout kit, hoodie, perfume, keychain, pair of shoes, collage, headphones, ring, wine, whiskey decanter, backpack, and leather passport holder are the best birthday gift ideas for husband.

Choosing a gift for your special one can be so confusing at times. Trust me, I can completely understand that! There are not many options available especially when it’s about picking up gifts for your man. So, to make it a little easier for you, we have listed 21 best gifts for your husband in this article:

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21 Awesome Birthday Surprise Ideas for Husband

Apple Watch Series 5

I can bet you’ve never seen a watch like this. It has an always-on retina display, helps you crush your fitness goals, streams almost 50 million songs and even lets you go without your phone.

Apple Watch Series 5


Funny Coffee Mug

What can be better than serving your man a cup of coffee in your favorite mug? It is made of high-quality white ceramic and can be a perfect gift for several occasions. So, every time he has a cup of coffee, he will be reminded of how awesome you think he is.

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Wall Decor with Your Photo and Song Lyrics

This is going to be the best thing in your bedroom or living room. Choose your favourite picture and your favourite song and you are done.

Wall Decor with Your Photo and Song Lyrics


Important Dates Sign

We know how poor guys are when it comes to remembering the important dates like the first time when you guys met or your wedding date etc.

Important Dates Sign


Leather Zipper Wallet

Wallets can never go out of style! It is made with high quality genuine leather and advanced unique blocking material that blocks RFID signals. Also, it comes with a year warranty.

Leather Zipper Wallet


Winter Jacket

You have a number of colour options to choose from. Moreover, it is very reasonable and can be in use for a long time period.

Winter Jacket


Ultimate Workout Kit

A workout kit would be perfect for your man if he is the one who just can’t go without hitting the gym. The kit consists of all the essential things including a waist trainer, speed rope and 16 level workout mask.

Ultimate Workout Kit


Dinner Date

Sometimes it’s not the materialistic things that he is looking forward but just some quality time to spend with you. Prepare his favourite food, a great place for dinner.

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Sinning Personalized Lamp;

Choose your favourite picture and you can place the lamp in your room.


You can get him a hoodie with a message written for him over it.



A Perfume

You can get a wide range of options in this one. The fragrance will always remind him of you whether you are around or not.

A Perfume


A Keychain

You can get a keychain with funny, loving and some creative sayings written over it.

birthday gift ideas for husband: A Keychain


A Pair of Shoes

Some people have an eternal love for shoes and sneakers and if your husband is among those, gift him a pair of these. This is one of the best birthday gift ideas for husband.

birthday gift ideas for husband: A Pair of Shoes


A Collage

Choose your favourite pictures of both of you and make a collage of all those lovely pictures.

A Collage



We all love listening to music. You can get your man an amazing headphone of his choice.

birthday gift ideas for husband: Headphones



Express your love with a ring once again and tell him how much he means to you.

birthday gift ideas for husband: Ring



If he loves wine, you can get him a bottle an expensive wine. Trust me, this would be the best gift.

birthday gift ideas for husband: Wine


A Whiskey Decanter

Look out for some unique and amazing ones rather than the typical ones.

A Whiskey Decanter


A Skin Care Collection

Gift your man a route to healthy skin with this collection of skin care products.

A Skin Care Collection



If he is mostly out travelling somewhere or the other, gift him this essential.

birthday gift ideas for husband: Backpack


Leather Passport Holder

This is the perfect gift if your husband loves to jet-set. It consists of card holder too. This is one of the simplest yet cool birthday gift ideas for husband.

Leather Passport Holder



You can get a number of options in colour, quality as well as brands online. Try to get something that you feel your husband does not have at the present moment and has been looking forward to buy it. Basically, get something that you feel will be useful to him.