Gift Ideas for Dads on the Occasion of Father’s Day


Father’s Day is fast approaching. On the third Sunday of June, ie, 16th June, 2013, we would celebrate Father’s Day, a tribute to our respective fathers, dads, papas and most importantly celebrate fatherhood.

fathers day gift ideas

We all grow up believing that Dad is the strongest person in the world. Nothing is impossible for Dad. This is especially true with daughters. They truly believe that father is the strongest man, father is always right and most importantly, father is always good. So, as a token for his love, his support, would you like to present a handmade gift to your dad, which he can proudly show it his friends and colleagues? Well, here are few gift ideas that you could think of.

Best Ideas for Father’s Day Gifts


Listed below are some of the gift ideas that can be turned into gifts for your dad on this Father’s Day.

Foot or Hand Impression

This is a very nice and creative gift that your dad would love. Not just love, but would love to hang it on a place where he could see it for many years to come. All you need is a 2 inch deep box in which your hand or foot can fit in perfectly. Fill this box with wet sand. Pack the sand tightly in the box and flatten the surface. Do not fully fill the box with sand, as we would need at least half an inch of space for the next step. Now put in either your foot or hand in the sand and give it a nice press which leaves an impression about 1 or 1 1/2 centimeters deep into the sand. Take plaster of Paris powder and mix it with water and give batter like consistency. Pour this mixture on the sand impression and let it dry for about 2 hours. After the plaster dries, take it out from the sand and you can see a 3D type impression of your palm or foot in the plaster. Now attach this plaster to a hard and thick cardboard and make a photo frame that can be attached on top of this plaster.

Printing Quotes on Dad’s Coffee mug

This is another way of saying you love your dad. Surprise your dad my switching his regular coffee mug with a printed coffee mug that has some intriguing, interesting, impressive quotes for your dad. You could try something like “My Daddy’s Strongest”, “The Best Dad in the World” or any quote that you want. We are very sure, after seeing such a coffee mug, he would insist he drink his coffee only from that particular mug and nothing else.


Neck Tie Paper Bag or Gift Bag

This is an easy to make gift for your dad for this Father’s day. All you need are paper bags with no folds. You can get them local stores. Now, think of as a shirt and make a collar on the bag’s mouth. You can also add a neck tie or a bow tie to make it interesting. Try coloring the bag and the ties differently and Voila! Your Father’s Day gift is ready.

Daddy’s Stache Jar

This is again a simple to make but an effective gift for your dad. You would need a couple of quart jars, few medium to large sized blank labels and black colored paper, that you can find in any convenient store. Remove all of the stickers and labelling on the jar. Take the black paper and draw out a big moustache on the black paper using a light colored sketch. Now, cut the moustache excluding the sketch and stick it on the labels that you’ve got. Now stick the label with the moustache on to the jar. Fill it with some goodies that your dad loves and do mention that on the label.

Engraving on Pebble stone or River stones

Pebble stones are an example of nature’s fine craft. These stones have been carved naturally to an extent that they are smooth with no sharp edges and almost everybody loves them. Engraving on a pebble stone could be pleasing way to say your dad that you love him on this Father’s day. All you need are fist or palm sized pebble stones along with few tools like a large nail and hammer. Ask for an adult’s help for the etching process. Or else, you could find local shops that offer pebble stone engraving at reasonably less price. If engraving on a pebble stone is not an option, then you could write yourself a one liner on the stone by adding ink and glue together. The glue can make the ink stick to the stone for a long time, if left untouched.

Key Chain for Your Dad

This is relatively easier to get it done. There could be plenty of shops in your neighborhood that offer customized key chain making. A key chain with words etched on it can require specialist’s help. On the other hand, you could also make your own wordings by opting for letter beads. First decide on words such as, “To My Strong Daddy”, buy the beads accordingly and make a key chain on your own.

Homemade Fishing Rod for Dad

Your dad would love this gift very much and he’ll cherish this gift for years to come. Bamboo is the best choice for fishing rod because bamboo is nature’s answer for strength, flexibility and durability. Take 10 feet bamboo stick which is thick on one end and thin on the other. At the thinner side make sure that it is at least ½ inch thick. This much thickness is at least needed to support weight of 10 – 15 pound fish. You’ll need fishing line, a spool, bait, floating bobber and small screw rings which you can find in local convenient store. For better protection of the rod, paint it with wood varnish for long life and let it dry for 2 days. Next you need to install the spool at the base of the rod. An old thick wooden spool would be an ideal choice. Take a thick steel wire and wound it tightly around the rod. Insert the spool from the other end of the wire. Just leave behind a ½ inch space next to the spool and cut off the excess. Now, bend this ½ inch towards the spool to prevent the spool from falling off. Now, you need to install a handle on the spool to roll the line.  Make sure you’ve wounded the fishing line onto the spool before installing it. Now, at various points on the fishing rod, insert the screw rings. These screw rings will act as the support for the fishing line. Install them at gaps of 1 foot on the rod and make sure to install one on the edge of the rod. Now, on the edge of the fishing line just a foot above the edge tie the bobber and tie the bait as well. After the fishing rod is finished do not throw the fishing line and secure the hook at there is a risk of piercing.

Pen & Stationary Holder on Your Dad’s Desk

You could also think of making and gifting your dad a Pen & stationery holder. To make this, you’d need are popsicle sticks. You can buy a bunch of these sticks from a local store. Make sure that the sticks are straight and curved on the outside edges. Now, once you’ve got the ice cream sticks, get 2 cardboard strips, roll and glue them into circles. Take the popsicle sticks are start sticking them on to the outer edge of the cardboard rolls to form a cylindrical shape without leaving any gaps between each of the sticks. For the base, take hard cardboard piece and stick to the bottom. Cut off the excess. You could do some artwork on the pen stand to make it look more beautiful.


Homemade Photo Frame for Your Dad

Make a photo frame for your dad, so that he can remember and cherish some of the best moments in his life, thanks to your photo frame. For making a photo frame, you’d need cardboard, colors, glue and scissors. All you need to do first, is to cut out space for a standard sized photograph to fit inside a cardboard sheet. On the outer walls of the cardboard, you can be as creative as you can be. Take another sheet of cardboard and stick to the three sides of the first cardboard, leaving only one side to slide in the photograph.

A creative impression style painting for your Dad

This is another simple yet impressive handmade gift that you can think off for your dad. Take a large sheet of drawing paper. Mix some colors and take impressions of either your palm or foot. But, before that think of something that can go along with palm or foot impression. Draw it and then put those impressions. On the other hand, be as creative as you can and make the best painting.

Customised fridge magnets

Run down to the nearest printing cum stationary store with a cute family picture or a picture of your with your dad. Get the photo imprinted on a rectangular magnet and wrap it in a gift paper. Keep it on your dad’s desk on the morning of fathers’ day to wake him up to a nearly teary morning!


If your dad is the kind of man who is attracted to cool gadgets and at the same time a perfectionist when it comes to managing time, a wristwatch would serve as the perfect gift for him this father’s day!

Table clock

Again, going back to the time management factor, you can also buy a cute little time-keeper for his desk. Not only will it help him work better, but it will also add some life to the otherwise boring quintessential corporate workstation!


This is always an attractive gift for the corporates as well as the chilled out dads. Irrespective of their job profiles, wearing a tie definitely makes them feel much more professional! The plus point is that you will get lots of beautiful ties as reasonable rates online. Hurry up and order your pick!



This is one of the easiest gifts to give your old man! However, do keep a track of his favourite colour and buy him a shirt this father’s day.

Cuff links

Although not very common in regular life, cuff links can never go out of fashion. They add some extra spice to the entire get-up of a man. If you are running out of ideas and fathers’ day is just round the corner, buy a pair of cuff links and pack them in a cute little box.

Tie pins

Believe it or not, this is extremely useful.

Customised photo card

If not anything else, a card with a heart warming message can work wonders on anybody. Buy a blank card and paste some photo cut-outs of your dad and you. Decorate the card with some glitter pens or sketch pens, by drawing some emojis. Write a loving message inside. And you father’s day gift is prepared in a jiffy!

Portable board game

If you want you family vacations or your dad’s small house parties to be more organised and fun, buy a portable board game for him. This will definitely be of good service during fun times to come!


Ever seen your dad getting irritated due to work overload? Maybe caffeine can help. Buy a 500 ml sipper for him this father’s day, and attach a note saying ‘caffeine will guide you home!’!



For the traveller and explorer dad, a rucksack is the ideal gift as it can be easily used for long vacations as well as weekend getaways.


One of the most classic gifts is a book. A good book can beat everything! Look out for your dad’s favourite authors and genres of books, and get him an exciting piece to read.

Superhero t-shirt with dad’s face

Buy a plain t-shirt, take it to the printing services shop and tell them to print a picture of your or your dad’s superhero, along with your dad’s face instead of the superhero’s. Now that’s how you call your dad your own superhero, in style!

Cool dad t-shirt

As cliché as it might sound, if you have no other idea, buy a cool dad or a best dad t-shirt for your father.

Surprise breakfast

What about your dad waking up to the aroma of fresh caffeine, only to come to the dining room to discover the lavish breakfast spread made by you, specially for him? This will definitely be remembered more than any gift!


Trimmers are excellent gifts nowadays as shaving is apparently out of fashion. You will find trimmers with multiple features to help your old man get his preferred look!



What can be a better gift than a bottle of fine aged wine? Know your father’s preference in the particular type of wine, and run down to the mart nearest to you, for a wonderful surprise on father’s day!


This is a reasonable gift for the man whose wallet is everything to him – from cash and cards carrier to cigarette or even lighter pouch!

Passport and documents holder

As fathers generally tend to be busy people, and thus they need organisers to keep everything in place. To make sure that his travel plans never turn out to be disasters in the eleventh hour, gift a passport and documents holder to him. He can stash everything in this little file-like thing, so that he has everything handy.

Fanny bag

Unlike ladies, men do not carry side bags to keep their things while travelling. But why carry everything in the pockets and make oneself feel uneasy? It is high time that you told your dad to travel in comfort and style! Gift a fanny bag to him, so that next time he does not lose things and stuff everything into his pockets or even in your mother’s handbag!


Travelling to work under the glaring sunlight is painful. Gift you father a pair of cool sunglasses to rest his eyes. Lots of attractive models are available both online as well as in store, but round glasses and aviators are the most popular these days.

Diary with year planner

For the dads who are just too busy with work all year round, a diary cum planner is the perfect gift as they can plan their days better. That way you can also enjoy his company more than you probably did, as he will plan everything ahead from now on!



This makes for a wonderful gift, especially if it is customised with pictures or messages. Gift your father a set of graphic coasters so that every time he picks up the glass, he remembers your pretty face!


A bluetooth enabled headphone set is an excellent gift for the man who barely gets time to do other things amidst work. He can probably listen to the news or hook on to some songs on his way to and from work.

Mobile cover

With smart phones doing the rounds these days, it is also important to keep them protected. Why not buy your father a cool cover for his mobile, featuring his favourite footballer, singer, or anything that he fancies?


As simple as this is, all that you have to do is to visit the lifestyle store near your place and choose a belt that will suit your father’s collection of trousers and his taste.


Some dads have a passion for being the engineer and successfully mending everything that goes wrong at home. If your dad is one of them, it is time to buy an official tool kit for him, so that he feels honoured for doing so much for the house, and saving a lot of funds!

Business calendar

Haven’t yet reached a conclusion as to what might be a suitable gift for your dad this father’s day? Buy a business calendar with cool pictures of hill stations, nature, animals, and other things that soothe him. This is will definitely be of good use to him, throughout the year.


Smoking pipe

This is something that you probably won’t get too easily, but if you really want to give your dad a huge surprise, it is worth the search. Italian and French pipes are considered to be the best, because of their texture and quality of finishing touch. This is one of the most thrilling and unexpected gifts you can give him this father’s day.

Beer mugs

Whether the man drinks or not, beer mugs are always an excellent gift for your dad. If he drinks, perfect! If not, he can keep them as decorative artefacts and later fill them with goodies to display.

Customised cushion

Printing everything nowadays is a matter of 24 hours. If you haven’t thought of anything yet, just buy a comfortable cushion and get an emotional or an inspiring message printed on it. Keep it on his bed on father’s day, so that he is thrilled by the way you express your emotions!

Dinner with family at a rooftop restaurant

Emotional experiences are more valuable than material things. Book a rooftop table at your dad’s favourite restaurant and treat him royally this father’s day!

Movie with the family

For the person who is away from hid family all week, the best moments are the ones spent with you. Book a family movie show so that the entire family can spend time together and re-bond on a wonderful occasion!


Carrying things to and from office can be hectic and tiring. To relieve your father of the regular headache, gift him a briefcase in which he can store all his daily papers, notebooks, and other work-related stuff. The more organised he is, the less cranky he will get eventually!



For the baker dad, chef dad, or even brewer dad, a colourful and waterproof apron is one of the best gifts. In fact, wearing an apron makes one look even more professional. Why not gift your father the joy of feeling like a professional chef during parties and grabbing all the attention?!


For those dads who love cooking on the weekends and for parties, the perfect gift is a thick cookbook with thousands of awesome recipes to try out! After all, you can demand more good food from your old man!


This is an easy gift to buy for your father, to be used during those days when he wants to be the head chef of the household! There are lots of fancy and colourful mittens available in stores that will leave you spoiled for choice!

Potted plant

For the man who is a toiling workaholic, you need to think out of the box. Gift your dad a small potted plant that he can keep by his work desk. It will help him feel fresh and rejuvenated. What can be a better gift than something that is filled with life?

Chocolate box

If you really haven’t thought of anything to gift your old man, at least run down to the grocery store round the corner and buy a box of fancy chocolates to bring a smile on his face. It best goes with a tiny affectionate note!

Bottle opener

Gift your dad the comfort of catching up for a casual drink anywhere, at any point in time! Buy him a fancy and portable bottle opener, which he can carry around, and easily relax with friends on weekday evenings or on weekends.


Portable storage rack

If your dad is known to be unapologetically disorganised, treat him to the wonders of clean stacking! This is a pretty easy gift that you buy for him, from the nearest lifestyle store. To cut down on the cost, if you are concerned, you can even get a plastic one which will yield the same sturdiness like that of a metal one.

With all the gifts virtually popping up in your mind, it is time to quickly make your decision from the above list and get down to work! Make your daddy the happiest man on earth, this father’s day!

A note while using tools and sharp objects

During the crafting process, if you have to use tools such as scissors, cutting pliers, knives or blades, please take the help of an adult or ask for an adult to supervise your work. Be extremely careful while using sharp objects as people can get hurt. If you are crafting along with your siblings, cousins or friends do not play around with sharp object of any sort.

A Note while using paper and cardboard

Remember not to waste cardboard and paper. It takes lot of time for trees to grow and lot of energy and man power to make paper and cardboard. So, do not waste them, but use them judiciously.

Have a great time crafting some of the best gifts for your dad this Father’s Day. Parenting Healthy wishes all our readers Happy Father’s Day in advance. Hope you have a great time.