Caring for Your Premature Baby: 11 Things to Remember


Every woman in this world cherish the 9 months of being pregnant. And this time is the most crucial and important change of one’s life. Women’s goes through a lot of change in their whole life span. And one of the most vital changes is being a mother. It’s totally a new and different set of life or we may say a new life and that too welcoming a new generation itself. So, its totally a new life with new set of mind. In this period many women goes through a lot of complications, mood swings and different physical appearance. The first time of everything is full of curiosity, tension, happiness, worry and so on. Some are very good and soft in handling this type of situation whereas some takes a lot of stress while going through this phase.

Couples are extra protective during this crucial period. Baby brings happiness to everyone’s life. Now, during this period they are not allowed to work that much because they should take rest and more than that they should be very careful with the baby as well. As the first time of being pregnant is itself a whole different experience and more than that starting of a new phase. New parents are really very much cautious and very protective and also possessive about their child.

A Guide to Caring for Your Preterm Baby

Caring for Your Premature Baby

About premature baby

Every couple wish for a healthy and normal baby, premature refers to birth before time. It is normal and very common now a days but one have to be very careful because these baby’s are very delicate and needs a lot of care. One parent goes through a lot of stress and tension with a premature baby, a lot of question arises as these babies are very delicate and face a lot of problem size, breathing problem one have to go through a lot of thing dealing with premature baby. These babies have to deal with a lot of medical complications and because of that doctors consult is very important. The risk is high when they are born because they take more time to adjust with the environment compare to other normal babies.

Most premature babies are born in the late preterm stage i.e born between 34 to 36 completed weeks of pregnancy.

Symptoms of premature baby

Some signs of prematurity include the following:

  • Small size, with a disproportionately large head.
  • Sharper looking, less rounded features than a full term baby’s features, due to a lack of fat stores.
  • Fine hair covering much of the body.
  • Low body temperature, especially immediately after birth.
  • Leads to feeding difficulty.

Complications of premature baby

All babies who are born premature does not face complication but maximum of them does face a lot of complications and can be in a very delicate stage. Nothing to panic in situations like this one must calm themselves down and should concentrate on their baby and should give the baby care and love.

Complications which a premature child can have during that very month he or she is born are as follows:

Breathing problem

This problem is common in maximum of the premature child. It is difficult for them to adjust in the newly environment and breath properly because of this they are kept in a separate room under observation. This is temporary once they get into their normal size they adapt quickly.


It is difficult to feed these kids as they find it difficult to swallow and also the whole thing is new and different. Mothers have to be very careful while feeding a premature baby.


Causes of premature baby

There are women who blame themselves for having a premature baby. This isn’t anyone’s fault. It is biological and now a days really very common for this doctors too have precautions so that nothing can harm or affect the baby around.

Well there is no such cause which can be a strong reason for giving birth to a premature baby but still some which can be the cause of it are as follows:


The biggest reason can be stress, a woman should be fit and happy during pregnancy because the time itself plays a lot of role and changes and mood swings etc. stress can be a reason for having a premature baby.


Age plays a vital role here. After certain age or before certain age female body cannot take the initiative of having a baby. Like before 20 and after 30, before 20 the female body is not ready to take the load and after 30 the body goes through a lot of complications and one of them is premature birth.


11 Things Parents of Premature Babies Worry About

Don’t panic

The first thing every couple do is panic but panic won’t help in situation like this. In these kind of situation one must stay calm and should make all the decision very wisely. Be careful and love your baby that’s it.

Don’t get depressed

Getting depressed about the fact that anything can happen will make you weak. Getting weak at such time is not a solution. Its important to find more reasons and ways to protect your child and spending time with your child without worrying too much about what will happen and all.

Take atmost care of the baby

As these baby have a lot of complication in the first three months after birth so be careful with them and give them time and care.

Give the baby enough nutrition

Adequate amount of breast milk should be given to these kids and more then the kid the mother should be fit and should healthy so that the baby can get healthy food.

Consult your doctor in any emergency

Don’t wait for something huge to happen, even little thing in these case can be delicate and can result into more complications so be careful and consult your doctor as soon as anything happens.

Prevent infections

Preventing infections requires immunity and as the babies come early without getting the proper immunity from their mother infection can catch them really very fast. So one should be careful in this case.


Keep the baby in moderate temperature

Keeping the baby in too cool temperature may rise the problem of breathing and keeping the kid in too hot temperature may bother his health so moderate temperature would be fine for the baby.

Listen to your pediatrician

Consult your pediatrician in regular basis to know what the mother should have and that too in how much so that the baby can stay healthy and fit.

Limit your outdoor trip

Don’t depend on nanny or don’t leave your kid alone. And don’t take the kid everywhere be very careful and wise in case of any outdoor trip you plan.

Be careful with the baby

As the head is bigger than the rest of the body one should be very careful while holding the kid and don’t just keep the kid in ground or make him sit or something that can be risky.

Don’t be overprotective

There must be limit to everything. Now being protective doesn’t mean too many blankets to save him from cold. Be protective but not too much.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!