Best Winter Grains for Your Kid

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Worried parent? You are struggling to sneak in vegetables or going overboard to feed them fruits. Literally you are forced to blackmail them to have a bowl of rice or chapatti. This struggle is a tip of an iceberg as steady water levels are necessary for bowel movements. With so many things to bother, parents are cornered into a dilemma. It is quite possible that they might lose out on healthy ingredients that need to be part of a diet plan. To make sure this does not happen, let us find out the best winter grains for your kid.

Winter Grains for Your Kid

1} Grains

For a healthy diet they are a must. For growth and development of a child, whole, refined grains or foods rich in fiber needs to be included. Are you aware that breads are important sources of protein, carbohydrate and fiber?

2} Vegetables and fruits

Rich in water, vitamins, minerals and coloured pigments, work out to be vital sources of fiber. This is sans calories and make sure kids consume 5 portions of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis.

3} Oils and fruits

Considered to be a part and parcel of your child’s diet, and their role in development of their brain is immense. It maximises their growth potential. Fat provides impetus to the body as fuels whereby vitamin A, E (fat soluble) are provided. Fats should be the right ones so that health benefits could pass to on the baby whereas oils could be derived from nuts or various forms of liquid oil.

Winter Grains

4} Whole oats

Embedded with avenanthramide, (antioxidant) does wonders for your heart. On shopping of whole grain products, the word whole should not have any major impact. In the ingredient list of whole oats, verify the name oats exist.  It is suggested that you do stick to the old fashioned oats and mix in a teaspoon of honey or toppling’s of fruit.

5} Whole rye

As per nutritional experts, rye has 100 more servings of calorie in comparison to any other whole grain. Nearly 50 % of your daily iron requirements are met from this source, but the only problem is that majority of time rye is processed from refined flours. Adopt a persistent approach and opt for whole rye.

6} Freekeh

A crazy name for sure! Though the health benefits are immense. Incidentally it has 3 to 4 times more fiber than brown rice. The kernels of freekeh are harvested in naïve stages and it is empowered with vitamins and minerals. It does going to enhance immunity power of kids.

7} Buckwheat

Which kid is not going to enjoy a serving of buckwheat on a regular basis? It is one of the best sources of manganese, which is nothing short of a wonder mineral. It improves functioning of the nerves, eradicates PMS symptoms and improves brain power.

8} Bulgar

From a practical perspective, you can still consider it to a whole grain, even though 5 % of it is being removed during the stage of processing. It works magic for the kids, so it finds its mention in the list. You could toss it up in soups or in salads as well. All in just a few minutes!

9} Milk products

Calcium has a huge role for the development and growth of teeth and bones of kids. For muscle, heart, nerve function and for blood clotting it is equally important as well.

10} Ragi cookies

Bring a smile on the face of the babies with ragi cookies! It is a rich source of calcium needed for kids in the growing phase. On preparation it turns brown in color and it could be easily passed off as brown cookies. Raisin cookies or oatmeal could be tried for variety.

11} Multigrain pizza

You can replace the base of your regular pizza with a multigrain one. It is a healthy grain and instead of ketchup resort to pesto sauce (fresh) and healthy toppings could be used.

Research points to the fact that of the 95 % of grains we consume it is refined versions. Too much of adultered foods could spell trouble, as incidence of heart disease along with diabetes can increase.

Winter grains bring along with it numerous advantages. From weight management, wellbeing of your health along with disease prevention it brings a lot to the table. You cannot doubt the power of grains and make sure that your little one is consuming adequate amounts of the same.

So buck up! The time is right for introducing winter grains for your kid.


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